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  1. Second time out on the river and now with some lower water as it had not been raining for a few days. The reason it had not been raining was the fact that cold weather had arrived. Winds had shifted to the east as high pressure over Russia dictated the weather. I opted for a late and short trip this day due to the cold and hoped to fish a while when the temperature would climb just above freezing in the afternoon. The river looked fine, some clarity in the water. The conditions and small time window meant I would fish the best spot first and indeed it yielded my first fish of the season, a small brown trout. At the other spots I visited I could get no strikes and also did not spot any fish moving about. With the sun low in the sky and nothing showing I opted for the pub visit. On the menu today Broccoli soup, porkchops with egg, bacon, baked onions and potatoes, dessert coffee with a Tiramisu cake. When I left the pub the temperature had already dropped to 19,4 F … I think fishing will be slow in the coming weeks / months. On the plus side I spotted the first snowdrop blooming, always a sign of hope.
  2. Denmark ... I renewed my license but have to see how this winter develops. Last year spring was too darn cold and no fun at all spending four days in a cold and lifeless sea. It has not yet been really cold down here, just a few times frost at night and mostly rainy days but that seems to be soon ending if I have to believe the forecasts. Luckily I received my German federal license today from the friendly people at Bitburg city hall who handled my request by mail, valid 5 years so I can go fishing again. With the big freeze on the doorstep I think I might go out tomorrow despite the rain and try to get my first fish of the season ...
  3. As the fishing session at the stock pond resulted in a complete blank I had to go out for a final time in order to close the fishing year off with fish. The warmer weather had finally prevailed and so I was on my way to Germany. Since my MD told that I was too heavy or as I put it I am to short for my weight I tried the bike route again, roughly 19 miles single way over hardened farm roads and through small villages. I had planned a new route and the small smuggling path in the swamp between the Dutch / German border was located in the pitch black of morning. My shortcut up ahead though was a dirt road so I had to change the route at the last minute but made it in two hours flat to the water. Surprisingly the river was very clear and also very low which is not really helpful in catching fish as hiding places become scarce. The plus side was that I could wade to the adjacent bank to have a better shot at the few deeper pools. At one pool I finally got some bites and managed to catch a roach … skunk avoided. The usual spots failed me so I headed into the woods where all pools seemed fishless. No life at all was visible with the exception of some midges dancing around the water. I had expected more action as conditions seemed pretty good. In one pool I had some nibbles on the nymph and lost one fish, small stuff though. The final pool I fished was downstream where dace where usually present. I could spot the fish in the clear water but they seemed lethargic. A deep drifted nymph yielded two fish and that was it. Off course it became dark early and so the proper thing to do was to go to the pub. I had hoped I would finally get that precious onion soup as starter but it was still not available. Off course I protested (again ) and had to settle for the tomato soup. As starter I had the tomatoes and mozzarella. The main course was an oven dish, a potato with a creamy souce … I was tempted to order fries on the side but refrained because of my eh.. unbalanced weight to length ratio. The dessert was a peach cake with coffee and off course plenty of cream. All that food meant that I would have to skip my train ride home and bike all the way back again, so I did. While I was dining the weather had changed and light rain was now falling. It was pitch black outside again which made navigating through the forest paths and farm roads interesting. On the last leg near the border the navigation on the phone stalled and I missed an important turn hence I had to double back a distance. In the end I found the border crossing through the swamp and made if home safe. So that was fishing 2018 for me which leaves me only to wish everyone the best for 2019 and hope that everybody is present here again next year.
