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  1. Bingo!!! John M - More info follows to fill in the gaps in your brain. ===================================== C&Ped from the Urban Dictionary. The pipsquack was a rare and elusive bird being searched for by Tom and Jerry in the guise of nature photographers on the episode titled "Hold That Pose" from "The Tom & Jerry Show" circa 1975. The legendary bird was theretofore never seen, but known only by it's intensely annoying, loud, and oft-repeated call of PIPSQUACK!, until the end of the episode, when, upon finally discovering the bird, a cacophony of pipsquacks emerge from the jungle. The call of the pipsquack is so irritating that is is burned into the memory of most Gen-Xers, despite them having usually forgotten the show that it was featured on.
  2. Oh great…. Just what we need… another catastrophic event, this time celestial in nature, not a pandemic, that, if it hits the earth, will once again wipe out the last of the dinosaurs. By dinosaurs I mean all the senior and very senior members of Humanity… hay wait, I’m in that group!!! I better keep my eye on it. Thanks for the heads-up, literally.
  3. Normally I would be posting pictures in this thread of butterflies attracted to my butterfly garden. Last year, 2019, my butterfly garden was under “mob-rule” (to quote a new term). All the big named butterflies showed up by the dozens last year, all the swallowtails, many fritillarys, comas, question marks, skippers and clear winged sphinx to name a few. It was a joy to watch. This year I got squat!!!, perhaps a 98%+ decline. I saw several swallowtails earlier in the spring before anything started to bloom. But now that all my butterfly flowers are blooming bigtime there’s not a butterfly to be found except for a few skippers. Even the white cabbage looper butterfly are nearly absent (thank you lord for that one). I’ve checked other butterfly gardens within a 20mile radius and found similar scarcities. I’ve lived deep in the Catoctin Mountains of north central Maryland for over 4 decades. Nothing has changed here for years, no logging, no farming, no spraying of the forests that go for miles in all directions. So, question is: Anyone else seeing a severe decline in butterflies in your areas???
  4. I was thinking bulb protectors too... but that's just a wild-arsed guess.
  5. The lumber section of our nearby Lowes is starting to look like the grocery stores did during the first week of the declared pandemic. Very slim pickins and all the pressured treated stuff looks like crap.
  6. I totally agree. Also totally agree with all the of the other similar replies.
  7. Only once did I participate in a big “protest” when I was a senior at UofMD, College Park, back in the late 1960s. Truth be told, it was waaay more like a panty raid than a protest. Mobs of male students by the 1000s surrounded the huge female high-rise dorms chanting, “panties, panties”. As the panties came gracefully floating down the large group of men would pile up 3 to 4 deep at the anticipated impact zone to be the first to get to the descending panties. Then there’d be a few females who would throw out a bucket of water, and that would be met with “FU” chanting. Life was good back then. I haven’t demonstrated since.
  8. That was a hoot, I was LOL after her 3rd or more attempt.
  9. The big extra heavy duty wheel thingy obviously is used to stamp numbers and letters into heavy plate steel. The wheel is turned to the desired number or letter. Then I think the wheel stays in place and the steel to be marked is pushed upward towards the wheel by turning the big screw thingy near the bottom.
  10. I'm not getting fussy here... but the "club" one uses to dispatch a fish is called a "priest'. Don't believe me?, then goggle it.
  11. A juvenile wheel bug C&Ped from Google. Very closely related to the assassin bug. That long hollow proboscis thingy at the end of it's head is used to suck out the juices of captured insects. A beneficial member of the Hemiptera "bug" family. (That 4 credit Entomology course I took at UofMD back in the late 1960s finally paid off).
  12. That "joke" was so dang bad that I'm going waaay past bat $hit crazy, all the way to Wuhan Bat $hit Crazy!!!
  13. The way Sandbar1 (#2) and RocksMeEasy (#11) do it is how I do it. Been using this technique for years. That is, put the braid on first then top off with mono to desired level then reverse the whole spool. I have access to a big open field which makes it a lot easier to reverse the spool. Yes it is a little time consuming, but you only gotta do it this way only once per reel. After years of use the braid ultimately wears out and needs replacement then just strip off the braid back to the mono/braid knot and tie on the new 150 yd spool of braid and wind it on.
