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  1. Approx. 26 miles to the south of where I was at in Rübeland. If you have a federal German fishing license to only thing you need is a permit for the river, one day ticket is 22 usd ... three day ticket 45 usd.
  2. Hard times ... the beer at the hotel tasted like wastewater and was expensive. Salvation came when we visited the Tannengrund restaurant in Rübeland ... the interior had not changed since communist times but so where the prices. They had Köstritzer beer and when we left the restaurant we asked if we could buy some bottles ... no problem. I refrained from ordering the Soljanka soup and stayed safe with the curry sausage and the witches pan at the second visit. The usual haunt we visited had hiked up their prices considerably and the food was of low quality. Glad I can visit my own pub again ..
  3. I once again managed to visit the Harz mountains be it a tad early in the season. The organizer of this trip had set the date to May 2nd. not keeping in mind that the 1st of May was a public holiday at our neighbours and thus used for a long weekend = crowds. The other drawback this year was the fact that a cold snap was forecast with the possibility of snow and off course low temperatures. I had hoped to toss dry flies with the cane rod to rising brown trout but with the cold weather I thought that nymphing would be the only viable option to catch fish. Fishing was not always easy and sizewise I did not get into any large fish but on a positive note we checked out some spots we had not visited in all those years we visited this area. My best fishing spot turned out to be the very industrial section of the river along a quarry where chalk was produced, noisy and dusty as hell but amazingly a lot of grayling in that section. The mining and heavy industry of today and the past had sure left enought traces in the landscape. If you could collect all the iron hardware dumped in the river you could make a pretty penny. The trip lasted four days with the first day being the warmest. After that the temps plummeted and finally light snow and hail fell with temperatures close to freezing. Despite the weather fish where still active now and then so it was not that bad afterall. Wished I could have stayed a bit longer as the trout became active in the afternoon and some fish where rising.
  4. Quite cold day with this time rain in the afternoon and again windy. The morning was sort of ok and I could spot some dace in the surface and drop a F-fly in their path resulting in a few hookups. Could not spot any trout and nymphing yielded only a small roach. As I received good intel on the whereabouts of trout I tried the spot I was told about in the late afternoon when the weather had calmed and the rain had stopped. The first trout spotted me first and took off. Trout nr. 2 was rising a few times under the bank so I knew the location of the fish. Casting from shore was impossible due to trees and shrubs so I had to enter the water. I carefully positioned myself for the cast and dropped the dry fly in the current letting it drift towards the spot where I suspected the trout was at. The trout nailed the dry fly hard and after several jumps I could land the last fish of the day.
  5. Quite a different picture than last week as the temperature had dropped 10 degrees and it was raining most of the day. Tried nymphing in the village but got hardly any bites, also could not spot the fish like I did last week. Two small dace where all I could muster and despite trying several locations I could not get the fish to bite. Wind and rain chased me off the open spots into the woods but also had no luck there. I ran across the stocking crew from the fishing club and helped them with stocking fingerling brown trout in some of the sheltered shallow section in the forrest. Since the fishing was not that great the only thing left to do was to get dinner at the pub. As it was a tad chilly and wet outside the fireplace was lit, at least I could dry out. On the menu today aspergus cream soup, parmesano burger and cherry cake ... There should be less rain tomorrow so I am going to try again and see if I can get some better fish to the surface.
  6. Flushed away with some beers. Had the aspergus cream soup plus a salad with grilled feta cheese. Finished off with cheese cake and coffee on the house.
  7. Depends on the species, most of the trout are clubbered out of the water as soon as they are stocked so that species will never recover. The once natural reproducing population is lots to the regs, environmental impact and fishing pressure of modern times. Most of the other species are not of interest to meat anglers except maybe eels but those are threatened due to overfishing and not around anymore in the numbers they used to be.
  8. Another nice warm and very very windy spring day. Only spotted one trout due to the conditions and had a tough time getting the fish. Almost got the trout on a dry fly but the dace where usually faster at the intercept. A nymph finally did the trick as the dace where looking for food on the waters surface while the trout was more opportunistic. The warm spell with end this weekend and the temperature will drop 10 degrees or more plus some urgently needed rain will fall. Most exiciting find on this day was the Andean Goose I came across, the normal exotics around here are Nile goose and the Canadian goose but this one puzzled me. I had to call in the expert who told me it was a very rare find ... and I was thinking it was some kind of fancy turkey...
  9. Eh ... all of them ... exceptions are legal size / slot size or let's say a fish species you did not target but caught anyway.
  10. It was a warm and quite windy day with a lot of insect activity . I spotted a lot of grannom and hawthorn flies so I tied on a CDC F-fly and went looking for rising or surface feeding fish. There was a lot of debris on the water and the fish which I spotted where rather picky. I managed to catch a few dace but a lot of offerings where bluntly ignored. There where some larger fish in the slow moving stretch I fished which I believed where trout as they behaved differently than the dace. One of these fish was on stationary near the opposite bank I fished and went for the F-fly as it came into view, unfortunately not a solid hookup. With the arrival of the crowds I choose a more secluded spot and switched to fishing a small nymph. I could spot a lot of fish behind some debris and caught several roach from under the submerged brushes. Again I spotted a trout and got wind from the local anglers that the stretch had been recently stocked. I ended the day in the forrest where surface activity dictated the use of a dry fly. Dace where feeding actively in one spot but I missed almost every take because these fish where so fast in taking the fly and rejecting it. At one spot I missed the take of a larger trout but when I returned a while later and had a second go I got a good hookup. The warm weather has been good for the fishing and I expect to see more activity in the coming time.
  11. They have three species here, seagoing, river and the brook. The first two are large blood bloodsuckers. The brook lamprey only feeds on algea, smallest species of the three.
  12. Saw the lamprey swimming in the open water, when it moved into the shore I just had to grab it.
  13. Out and about on this sunny warm en sometimes windy day. The only thing that sucked today was the brook lamprey I encountered at the stream :-) The decision to fish the urban setting did pay off as I found plenty of fish, just a shame I missed that larger trout that took my indicator. The line kept running so I set the hook hoping the trout had taken the nymph .. appearantly not ... i'll be back.
  14. Fishing wise not that good but for the rest another great day in the outdoors. My botanical knowlegde was extended today as I found out that those smelly plants I encountered where wild garlic (white flower). I explored one of the feeder streams further than ever before and found a nice new spot allthough no fish where biting. Ended as usual at the pub where I had the beef soup, the parmensano burger and as dessert a bee-sting cake.
  15. The plants are not hops, at this moment alder and hazel trees are blooming. Hops appear late in the season.