  4. At this time of year my fly-fishing friends usually gather for the last official fly-fishing session, the so called “oliebollen snoeken” . Where “oliebollen” is a treat during the fishing (deep fried dumpling with raisins usually coated with sugar powder) and the “snoek” stands for the northern pike as target for the fishing. One of us suggested to do something different for a change and go to a put-and-take pond instead. The plan was accepted so we would trade pike for rainbow trout at a place called “Visdorado de Kool”. Our scout had been several times to that venue and the stories of large rainbow trout sounded promising. The opening time of the fishery was 09.00 hrs., being an one hour drive we left early and we could just witness the sunrise before gray clouds took over. It was cold … just above freezing with a strange weather pattern where the north of our small country was about eight degrees warmer than the south. After registering at the proprietor of the fishery we headed to the fly-fishing pond, C&R only. The place looked really good despite the low water and I immediately spotted some large rainbows in the shallows. It did not take long before our scout got his first fish, a nice rainbow trout. The fish where everywhere and sometimes you could spot them at the surface or racing along the shallows. However … we did not get any bites … only our scout did as he was into fish number two pretty soon. We tried to do the same as the scout but somehow it did not translate into results. I tried the intermediate line, the sinker, the floater, all the flies in the box but got nothing to show for it. The best I could do was a bitten off squirmy worm and one large rainbow tracking the fly without biting, I guess these fish had probably seen it all before. In the middle of the day number five of our party showed up, somebody with a dislike for early hours. This person was also known for his outright luck … the kind of guy that shows up with some outlandish light gear and catches a fish on the first cast. Well, not this time at least for the first hour or so. Then while we where still fishless he had hooked into a big one and one of us rushed towards him with the net. The line broke and he mumbled something about using light tippet. When he later disclosed how light the tippet was we could not grasp how in heavens name you could do something so stupid. Anyway the time passed quickly and the trout showed up less and less. A cold wind was blowing over the pond, not that comfortable . Before closing time at 16:00 hrs. I spotted several trout passing just a rod length from me but none wanted to grab the streamer. So in the end only one of us got two rainbows … the rest blanked. To close off the fly-fishing year in style we asked the folks at the fishery where we could best go for dinner in the neighborhood. We finally settled at the grand café in a small village to warm up and have dinner. Off course this means that it is the second blank of this year for me with Denmark being the first and I can not pass the year with a blank. The plans for tomorrow are to get the last fish of the year and the stream in Germany is the place where it has to happen … to be continued …
  5. Second BFD comments ... never been to Naples in season and so only heard the horror stories about traffic and waiting lines at restaurants andsoforth. I usually stayed in October in Naples just when the baitfish migration is in swing and schools of Ladyfish, Spanish mackerels and the sorts pop up. If would opt for the southern end of the beach near Gordon pass as access is difficult and that is which should help with the crowds. The breakwaters and the jetty at the inlet would be a target plus of course anything that you can spot along the beach. The inside of the pass can also be interesting as I did pretty well there on the snook when they passed in- and out of the pass. Not sure how that spot fishes in season though.
  6. With the heavy rains from yesterday during the day and the night I figured the stream might be finally carrying some water and maybe more than I hoped for. Early in the morning a strong wind was blowing and some rain came down. The weather service mentioned a break in the afternoon so I headed out late. En route to the stream I came across one of the feeders and for the first time since months I could actually hear the water flowing over the rocks, it was a nice sound. The plan was to fish the same stretch as last week but this time with a lighter setup. This time I was armed with an Orvis clearwater 6’ #2 fitted with a small Hardy reel. At the first stop I noticed that the water was indeed high and a lot of silt was stirred up. The current was fast and somehow I felt that the nymph was just moving to fast. A heavy nymph only resulted in lost flies as I hooked the debris on the stream floor instead of any fish. Mark nr. 2 was different, even though the flow was fast the eddy with slack water was still in place and that was the spot where I tried to catch fish. It soon became obvious that the fish where present as I got numerous hits. The fish where small but at least there was action and I got several roach and a dace. The pattern that produced the fish was a size 16 pheasant tail nymph fitted with a black tungsten bead, the dubbing was pink spectra flash. The next two spots yielded no fish and it became clear that the downside of all that water from the sky was the fact that many spots where now to deep to get to with only boots on. Just as predicted the rain came back again in the afternoon and although it was early I preferred a seating in the pub over the cold wind and rain outside. At the pub to my disbelief the new menu was in place. Now I was about to go for the soup of the day but my beloved Onion soup was not available so I though I would go for the tomato soup. Due to miscommunication however I did not get the soup but tomatoes and mozzarella … oh well … For a pub in the middle of nowhere the menu was extensive and I had difficulty in choosing the next dish. In the end it became the Parmesano burger, Mozzerella- Parmiganio-Bacon-Beef-Rucola-Mustardsauce. To finish this meal off a desert was in place and the special of the day went down pretty well as it was Mascarpone or better put Mascarpone Alceholico…
  7. Still using the 4-weight but tomorrow I will get the 2-weight out and fish the same stretch. I just hope that all the rain from the last two days (finally) has not dislogded too much silt and leaves...