  14. You'd have better luck if you took this thread to the "Borneo Island" forum.
  15. Still dead...... as of 2-24-2006.
  16. After the snowflakes watch Band of Brothers then they should watch the 1983 mini series, "Winds of War"... one of my favorites.
  17. Well… here’s your picture of the contents. The mackerel appears to be a combination of chunks and long strips that resemble chicken tenders that you would buy in a grocery. All though in this case they would be more appropriately named mackerel tenders. There is almost no excessive fishy taste that one would associated with sardines. I add a few squirts of hot sauce to spice it up a bit… Good stuff. Only found them at the Weis grocery store. Other stores don’t carry them.
  18. Let us know how you are doing. What cocktail was your Dr. going to put you on??? HCQ??? I definitely think the county is missing out bigtime by not prescribing this known drug on a wide scale... of course under doctor's close supervision. I'm suggesting this for reasons summed up by saying, "Desperate times call for desperate measures"... and "Think outside the box". Both sayings concerning the use of HCQ would not be agreeable to policy wonks like Dr. Fauci. I think Fauci and Dr. Brix are both good folks and Trump is fortunate to have them both on his side... but still Dr. Fauci is a policy wonk. BTW, just recently CDC added a new symptom to the list for Covid19. That is red sore pea-sized spots on toes… maybe more seen on younger folks.
  19. No... maybe the next can I'll take a pic. But I'll say the contents looked just like kippered herring when opened. I only bought one can because I remember mackerel as being fairly gamy. The mackerel was labeled from Poland. And the meat was not steaked nor were they long fillets... just smallish chunks of meat. Maybe they used smallish mackerel, dunno.
  20. The motion picture industry (aka: movies) may fall into this category, especially CGI films (Computer Generated Imagery). USA made films are exported around the world in high numbers. Gotta be making billions. Already mentioned… the aircraft industry, both commercial and military. And all sorts of other military equipment like tanks and such. For USA use and exporting.
  21. I now have a new favorite canned fish. Yesterday I bought a can of King Oscar canned mackerel in olive oil. Up to this point Brunswick kippered herring was my favorite. But King Oscar mackerel were GREAT!, less fishy than sardines regardless of what they were packed in and slightly better than Kippered herring. I bought them at the Weis grocery store in Thurmont, MD. Jeez…In this day&age of food hoarding, me mentioning the store, I hope that’s not considered “Spot Burning”. Give them a try.
  22. When stationed in Vietnam,1970, I took anti malaria pills for 4 months while in a forward camp. Then the unit moved to a much bigger rear camp. Since the whole rear camp was sprayed for mosquitoes no one needed the pills anymore. Wonder if the pills I took were Hydroxychloroquine. If big pharma invents a new pill to curer Covid-19 they will make a billion bucks. If only Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine is used to curer Covid-19 then Pharma will make only chump change... follow the money... connect the dots... Blah, blah blah...desperate times require desperate measure... or in this case, extremely desperate times require extremely desperate measures... and folks... we are in extremely desperate times... I'm going bat spit crazy!!!... I'm sitting in my easy chair while the whole shad run is passing by. Rant over.
  23. What Captain Ahab said. I make my own masters, aka: mandril, out of Scaulpey Clay available from hobby stores that are now closed when Covid-19 hit the fan. Make my own molds using Plaster of Paris. And so far I am using all recycled old plastics I collect from fishing friends. Melt plastics in a microwave in pyrex. You can make molds now but don’t melt plastics in the house until you can open all the windows. The learning curve is steep and long. You’ll be making lots of mistakes as you ascend the learning curve. Following is a picture of the mandril I made, the mold I made and the finished product. I now have made molds to make all the lures pictured below. It’s also highly addicting and funner than heck!!!
  24. I've been a chronic searcher for products I buy that are made in America. If you have to time to search they can be found,...sometimes. But I had no idea how much medical stuff, pills especially, that are made out of country. I think that's going to change over the next couple of years. Guess it depends on who get reelected.