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  1. They have ... from three clubs now to five but not the greatest spots especially late in the season. Still waiting for two other clubs further downstream to join where the water is a bit larger.
  2. With much sadness I have to report that the pub is currently staffed with the B team and that no new menu has been sighted. When the managers are on the premises again I will let them know that this is totally unacceptable :-)
  3. Flyrod mostly four weight, 7 ft. (glass, splitcane and carbon), basicly small rods for small waters. Nymphs size 16 and 12, dry flies size 17 and 15 and last but not least streamers size 10 and 8. Trout are mostly stocked, the rest is natural. Eels are also stocked ... whenever I tell the Germans that live eels are used in striper fishing they totally flip out as eels are considered a delicacy and have game fish status ... not with me.
  4. No meal pics untill the new menu is issued .... Nov. 1st.
  5. With the last week of my vacation the endless summer also ended. The heavy rain that we needed did not materialize, just low temperatures and some sprinkles. Temperatures plummeted abruptly last weekend, when I started my fishing session it was barely over freezing. In the early cold morning the sky was still clear, with the low temperatures I expected that the fish would not be in the biting mode. I tried one of my former hotspots and surprisingly the first fish that hit the nymph was a small perch, even a small dace decided to bite. The flow through the stream was still minimal but at least the water was more or less clear. The wind picked up quite early in the day and the clouds rolled in making it not that comfortable to be at the water. In a sheltered part inside the village I noticed some fish in the shallow water, a couple of dace where moving about. I scared the first school but when the second school came around I managed some fish on the nymph. At a weir at the beginning of the village I also spotted dace in the current but one cast made them scatter in all directions. I waited for things to calm down and eventually had a second shot at the fish and managed one fish. With the wind, cold and low water messing up the fishing it was not difficult to make the choice to visit the pub early. As daylight saving time had ended it would be dark soon anyway and it just seemed to make more sense to enjoy a few drinks and a good meal at the fire in the pub then to be outside in the cold.
  6. Thanks bfd, same to you ... hope the winter is a mild one for you. We could use some massive amounts of rainfall around here as it has not properly rained since April and the streams are running dry now - never happened before. Brian the chance of winning that lottery are 1 in 302.6 million but as they say hope springs eternal ... you might have enough for a home on Cape Cod with a Franklin stove and one in Florida with a proper AC-system :-)
  7. With the ending of the trout season on oct. 20th. I went for a last time to the mill pool. It was the first time I had a real fall feeling with all this mist and the low temperatures in the morning. My action of the previous day by removing some debris from the lower weir had helped to clear the mill pool and early on fish where active at the front of the weir. The only competition at the time was luckily another flyfisherman from the syndicate who early on was into two trout. The trout eluded me and when they came near the interest went out to the strike indicator and not the fly. At least I could catch a dace early on. Fishing was really slow but in the afternoon some fish started rising so I fished a small emerger hoping I would get at least one trout before the end of the season. All I got though where more dace and when some high level clouds dimmed the sunlight the action died down. When the sun was setting I feared I might end the last day of the trout season troutless. In a latch ditch effort I tied on a heavy nymph and fishing it deep near one of the walls of the mill where I knew the water was deep and where I had a hit on the previous day. My prayers where answered as the indicator went down and I was in to a good fish. The fish on the other end of the line was a nice rainbow trout fighting very well. With that last trout I could end my troutfishing season properly and go to the pub for a well deserved meal. I had noticed that my waders where not so watertight anymore and that the water temperature was quite a bit lower than the outside air temperature. Luckily the fireplace at the pub was in service so I grabbed a chair and warmed up first before I started my meal. The bad news ... no dinner pictures, the good news ... at the pub they where busy assembling a new menu so who knows what the future might bring.
