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  1. I prefer the brush on super glue like Krazy Glue from WalMart. Available in either the paint section or craft section. I like to glue up a couple of jig/plastics the night before. The extra drying time seems to give the glue a tighter death grip on the soft plastic.
  2. Our pileated woodpeckers finally showed up at our feeder yesterday. His buddy was waiting his turn on the garden fence outta sight. I know this is a crappy picture. I had to shoot through our newly installed replacement window and the new bright screening certainly reduced the quality of the photo. Pileateds are one of the most skittish birds we have visiting our feeder. So this pic was just to document their visit for my bird list. A couple times a weeks during the winter birds slam into the window and the screening minimizes any damage to the birds. The screening is kinda floppy and gives a fair bit when hit. We keep the screening in place for the winter just for that reason.
  3. Frank is the guy who won't be down for breakfast anymore.
  4. Hunt for Red October is a favorite. It's been on TV a number of times. When our kids were much younger, like 8 to 14, we'd always be watching Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and a host of weird characters.
  5. rocco - Good for you for finding that. Looks to be spot-on. There's only about 10,000 different spiders.
  6. I had no idea that Hee Haw was on for 24 years. I catch the promos for the multi disc set available on TV, but that's about as far as I have gotten for reruns.
  7. Lots and lots of Shimano reels of similar size have interchangeable handles. I prefer paddle type handles on my spinning reels so I buy old beat-up shimano's with paddle handles for chump change at fishermen flea markets then swap out handles. If you go this route be sure to take your Baitrunner with you to see if they fit before buying. Flea markets are still a couple months away though... but that option is there.
  8. Noooo… that’s not me napping with my dog. That’s our family mini-me troll doll that keeps photo bombing family events. Once my daughter gave me a big hollow chocolate bunny for Easter. I ate on it for days until I found the troll doll in the stomach of the bunny. Come to find out my daughter had carefully & completely cut the bunny in half at the mold line. She inserted the troll doll in the Bunny’s stomach then using her wood burning kit was able to flawlessly weld the bunny back together again. I was none the wiser, never saw the product had been tampered with. My daughter would have made a good surgeon. Another year my daughter sent me a big bag of assorted mini chocolates. As is the norm I ate the whole bag in just a couple of days. I heaped up the candy wrappers with the troll doll buried inside and sent the following picture to her complaining that something had eaten all the chocolates during shipping and left nothing but the wrappers. I threw in several raisins in the mix that looked like troll poop. The troll has made the rounds among the family for years. Sometimes it’s the little dopy things that count.
  9. Muttz... tan Lab mix, best dog ever. She knew what I was about to do before I even thought of it. 15 years old. Back legs are almost completely shot. Will probably make her one-way trip to the vets this coming weeks. I'll miss her.
  10. Drafted fall of 1969, 11th Armored Cavalry, 1970-1971, Vietnam - Quan Loi, Dian, finished up my tour in Tay-Ninh.
  11. I've been fishing often for the past 6 decades. Back then all spin fishing line was mono. When Fireline came out I gave it a try. Within the year all my rods were rigged with Fireline. I get 2-4 years out of a spooling of Fireline... then I turn it around and got a few more years. So I really like braids.
  12. I never use built in Jig heads. I pour and paint my own jig heads. Always use soft plastics on my jigs. I prefer the more streamlined plastics like Bass Assassins and BKDs as opposed to the deeper bodied sassy shad style plastics. Unless there are blues in the area I also alway super glue the plastics to the jig head, generally the night before... they last 2-3 times longer. You can see the beginnings of "striper thumb" on the albino Assassin.
  13. I tie on a fairly long mono leader to my Fireline, long enough to keep the knot about a 2'-3' from the reel. That's about 8' long of mono or so. The knot I use is a double uni knot, 5 turns Fireline and 3 turns mono. Works great for me. Easy to learn, easy and fast to tie even in a pinch/panic. I use 10# mono for LM&SMBass and other smallish panfish and 20# mono for stripers & pickerel, 6'6" MH or medium rods, 2500 Shimano spinning reel with rear drag.
  14. Can anyone ID this cultivated flower? Its planted outside the main entrance to a Burger King. The stems are square and the leaves smell very minty when crushed. Comes in yellow and red. Might it be lantana? Very pretty and blooms heavy until heavy frost. Yeah, yeah... I didn't see the cigarette butt until I got home.
  15. Ravens Stadium off in the distance visible between the highway pylons... and I catch fish here too, from my canoe.