  8. Weizen Dunkel ... as usual, but maybe I should ask if they have something new in the drinking section of the new menu ... if they ever got to it :-)
  9. On the warmest December 2nd ever measured I dogded the rain and strong wind at the stream. For a change I fished a different section of the river where the roach allthough small where quite active. At one spot the two dead trees leaning against each other on both banks made an eerie sound as if they would collapse any minute so I quickly relocated. If one of those trees would gave way fatal injury would be immenent. I was expecting some dace to be around but only found roach and the odd brown trout. Still a good day and good to see that the river has slightly elevated waterlevels. At the pub I protested about the fact that the new menu was still not put into practice and told staff that the folks at Surftalk eagerly awaited some new dishes. I had hoped to start my dinner today with an onion soup but it was not to be and the soup of the day was not to my liking. As a sort of compromise I got the smoky burger today with baked potatoes as side order. It was pretty good but there was something missing so I ordered a baked feta cheese salad as well. To top it all off I choose the plum cake ... with cream ... and a large coffee, all good.
  10. It is just a pain ... usually foreigners like me will get the one-years license without the mandatory training course and the exam but in the federal state next door the five-years document is off limits to us. The route for us Dutchmen to get the five-year document was to request that document from another federal state where the authorities would issue such a document without any problems to us foreigners. Off course by the power of the internet the word spread around that a certain city hall in Germany was very forthcoming in issueing those documents. That particular city was flooded with request and struggled with the workload ... the solution for them was to require the actual presence of the fisherman hence it became unpractical. Now I was thinking of quick fix and so I put my German language skills to the test and informed at another city hall if they would be so kind to extend my license for another five-years. And believe it or not I got a reply that they would ... so in theory it should work ... when I get my license back with the extension I will report.
  11. With my federal fishing license in the post for another 5-years extensions I figured it might be best to stick to the own syndicate waters to prevent any trouble regarding the lack of proper documentation. It was a cold and misty day and even though I opted again for a late midday start the temperature was +3 degrees Celsius. The stream carried a little more water than last week but as was the case in fall/winter the water was very clear. I could actually spot fish at the first location and even hooked a tiny dace but the fish came off. My attempts to get any of the other fish I spotted failed. I visited some of the more secluded spots hoping to find some fish in deeper water. Eventually I spotted some small fish and got a tiny roach from the depths. One fish was all I could muster but at least I had found out that the normal gold bead-head nymphs where not to the fishes taste on this day. A pheasant-tail nymph with a black bead and a pink flashy collar was the way to go. The phrase “dark days before Christmas” came to my mind as light was minimal in this foggy and cold day. Most of the spots I visited where void of fish, not surprising with the low and clear water. The last spot of the day miraculously yielded more roach but only the tiny ones. With the prospect of imminent darkness I cancelled my plans to check out the spots further upstream and headed straight for the pub. Once at the pub I was hoping that the new menu was in place, disappointment again … On the plus side the landlady gave me the rough copy of the new menu so I knew what was coming. So for the menu today, Goulash soup, Strammer Max with fries and not depicted the plum cake with coffee as dessert.
  12. Bfd ... I loathe snow :-) Usually the Western airflow keeps meaningfull snow here at bay but with the crazy weather patterns we had this year I fear for the worst.
  13. With high pressure building over Russia and the winds shifting to the east the end of regular fishing seemed to be near. I started my fishing session late in the afternoon to be on the water when the air temperature peaked. Wind and frost had made short work of the remaining foliage and the predominant color now was brown. Normally I would have betted on the inner village stretches of the stream to get at least some bites but today it was different. Fearing a complete blank I headed into the forest to see if fish where to be had. As it had not rained properly since April the stream was ultra low and with the extreme clarity stalking fish was almost impossible. Surprisingly however fish where moving about and eventually I caught a few small ones. As the sun was setting the temperature dropped fast towards freezing so it was time to end the session and head for the warmth of the pub. Now I had hoped to order some new dishes from the menu but after inquiry I was informed that it was still in the works ... delayed. Off course I could not file this report without any food pics so I made a few. Also notice the Christmas setting ... decorations are already in place. From the menu today: Beef soup, Grilled Feta Cheese with Salad, French fries all washed away with the dark wheat beers and off course the obligatory cake and coffee to finish it all off.
  14. They have ... from three clubs now to five but not the greatest spots especially late in the season. Still waiting for two other clubs further downstream to join where the water is a bit larger.
  15. With much sadness I have to report that the pub is currently staffed with the B team and that no new menu has been sighted. When the managers are on the premises again I will let them know that this is totally unacceptable :-)