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  1. Can only wish all the best for bfd, hope it all works out.
  2. The warmest February day ever recorded, an unheard of 68F in wintertime. That warm weather did not result in a lot of fish activity to be honest. Could not find any fish at my good spots, in the end I barely scraped two fish out of the stream. It was a nice day to be outside though and off course I ended up at the pub in the end of the day. There was still something left of last weeks special left = chilli, tasty...
  3. Some pics my cousin took from the Marco boat dock ..
  4. Fishing was slower than expected despite the sunny weather. The task for today was to visit the clubhouse of one of my syndicates and get my second fishing German license so I can fish one of the feeders of the main stream. The feeder just happened to run past the clubhouse and was a favorite chub spot but the water was absolutely dead ... no fish to be seen. After a cold morning the temperature climbed quickly and the amount of insects flying around surprised me. With the chub spot being a dissappointment I left for the main river in the afternoon. Just by chance I managed two dace on the nymph in the upstream section. At a slow moving mill stretch dace where actively hunting the surface but could only spot small fish. After several missed strikes I got one small dace on the emerger. It was still very early in the season so not so surprising that fishing was still very slow. Ended the day as usual at the pub where todays special was chilli, tasty. The supply of dark wheat beer had ran out so I had to change to the regular wheat beer .. no problem for me :-)
  5. My cousin once removed escaped the cold and snow from MN and joined his brother in SW FL for some fishing time. While the US is experiencing the cold we on this side of the pond are in for an alltime high temperature record for february. As I had some extra time on my hands I decided to check out my river again to see if the fishing had improved with the decline of the rains and the increased temperature. The unusual warm weather had changed to a somewhat cooler and windier version. I was a bit unprepared for the predicted “light rain”, it was pretty heavy. Despite the rain the river had almost returned to a more or less normal level and the clarity had greatly improved. I still could not spot any moving fish but the first spot that I fished yielded a brown trout and a dace which was promising. With the wind and rather dull conditions I did not expect to see any dace in the surface at the section above the mill dam but they where present near a bridge where the water was calmer. A spot unfishable during the last weeks yielded quite a few takes and brought two more dace and a roach to the surface. The last spot of the day where I always used to catch fish was now void of fish. I spotted one fish but only because a brown rat that scurried on the bank I was fishing was startled by my presence. The rat decided the best option was to jump in the river and make for the other bank, in the process I spotted a larger fish scooting off. In a couple of days the river will return to a normal level and with the rising temperature fishing might pick up even more.
  6. One of my relatives has recently moved to Bonita Springs and another one has escaped the snow in MN to join him, both baitslingers though. The last report I have seen from them was that they where catching al sorts of sharks from the beach in Naples and that one of them ran into a short battle with a tarpon at clam pass. Also saw some pics of big tarpon in Marco Island at the dock of the charter they took. I shared some of my spots with them and they told me one of them held plenty of bait so that should at least be positive. My cousin is heading back to MN Wednesday but I will ask him if he has any info on what is moving along the beach fishwise.
  7. Had to look it up ... if I ever get over the channel :-)
  8. Only have a pic of the panna cotta strawberry cake. Allthough it still is officially winter the unusual warm weather had drawn out the crowds of daytrippers and bikers. The result was that the supply of cake was rapidly hitting rock bottom ... that panna cotta was one of the last pieces.
  9. Buteo buteo ...
  10. Another glorious day at the river, still slow fishing but catching a dace on a dry fly in the middle of february is exceptional. Again very warm ... maybe that is why the buzzard finally stayed long enough still for a picture. Spotted the first lapwing ... nature is moving on.
  11. Off course I went back to the canal and checked out the location of yesterday ... no one at home. I then decided to look for the perch at the other bank and noticed one fish on the move. One cast along the bank and the fly was intercepted by a hefty perch. Outfit was a 4-weight rod, sinking line and a polar minnow in perch livery. I came across a school of big perch further on at the canal but those fish where quite lethargic, they followed the fly within an inch but would not hit. Pretty happy though with that one fish, a real decent pretty perch.
  12. A whopping 60,8F today in February ... Just by chance I walked along the canal this afternoon where I often caught perch. The clear water looked like a wasteland but when I walked along the section where they had put the floating trays with plants in I had to look twice. Dozens of large perch sunning on the bottow ... have to check it out tomorrow.
  13. Roe deer ... everywhere :-) The prints in the mud where a mystery to me as they where fairly large and originating from the water and then stopped. I had to check with an expert he told me the prints where of a nutria which makes sense as I have seen those critters at exact the same location in the past.
  14. Cabin fever got the better of me so I went out fishing despite the fact that the river was still carrying too much water. The morning was quite chilly with temperatures just above freezing while later in the day the sun actually produced some warmth. I fished my various hotspots that usually produce fish later in the season but nothing showed. Near sunset I finally got a hit on the nymph and could land one dace. On the plus side it was the first time I spotted insects hovering over the water so nature is going into spring mode. The snowdrops are blooming everywhere and the winter aconites have also sprung up. During the night I heard the common cranes fly over and they where heading north, all inspiring signs.
  15. Another blank session, with all the rain I opted to fish the reservoir for perch (6 session out so far, 4 times skunked). Fitted with a full sinking line and a small polar minnow in perch livery I had hoped to catch some fish but again not a single hit or following fish. At least the pub visit was worthwhile as usual. On the menu goulash soup, salad with feta cheese, panna cotta strawberry cake. I think it is time to fish my perch hot spot at the canal soon.