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  1. Nice. Redfish are very strong. Caught many in FL.
  2. Ask them about adhesive arachnoiditis if they mess up the epidural injection. It is a horrible non- reversible outcome of a mistake with the needle. My friend has adhesive arach and I would not wish that pain on anyone .. other than the ones that caused it
  3. RiverCommando will be lurking around with that type of pic
  4. i never felt good after catching blitzing fish..it is just too easy...maybe after the first few fish i felt good (since i drive a long way fr MD to NJ i felt good for guessing right location) but after catching every cast it just doesn't feel like any accomplishment...especially since i am not a meat fisherman... i'm not criticizing those that keep fish..WITHIN the rules...but i always call the wardens on ppl breaking rules, and i enjoy seeing them caught breaking the rules. i have barbs crushed on all lures always and usually do not have rear hooks.
  5. RC...much respect. But take care of yourself too...that is an incredible grind. I don't even think I can understand a grind like that ...with that drive. Without that drive, living close to ocean, yes I can, but that drive after fishing hard is no joke.
  6. I live a little north of Baltimore, so with tolls and gas it isn't cheap. Been 2 times in the last month. Not married so don't have anyone tracking costs, but my problem is let most fish go free. So economically it isn't worth it, but that is not why I am in this game. I don't post much...and I only go late night ..and still hold an engineering job. I like having places to myself whether I catch or not. Although I have met some very nice people on the beach and rocks. I prefer the rocks, and bad weather.
  7. best part of that flic LOL ...never thought how it related to "spots"
  8. Mmart..good post...nice explanation. People are in different places..i see why many dont want posts of fish caught, but also see why some do post pics now and then. I don't, however, agree with giving away locations because there is an obvious result after doing so. Can't fight this bs social media world thats for sure...but not everyone that posts pics of fish deserves being labelled as a bad person in some form. If one is really against posting photos, then take it further and why post anything? I went fishing, I caught this or that? Is it ego, information? One needs to answer these questions before questioning others. I live in MD. It takes me 3 hrs to drive to NJ to fish. I do it, but rarely post. I've met very nice people out fishing. Had a few run ins with others but it isn't day ruining things. Well night ruining, since I usually only fish at night unless blues are around.
  9. nice job. great when the back to basics works.
  10. Don't stop sharing reports. I haven't been to NJ in a while but when I went I tried to pick the nastiest weather and conditions and always at night after a 3 hr drive from Maryland. It's nice to see someone doing that in those conditions.
  11. Bob, thanks for being there, coming back, and for this great message and reminder. I didn't know this until a couple of years ago but on my first trip fishing at the hook about 8 yrs ago I talked to you out there and I think we did some of the walk together. Thanks for your patience to a new guy to that area (I'm from MD) and for the kindness. I have not forgotten that. I'm sure you have shared the same with many others but still wanted to say thank you.
  12. BigBen425..congrats on the fishing last couple of nights and having the beach to yourself.
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