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  1. Hey dan id like to place an order for the following jig heads. All bullet style please 8- 3/4oz short shank 8- 1oz short shank 3- 1oz Long shank 6- 1.5 oz short shank 3- 1.5 oz long shank 3 - 2oz Long shank I believe total is $41.80 please let me know if this is correct and what the shipping will be
  2. Tom, im interested in one set of 12 Deer tails. How much? Does PayPal work?
  3. Dan thanks for the quick reply I would like the following 1oz. - 6Smillin bills , 4 bullet 1.5oz- 6Smillin bills, 4 bullet 2oz - 10Smillin bills, 10 bullet all unpainted how much would shipping be? thanks again
  4. I am looking to buy jig heads for tying bucktails I am interested in smilin bills/hot lips and bullet heads I am interested in sizes 1oz - 2.5oz
  5. Hey guys, I am beginning to insulate my basement. Based on some research I have found that R-13 is the proper insulation in my area for 2x4 walls. However, when the framing was completed it was done off the cement exterior wall to allow for pipes to hide behind the eventual finished wall. Now the cavity of the wall is approximately 6.5 inches between the concrete wall and the outside of the stud. The question I have is should I still use R-13 insulation because the depth of the cavity is nearly 3 inches deeper than that of the insulation. What should I do? Should I push the insulation against the exterior wall? Should I only put it between the 2x4's and leave a gap between the back of the insulation and the exterior cement wall? Should I get new insulation ( Like R-19) which is a thicker and fill the entire cavity? Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!
  6. White Water Outfitters
  7. Sounds good PM. the details.
  8. Sure. Where on LI?
  9. I'll take it. Paypal good?
  10. Im very interested. What size jig heads are there?
  11. Google search inflatable roof racks. Before I got a new SUV with racks, I was driving an Nissan Altima. I didnt want to invest money into a set of crossbars and racks for that car that I would be turning in, in a couple of years. Therefore I bought an inflatable roof rack which worked great. Make sure you have extra tie downs for the bow and stern of the kayak. I tried different ways of tying down the yak and drove on local streets until I felt confident it wasnt going anywhere. Added bonus is that they are much cheaper than the crossbars and craddle set up. Let me know if you have any questions if you go down this route.
  12. Sold. Its yours dangie704. I'll PM you my info and I'll get the FF in the mail ASAP.
  13. Sorry about that Crazyotto. I'll give it to this afternoon, if no one is interested Im going to take this down.
  14. Bad news. As I was removing the mount it cracked and is now useless. Are you still interested? Sticking with 25$