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  1. With a sudden rise in temperature I hoped fish activity might be on the up today. Still not able to get to my waters across the border due to pandemic issues I fished the muddy stream on my side of the fence again. Insect activity had increased but I could not spot a single surface feeding fish. A few nibbles of small fish was the only thing I could muster fishing the nymph. When I finally hooked a small roach and thought skunk was avoided a pike came out of nowhere and took off with my fish. Now I had to battle the pike on very light tippet, but believe it or not the pike remained connected. I made the net ready but at the last minute the pike let go, apparently not hooked. What remained was the little roach which consequently fell of the hook. Bites where scarce but finally I hooked another small roach. Fishing was not going great, the water was a bit higher than usual and murky. The faster shallow water behind a weir yielded one dace and another small roach. The last spot of the day was also pretty dead, nothing at all was moving. The sudden heat had brewed up some dark clouds during the day so I called it quits early. My skills of forecasting electrical storms had let me down in the past so I was not going to risk it by staying out.
  2. The blank of a few days ago had to be erased so it was off to the stream again. We had a public holiday due to the Kings birthday and for a change we actually had nice weather. The sun was out, the easterly wind was manageable and the temperature was ok. I went out in the afternoon to enjoy the highest temperature of the day and started fishing at the spot I had blanked recently. A deep fished nymph actually yielded a dace which was a good start of the day. Forgetting the memory card in the camera was not so good. It had happened before so I was prepared and soon was in business again. and actually caught a dace at the first mark when I That second fish however would not materialize. I had to try another spot and soon found a nice set of weirs. There was a rising fish but it only came up once so I continued nymphing. The faster flow behind the weir yielded dace nr. 2 of the day, a good size fish for this water. Although the insect activity had increased due to the warmer weather it was not enough to bring fish to the surface. With the sun getting low I had one last spot to visit. The stream at that spot had been put back in a more natural state and boasted some interesting features. Dace nr. 3 came from a shallower stretch after a couple of missed takes. To bad I had not brought my hip waders with me because some spots required a little wading to get the best drifts. Three fish was not bad, the sun was already moving behind the trees so I called it quits. I took the shortcut through the moor and circumvented all the highland cows that where laying on the road. Best not to startle them when they have offspring moving around. As usual the roe deer came out at dusk so I managed a few snapshots of them along the way.
  3. The new covid restrictions in neighboring Germany had cut me off from the good fishing grounds across the border so I had to hit the B-waterways at home. As if the pandemic troubles where not enough we also had the coldest spring on record. With the constant northerly winds temperatures dropped deep and fast during the night which was not very helpful for fish activity. The weather forecast foretold clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon so I left pretty late for spot nr.1 on my list. Tossing small nymphs on an indicator yielded some subtle strikes but nothing stuck. When I went to spot nr.2 another fisherman had setup on the location I had in mind. I tried further downstream but did not see any indications of fish ... totally dead. About two before sunset I was back on spot 1 ... but now occupied by a flyfisherman which was pretty rare. Turned out to be a tourist from the west of the country who tried his luck. Talked a little shop and watched how he falsely hooked a little bottomfeeder, at least he was fishing deep enough. He had the same problems though ... just dead water. When he left I tried as the sun was setting and it was getting cold again. The last cast was extended dozens of times and I finally hooked a fish which I subsequently lost. As we still had a curfew I had to stop otherwise the day could end expensive. Tomorrow we have a public holiday, might give it a go once again but with an east wind and a cold night I fear it will be tough.
  4. All private land, fishing clubs lease from landowners or collectives of landowners.
  5. Ten miles to the Northwest a larger forest houses wild boars but I have never seen one roaming the fields where I am fishing. Also never came across any digging marks which I have seen in the Harz area where the boars would plough along the riverbank. Further north there is an air-to-ground weapon range which also houses boar and nowdays a pack of wolves.
  6. Tried the chub section today which is about two months to early. For a moment I had the hope that the weather would improve as the sky turned blue and the sun came out. A misconception as it soon got cloudy again and it started to rain, all with a strong wind. The main river was dead, fish still in their overwintering spots where ever that might be. A stagnant side channel had some fish activity where I could catch some small roach, chub and bleak. The bleak (tiny surface feeders) where the only fish I spotted in the main stream. I had scouted some sections for the large chub but found no fish at all. Will take a month or two and higher temperatures to get things going. The roe deer where out in force and I witnessed a boxing match between a couple of hares. It is slowly getting a little greener in the countryside. weather wise we will get a short burst of warm air next week but then again cold and miserable.
