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  1. In the first Jaws movie, when Chief Brody, Matt Hooper the Biologist, and Quint the gnarly Ship Captain were floating around in the captain’s boat waiting for Jaws to make an appearance, out of boredom they started talking about and showing off their battle scars. They were hoot’n and laughing at each other’s wimpy stories about battle scars. When it was gnarly Captain Quint’s turn to brag about scars, his story was he was one of the rare survivors when the USS Indianapolis went down. That totally ended the bragging session with stunned expressions on the faces of Brody and Hooper.
  2. Not to mention that when the Pilgrims reached the Americas and other Europeans established Jamestown, circa early 1600s, Earth was still solidly in the grips of the Little Ice Age (~1300s to 1850). So major YEAH, Europeans couldn’t have pick a worse time to attempt to establish colonies in the New World. But back then humanity was clueless that the Little Ice Age was even a thing. Not to mention not knowing tons of other stuff they would have needed to know before trying to establish colonies in the New World.… Idiots!!!
  3. Looks like I shoulda have taken a closer look at that Covid float... Looks like someone photo-shopped it into the parade. Still a good idea to have a Covid float in the parade though.
  4. I've always been a parade guy. The Covid-19 float pictured in post#1 should provoke an interesting response from the spectators.
  5. Hey TimS – Yeah, I am sort of a bug guy. While at UofMD back in the late 1960s I took a 4 credit entomology course (study of insects) that required collecting and displaying an insect collection. I had a ball doing the collection. This was one of my most favorite courses I took while at UofMD. Stinkbugs have no odor to speak of until they are squashed. Try squashing one between your fingers. But first be sure you are near plenty of water and soap. Their stink is truly disgusting! Its their defense against being eaten by other insect eating organisms.
  6. I'm going with boxelder bug. Order: Hemipter, closely related to the stink bug species and all the other true bugs... they are all in the Hemiptera Order.
  7. I only watch game shows where sometimes I know the answers before the contestants do. That’s why I’m a big fan of jeopardy. Sometimes I surprise myself when none of the contestants know the answer, but I do. But I’m incredibly lousy at getting the answers on WOF. Like maybe 1 in a 100+++ times do I figure them out first. But still I’ll tolerate the first few minutes of WOF just to watch Vanna walk out… Vanna is one hot woman, albeit in the senior-grade division… but heck I’m in the senior grade division too. And the hair of tons of SOLERS will catch on fire when I say that I, on occasions, will watch Family Feud. There,,, I said it. Especially when one of the families is composed of really hot women.
  8. FishOff Gloves: are very helpful at guarding against the development of "SMBass & Striper Thumb" and they can be used to land other toothy critters as well. You don't want a bad case of "Striper Thumb" to get seriously infected and wreck future fishing trips. And yeah, get your mine outta the gutter... that is indeed my thumb!!!
  9. Hey bigfish. Do you live near north central Frederick County, Maryland? A huge shag bark fell across our driveway late last winter. Excellent firewood too, best there is. You can have some if you want any for smoking. I'll be cutting up most of the smaller limbs for firewood, those I can handle. You can have a few wheels of the main trunk. Cutting up some will require a dang big chainsaw cuz the trunks is nearly 3' in dia.
  10. We got a black walnut in our back yard. It’s about as big as they get... PITA! Maybe 2’+ across at chest high. And it had a bumper crop this year too. So did the paw paws. Our woods must have several 100 paw paw tress growing. And they had a bumper crop too. I’ve been eating them every day for almost a month now, and I’m eating one as I’m typing this reply. The paw paw season is about over. They don’t last long once they hit the ground. Sometimes their shelf life is measured in hours. I’d imagine bears mop them up pretty fast.
  11. Good one indeed!
  12. I’m assuming anyone making those in his basement for sale has to add on all those dots by hand one by one. That would drive up the price a bit I’d think. Looks good though, I'd by a pack of them.
  13. I just saw him yesterday on an old rerun of the TV show "Medium". He was playing a milk & toast CEO of a bank.... He kinda looks like a milk&toast sorta guy.
  14. Like many others here.... First flight was to Vietnam and back,1969 to1971.... Oh, and a lot of helicopters rides in-between.
  15. I use the pump-spray on product called "Shout". Find it in the laundry isle at your friendly grocery store. Spray it on the stain, rub it in a bit, let sit 10-15 minutes then put in the washing machine.