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  1. Looking for a light surf rod to throw 1-2 oz all day for Spanish, blues and stripers. Is the Suzuki worth trying or stick with my old lamiglass?
  2. How much longer is the Shimano Ultegra 5500 over a standard spinning reel like Saltiga or Van Staal when using same rod, line, lure?
  3. I wish someone would make a shoe foot wader. Not a big fan of the heavy boots but really dislike stocking foot waders. Just wish there was a low cut shoe foot wader.
  4. Pioneer 222 sportfish has an option for a marine head and holding tank.
  5. We just returned from a 10 day trip to Manuel Antonio. One of the best vacations we have taken. I took a travel surf rod with me but never threw a cast. It was a family vacation so I didn't have a lot of time to fish. The beaches in that area didn't seem to be the best beaches to fish. The main beach just outside the national park was very busy and the water clarity was not great. I didn't ask if you can fish from the beaches inside Manuel Antonio national park. I thought though those beaches look like a better place to fish. Make sure you make a visit to Playa Biesanz. Very cool beach to spend some time hanging out. It's not the easiest to get to but well worth the hike down the path. Just keep an eye on your bags so the monkeys and raccoons don't take them. One person I talked with said he saw a monkey steal someone's camera and take it up a tree at one of the beaches inside the park. I wish we would have spend a day or two up around Jaco area. Those beaches looked like a better place to surf fish for roosterfish. I tired to fish offshore one day for sailfish but the weather didn't work out. The caption told me that most of the roosterfish they catch are on live bait. He told me they don't catch many casting plugs. One person at our hotel did an inshore trip. He said they spent the morning catching live bait. Then the afternoon live lining the live bait around the rocks along Manuel Antonio and Quepos. He said they caught one small rooster and lost a much larger one. Even without fishing it was a great vacation. Looking forward to making another trip. Good luck.
  6. I recently bought the Okuma Nomad 10' 4-piece travel surf rod. I have not used the rod yet so I can't report on how it casts. I was between the Okuma Nomad and the St. Croix surf travel rod. I have a number of St. Croix rods and was all set to order the Triumph 4-piece 10' travel rod. The Nomad was a little cheaper and I got a free surf bag so I took a chance on with Okuma so I took a chance on Okuma. The one negative is that when I opened the zipper on the rod tube the zipper broke and won't zip now. The rod seem much nicer than the rod tube. I'll report back in a month with how the rod casts.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I ordered the Okuma Nomad Surf rod last night.
  8. Anyone fish the Okuma Nomad travel surf rod? I was about to order the St. Croix triumph 4-piece surf rod when I saw the Nomad travel surf rod. Always been happy with St. Croix rods but might give the Nomad a try.
  9. Thanks for the help. I'll probably end up with a Saltist 4500 or 5000. I do like the Saltiga but not sure I can justify the cost for only a trip or two a year. Most of the year i'm striper fishing in the Chesapeake bay and a 5000 or bigger reel is just more reel than needed.
  10. What is the smallest recommended reel for surf fishing for Roosterfish? Is the Saltiga 4000H or Saltist 4500 large enough? Thanks for the help.
  11. Mtd35, thanks for insight about the Fathom 25N spool height. That is good to know its so much higher than others. I agree with you about catching drum on 6500 vs a bigger reel. It's not the line capacity to land the fish if the spool is full. I just find that with snags, line abrasion and break offs that, what started off as full spool can quickly turn into fishing with 3/4 to a half spool any the end of the night. That's how I was basically spooled on my 525. Got snagged and broke off and lost about 50-60 yards of line. Re-rigged and next cast hooked to a shark that 60 seconds later I could see my knot on my spool. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I can honestly say though a Penn Squidder is not on my list. I have one and hope to never fish it again. I think it has a negative gear ratio. I remember using it to throw hopkins to bluefish and my arms just falling off from the retrieve being so slow. Brian you are correct, looking for a drum reel, but one that can also handle the biter sharks that show up while drum fishing. I love the Calcutta 700. I bought it shortly after it came out. It throws great, is a good size and has a good drag. Mine has the wood-like handle and it just doesn't feel good. Always wanted to put one of the old Abu 9000 round handles on it. The one big problem with the Calcutta is if you get sand in it the reel is not happy. The tolerance between the spool and frame is such if sand gets in there is grinds bad. I have fished all the Abu reels with 8 & bait from the 6500 sports rocket to the old Abu 9 and 9000 and like the 7000 syncro and 7500 the best. I think the Calcutta casts better than those, and has a better drag. If you reel falls in the sand first, the Abu's fish way better. I have an old Avet sx, before the MC versions. I quit surf fishing with it because it was so fast. It was ok during the day, but at night it just wasn't easy to control. I really like the Penn Mag 525, but wish it was a little bigger. I feel like it you have one break-off you have very little line to fight a big fish. It's a great kayak fishing reel. I have used it a lot for throwing heavy iron to stripers out of the kayak and also fishing live bait. Not sure what I'm looking for in a new reel. Thought about buying another calcutta but the sand issue has held me off. There seems to be a lot of new, good looking reels come the last few years between the Avet MC, Daiwa Saltiga, new Penns. The Shimano trinidads look great but are expensive and I don't think I have ever seen one on the beach. I really don't "need" another reel. I'm just looking for something that will be light, fun to fish with and has more line capacity than the 525. Does anyone like surf fishing with lever drag reels better than star drag? Love lever drag in boat and kayak but not sure if I like it better on the beach at night.
  13. Looking to buy a new 8 & Bait conventional reel for fishing the OBX beaches. I have about all old Abu's from 6500 to 9000, Calcutta 700, Penn 525 and a early gen Avet SX. After using the Calcutta and Penn 525 I have almost stop fishing the old Abu reels because the drags are just not as good. Typically fish 20 or 25lb mono. Looking for something that casts 8 & Bait well, has a great drag, light and a capacity of 300+ of 20 lb mono. Haven't bought a new conventional in 6 or 7 years wanted to see what everyones goto reel is. Thinking about waiting on the Release Surf reel. Thanks.
  14. For throwing 8& bait, what is the typically casting distance between 15, 20, 25 and 30 pound test mono? I've search and search and can only find discussions with braid. Thank You for the help.
  15. What shimano line is it. I was just on there site a few nights ago and didn't see any two piece musky rods.