  7. Spring was too cold they said ... and it was true. After a week with nightly temperatures dipping below freezing we finally had a night with slightly higher temperatures. Trout sesaon opener was on March 16th. but with the river in flooding stage nobody was fishing. Today the river was back to a more regular level and the crowds where out. I made an early start but it did not translate into catching more fish. Even worse I did not get any bites at all even though conditions had improved. It took some time before I had found a spot and method that worked. Again the motto was go deep. Since the algae bloom has not started yet the water was very clear and thus void of any fish, they where hiding in the deeper spots. The Squirmy and Perdigon brought fish to light. I was happy to catch the first decent trout of the season, a stockie but trout nonetheless. Met up with my fellow flyfisherman and talked shop for a while before we all dispersed. It was darn cold, 44 ish. with a strong northerly wind and heavy cloud cover. The weather guys have promised higher temperatures so maybe the big freeze is finally at an end. Nature wise the Hares are showing up on the fields doing their spring courtship and the snowdrops are replaced by yellow cowslip. The first windflowers are popping up and green leaves start to appear. We are moving in the right direction
  8. After a short glimpse of spring temperatures went down in the basement again. Yesterday the morning started with 23F so I went out late in the morning when the temperature rose just above freezing. During the week I noticed that a fellow club member had caught a quite big chub on one of the streams I fish. Normally I would go there only in high summer but catching a large fish seemed a welcome change to the small roach and dace I got recently. I checked out the best summer spots but the water was completely dead. Water was up a bit but clarity was ok, current a tad too fast. The only action was on land with lots of roe deer roaming around and oddly many pheasants. Plan B was to fish behind the clubhouse where the stream was wide and relative shallow. That spot had to be the day saver but it was completely dead, could not spot any fish activity at all. Already late in the afternoon the sun was low in the sky and I was still fishless. Could it be, first skunk of the year ... nah ... plan C was drafted. There was one spot where the local council had done some stream restauration. A formerly straightened part had been changed in a freely meandering stream with a side channel that flooded during extreme high water. The side channel was my target as it was slow moving to stagnant and functioned as a shelter for the stream fish. When i arrived I noticed many rings on the water so my hopes where high. I fishing only a short time but at least I caught a couple of small roach and bleak. Small fish but skunk avoided. Next week the weather will change to a more wetter and warmer type. Maybe I will put in some more time at the plan C spot as there are bigger fish in there.
  9. At the pub they make some good soup of the so called white gold. Had a talk with the landlord of the pub on one of my last outings. They still survive the lockdown for now but if this continues and they keep everything shut down during the summer than many pubs and hotels will be gone forever.
  10. Plenty of roe deer on my route to the water. There are a few places where I always spot them. Spotted one last year that was almost black. See them sometimes at the stream but I am not stealthy enough to get close.
  11. Another week with different conditions. The heatwave had passed, this morning weather was chilly ... it was actually freezing. I opted for a late start and went out when the temperature was just above freezing as I hated deicing guides all the time. The skies where clear and blue ... in the city, as soon as I entered the farmland low clouds and fog rolled in. Another change from last week was the fact that the water in the stream had dropped 8 inches and was a lot clearer. The good spot from last week was worthless, tried everything but could only muster a tiny dace on the squirminator. The plus side was that I noticed the first small mayfly plus a rising fish. A spot in the forest yielded more dace with the largest one of the day. Fishing was slow, to cold during the night I figure. Trout season starts March 16th. so I hope they toss in a few stockies for some more action.
  12. I am sure happy to be out and about again... the weather turned 180 degrees in a weeks time. From snowstorm and ice to sunshine and warm temperatures due to a southern winds from Africa. Heard the great cranes fly over the city in the evening on the way to northern climes so spring has sprung. Alas no eateries with curfew and lockdown in place although I did have a cup of coffee with the pub crew as they where working outside tidying up the place. This is how it looked around here Feb. 11th.
  13. As the first day of my season yielded fish in difficult circumstances I figured a second try might be in place. This time I had more time on my hands to check out the stream Off course the water was still high and dirty but the spot that worked a day before fished well in the morning. Plenty of bites with lots of misses as the fish would often grab the tail of the squirminator. You would feel the resistance of the bite and the moment when the fish let go. I caught the same mix of roach and dace but this time one of the roach had had some size to it. I tried other spots nearby but had no luck. With the crowds coming out on a sunny warm day I retreated to the forest where I had no luck the day before. In the forest I tried a few of the deeper spots and felt takes. Did not run into any trout but one of the dace I caught had some size to it. Although temperatures will taper off to more normal values for February the lack of rainfall will hopefully clear the river for next weekend trips. Alas no food pictures due to lockdown in Germany for the foreseeable future as all eateries are closed. Same as in the Netherlands where there also is a curfew between 21.00 and 04.30 hours. Trying times.
  14. Within one week we went from a cold snow storm to warm springs days. As I had to renew one of my fishing licenses I opted to fish the stream for the first time this year. Off course it would be difficult as all the snow had melted and all ditches and stream where in flooding stage. The spot I choose to start my fishing session had fast colored water. Whatever I tried I did not get any bites. I tried an hour or so to no avail, as I had some time to kill before picking up the license I did some sightseeing in the area. I went up what the locals call the mountain which is the first major hill in an otherwise flat landscape. The license process did not take up much time so I had time left over to spend at the water. Off course I could not end my first fishing day in a blank so I went to the one and only spot that could save me. The good spot also suffered from the high colored water. The plus side however was the large current seem with slow moving water. Fly of choice was the squirminator that was heavy enough to get deep and had a large enough profile to be detectable by the fish. It took some time before I had the right depth and speed figured out but then I ran quickly into fish. Small fish but at least some action in difficult circumstances. I was happy to end this nice day with the first fish of the season.
  15. Mallards but indeed colors are a bit off. Food and beer ... not possible with the lockdown we are having. Could have stopped at the restaurant I passed. They sell deep fried raisin buns from a kiosk but it just aint the same like the pub in Germany. Hopefully the latter will survive and reopen sometime next year.