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  1. As i remember this proposal has popped up from time to time in Maine for the past several years. Back when it first appeared the proposal was blamed on the salmon fishermen whose concerns were that their dear salmon had way too many pieces of lure plastics in their stomachs. Dunno if that is true or not.
  2. For those of you that don't have the time or patience to read books, then try watching two excellent TV mini-series, of years ago, about WWII - "Winds of War", (broadcast 1982), followed by "War and Remembrance", 1988-1989. The second one picks up where the first one ended... same characters. Both of these together cover pretty much all aspects of WWII. I rented them both from our local library. Maybe 24 hours of total viewing time. Older kids, well into high school, might like them too. Rather graphic at times, but only when needed. Way more memorable and lasting way to learn about WWII than reading history books in high school.
  3. I've seen hogweed growing (pretty much just individual plants so far) in the Chain Bridge area of the lower Potomac at tideline. It's a very noticeable plant.
  4. Sweetwater - I'm thinking it's a confidence thing going on when you tie on one of your favorite lures. When I put on a 4" Sea Shad my confidence soars bigtime. When the confidence is high my alertness to my reel, line, rod, & lure also goes sky high. Even the smallest, barely noticeable, minor twitch of the line will make my brain yell, "SET THE HOOK". The color that comes in a close second is chartreuse silver glitter. I mean, how could two lure colors be so different as opening night VS chartreuse, yet both make my confidence go sky-high. I make them by the pan full. A whole pan of 4" chart/silver glitter sea shad lined up rank and file all nice and pretty waiting to go in the freezer to set-up firmly. That way they don't get bent outta shape in the zip baggie. BTW, I use all recycled beat-up plastics to make new lures.
  5. I agree with codfish concerning Bass Assassin sea shad. Over the years I have become very fond of the 4" opening night sea shad on a 1/2oz jighead. Also the 5" sea shad also in opening night is working well for me. Both of them are my goto lures that I put on for the first cast of the day. They work so well that I made my own molds to make the 4" & 5' seas shads. The Texas (no slot, solid body) Bass Assassin works well fishing them on a single hook weightless on the surface. 4" sea shad 5" seas shad
  6. Do what Tinman said. I've been using the Scotts site for years. Also what gabeskillzz05 said (post 7) about the Harrisburg show. Decades ago there'd be dozens of basement tackle stores in small booths selling all sorts of tackle, especially homemade soft plastics. But all the small time folks got priced out of the show. Only the big tackle shops can afford a booth now. That being said, I haven't been for years. Maybe things have changed...dunno.
  7. I asked for and received special considerations from JoeyZac to post a couple of old fishing photos. I couldn't sneak them in cuz they are time and date stamped. These two pics are of my “Ultimate Happy Place” in Maine on the Kennebec and the fish I catch there. Due to months long battle with lower back pain, record breaking rain in central Maryland (5.7 feet in Baltimore... yikes!) and resulting incessant flooding I went fishing only once this entire year and didn’t catch a dang thing. Never done that before ever since I was ~10, 72 yo now. Never got to Maine this year. What'da waste of a year. But hey... I got my fishing pictures to look at...and you get to see the lures I use to catch them... 2nd pic, weightless soft plastics twitched on the surface.
  8. Does the photo have to be from this year, 2018? I didn't photo squat this year due to all the freaking rain and flooding.
  9. Yes, walk it off. But first tie the end to something that won't give, like a tree. Then walk it off in a straight line all the way to the bottom of the spool. Best to do this in a big open park. When it's all off then start reeling it back like you are fighting a really big fish. DO NOT let the line go through your fingers and do not allow even a second of slack line. Let the rod put on all the pressure. You want the rod to really bow sharply as you are winding it back on. when you get to the other end... problem solved.
  10. I prefer the brush on super glue like Krazy Glue from WalMart. Available in either the paint section or craft section. I like to glue up a couple of jig/plastics the night before. The extra drying time seems to give the glue a tighter death grip on the soft plastic.
  11. Our pileated woodpeckers finally showed up at our feeder yesterday. His buddy was waiting his turn on the garden fence outta sight. I know this is a crappy picture. I had to shoot through our newly installed replacement window and the new bright screening certainly reduced the quality of the photo. Pileateds are one of the most skittish birds we have visiting our feeder. So this pic was just to document their visit for my bird list. A couple times a weeks during the winter birds slam into the window and the screening minimizes any damage to the birds. The screening is kinda floppy and gives a fair bit when hit. We keep the screening in place for the winter just for that reason.
  12. Frank is the guy who won't be down for breakfast anymore.
  13. Hunt for Red October is a favorite. It's been on TV a number of times. When our kids were much younger, like 8 to 14, we'd always be watching Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and a host of weird characters.
  14. rocco - Good for you for finding that. Looks to be spot-on. There's only about 10,000 different spiders.
  15. I had no idea that Hee Haw was on for 24 years. I catch the promos for the multi disc set available on TV, but that's about as far as I have gotten for reruns.