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  1. Same here in Maryland. Due to all the rain, like several times a week for weeks on end took its toll on outside equipment. My chainsaw and weed wacker got moldy as heck late this summer. Both won't start. Boxes of Quaker Oats, noodles, bread crumbs, pancake mix, spices and such all got moldy.
  2. Here in the Chesapeake bay just about everyone will have a stash of chartreuse soft plastics in their bag. Chartreuse silver glitter is pretty much my go to color but crystal shad (cream with specks of dark matter) is a close second. Lots of guys will also use limetreuse... same color as a traffic cone. Don't know why that gawd awful color works but I don't argue with the facts. Every year I take a 2+ week fishing trip to mid-Maine coast mostly for stripers. All fishing all the time until I drop. I don't recall seeing anyone else ever casting anything close to chartreuse. just about everyone in Maine is using versions of white. Maybe chartreuse doesn't work as well in the very clear waters of Maine... dunno.
  3. +1 I'm with pakalolo on the drag clicker issue.
  4. Door Gunner & robtf - During several of my butterfly outings I saw several monarchs flying overhead but they had no intentions of stopping... they were hauling arse due south, heading for Central America I guess. I think they are monarchs in your above pictures. I'll include a shot of a buckeye. Pic taken on the Trolly Trail in Thurmont, MD., as was the shot of skippers a few post above, post #1618.
  5. Just in the past 2 weeks I’ve developed a fetish for photographing butterflies. I know, I know… this is really a bad time of the year to be hunting for butterflies since 90%+ of them are already dead, as are most of the flowers. But still I found a few during warm sunny afternoons hanging around bedraggled golden rod and asters. Mostly see commas, cabbage butterflies, a few sulfurs, a couple different fritillaries, buckeyes, and eastern tailed blues. Butterflies are a bear to photograph, since the only camera I have is a cheap Canon Power Shot SX 230 HS. I’m still way down on the learning curve but still I’ll attached a shot of a couple of skippers on some sort of yellow cone flowers.
  6. I'm the odd-man-out in this forum since I've owned nothing but canoes since I bought my first one back in the early 1970S. Never have I used a kayak. After 100s upon 100s of launches I have never lost a rod overboard. Mostly take 3 rigged rods sometimes 2 depending on where I’m going. I lay the rods across the thwarts. Plenty of room. When fishing the salt I mostly take a custom fitted off-the-shelf cooler for keeping a few wperch and smallish stripers. The cooler fits snugly behind the motor mount.
  7. Your brownish egg case looks just like the egg case I found when I googled "garden spider" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argiope_aurantia
  8. As a kid, those giant yellow and black "garden spiders" use to spook me out bigtime. If I pestered them enough the spider would start bouncing the web back and forth like he was on a horizontal trampoline. Fearing he was going to jump on me I'd bound away like a spooked rabbit.
  9. Same here, always lock car with key fob. Only once did I screw up and the car was still parked in my driveway. Spare key was in the house... I learned a hard lesson without consequences.
  10. Ghosts have to poop too. Their poop is light and airy...Looks like marshmellows.
  11. There’re various levels of mimicry. What Trump said was just the words of the interviewer and the responses of Ford, maybe not verbatim, but close enough and in his natural voice. Had Trump put on a long blond wig, large black clown glasses, spoke in a high up-speak voice then maybe that would have been a bit too much and out of place. Leave that technique to the TV comedians. What Trump said and the way it was said was very low-level mimicking.
  12. Some trout hatcheries do indeed feed pellet dry food laced with marigold flower petals. The resulting trout have orange tinted meat. Purely aesthetic. I have no idea how wide spread across the county this might be.
  13. Best I've heard for a long time. Superb!!
  14. Pictures only in this post. You'll have to match them up to the words in post #8. No... wait... I think I did it right this time. I'll check send and see what happens. You can see the built up of heavy thread on the hook shank within the top 2 lures. On a jighead, put plastics on halfway, brush on super, push plastic all the way up to the jig. JB Weld also sells a brush on version of super glue. The brush on Future Glue (shown in pics) is no longer sold anywhere.