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  1. Looking for M Tech tops and pants. Medium ,Large , XL. Let me know what you have. Thanks Joe
  2. That's NJ this is the CT forum
  3. I had surface water temps in the high 50s on Friday
  4. Still going ELIS. Boated 16 . Lots of schoolies and blues too.
  5. Fished with the wife Sunday. Was 39 degrees at the boat when we got there at 630. Cold ride out. Found small pods of scattered Albies from Quonny to PtJude. Tried getting the wife into a few but she lost both of the ones she had on. I boated a couple when I wasn't playing captain. She caught a lot of schoolie bass. They were everywhere. Lots of bass on the beach in RI Very few blues. She had a good time. Wind really picked up in the afternoon so we headed in back to New London. Ran into a sub on the way in. Got back to dock and buddy had 6 blackfish from 6-8 pds in 27 ft of water.
  6. Took out my casting challenged neighbor and hit a bunch of spots in Eastern Ct NY. Ended the day with 16 in the boat. First good day for me.
  7. Got out Sunday with wife and son Fished with a million boats in RI and got a few. There are shore fish or kayak fish to be had in Eastern LIS At the usual spots. Not a lot but some. We saw a bunch Sat. afternoon that could have been caught from the beach.
  8. Every year for the last 23 I have been fishing the salt has been less than the year before. That's from surf yak and boat. Sure there have been some blips being in the right spot at the right time. Some really good days here and there. But overall its less and less. When you talk to the guys who offshore fish its the same. Very sad since I would like my son to be able to experience the things I did. It used to be the Fall run now its a couple of good days here and there. In Oct you could go to RI and have birds and fish as far as you could see from PJ to WH. Everyday all week long. Then the Thames used to be loaded with bass blues and birds from mid Oct to mid Nov. Montauk would be absolutely nuts with fish too. Now you might if your lucky get a solid week of the madness. Very sad. However I did see the bass come back. I remember going out as a kid on friends boat and being surprised when we caught a bass. Then it got real good. Now its going the other way again. Sux
  9. Same here zip. Might have seen a pod or two but couldn't id any hard tails. Lots of people chasing small blues like Albies. Ran backside FI then to Montauk hung around till tide starting kicking. Wife caught many short sea bass small blues and a few big porgies. Stayed there for 4 hrs inside and out Shag Washington and SW of Point saw nothing but blues breaking. Guides and addicts driving all over looking. Ran over to Watch Hill saw a small pod of something up and down quick. Hung around for 1/2 hr waiting but saw nada after that. Ran backside of FI again then over to Groton Long point back to NL. At least it was a nice day fishing not catching with my wife.
  10. Hey Nick Lost it end of last year. Think I deleted it when I cleaned out my phone. Was looking for it as I saw you recently. Check you pm in a minute.
  11. I will be out Sunday too. I run out of New London. Black Hydrasport Dirty Girl Maybe Monday if it's really hot.
  12. When fishing with the kids we use the gulp baits most of the time. You can catch 4-5 fish sometimes on one gulp. We use 2 inch gulps on a 3 way rig . I also will take a gulp sandworm and cut it into 2 inch pcs and use it the same way. Probably cost about the same as a dozen worms but easier to deal with. If we are meat fishing we use squid.
  13. Bob How is the side scan working for you?
  14. There are not many around. Actually most of the boats they sold while in the US were in the Northeast. RI and CT had the 2 biggest dealerships when I bought mine. Most of the boats were made in Australia and shipped in. They tried to open a factory in the US but had labor and material problems. The US operation went belly up after a few years. I usally see one in Montauk another in WatchHill FI area and another around New london on a regular basis too. There are a few guys on CTF that have them.
  15. Yes its a Quintrex 19 footer