  8. My holiday was pretty ok but as was often the case it could not last forever. Now I still had three day tickets left for the mill pool (no mermaids there...) in this case Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The session on Wednesday fell through the roof as one of my friends sold me firewood which needed proper storing ... it took longer than expected so fishing was off. Today I went ahead to the mill pool and was shocked at what I saw, the pool full of leaves and white foam lines on the water. As it had not rained properly since April the drought had reached epic proportions. The water had an eerie tannic color probably caused by the leaves. Normally the river would be flushed by the frequent rains in fall but now nothing. I found the water level in the pool high, all the leaves blocked the flow at the end of the pool. Before I could do any fishing I made an opening at the lower end of the pool so some of the leaves could be flushed out. It worked out pretty well as after an hour or so some open spaces appeared. A nymph dropped right under the main weir yielded a variety of roach and dace. I had figured the last week of the trout season and thus the last week of the mill pool being open would be quiet but I had not calculated school vacations. So before long other anglers appeared, I was not sure if the lead bombs they tossed where intended to hit me standing at the opposite bank or if they were just bad casters. These anglers where more busy watching their smartphones than the floats they fished. So the fish got scared and nobody was catching anything anymore. I decided to move downstream to see if there was a quiet spot to fish and there was but just no fish to be seen. When after a while I came back at the mill pool I noticed that the competition had gone. Peace and quiet at last ... and fish started rising. The overgrown banks where the spot to go as I had numerous bites there catching a few rudd and at last some pretty decent brown trout. When the sun was gone I went to pub for dinner, it all worked out fine at the end.
  9. Red tide, trip is to expensive to end up on a subtropical beach littered with dead fish and brown water.
  10. Well ... I refrained from taken food pictures ... but if it must be then here are a few pics... - Onionsoup with a cheese crouton on top - Grevensteiner dunkel beer from the Kiosk at the reservoir - Schinkenbaquette from the Kiosk - Mandarinen-Kasekuchen + coffee from the Kiosk - Flammkuchen mit Pfifferlingen(mushrooms) from the hotel. -Two pics of the beergarden at the hotel -Grevensteiner dunkel 0,5L at the Beergarden For more details just visit the website of the hotel .. left a week to early as I missed the 5 courses 10 beers event :-)
  11. It is indeed an European dipper
  12. Due to circumstances my holiday was spend in Europe this year. I choose my destination on reasons of practicality and ended up in Germanies Hochsauerland Kreis at a very nice lodging adress namely Landgasthof Seemer. So I spend two glorious weeks fishing a river in the mountains under very unusual climatic conditions ... namely summer like. It had in fact not properly rained anywhere around here since April this year so the river was at its utmost low making fishing tricky. Made the most of it and enjoyed myself catching some nice fish along the way.
  13. The mill pool is off limits to club members all year except for a little time window from half September untill the closing of the trout season on October 20th. As the pool is stocked with trout for some fishing matches that are held early September many people who you will not see on the river all year come out of the woodwork for the easy pickings. To cover for the expenses of activities by the club every member who wishes to fish the mill pool has to buy a guest angler permit. In the beginning the fish are hauled in fast and the ticket sales are soaring. After a short time most fish are cleared out and ticket sales abruptly end. I am betting on peace and quiet later in October and for a trout infusion when some of the ponds at the hatchery have to be cleared out ... hope springs eternal.
  14. The endless summer well … it has ended. After months of drought and high temperatures the weather changed abruptly and that went not well with the fishes. When I arrived at the mill pool in the morning it was very windy but still sunny. Surprisingly the only fisherman at the pool was a flyfisherman. What was worrying me was the fact that he had not had a single bite. I positioned myself at the other end of the pool and had lost one fish after an hour or so, it was going slow to say the least. It did not take long before other anglers showed up that plastered the pool with several rods per person groundbaiting and what not. Fishing was no fun anymore so I left and tried the main river where I managed to catch a nice brown trout and a dace. At midday I opted to have lunch at the pub and tried the pool again in the afternoon. I had already noticed that some trout where located in the very shallow end of the pool. My first attempt to catch one of them failed as the landing of the fly made them scatter in to the deeper water. The second attempt went pretty well when only a few twitches on the nymph where enough to get the trout interested in the fly. The result was one rainbow trout which I released into the main river. Later in the afternoon the weather got real iffy when the sun was replaced by thick dark clouds and continuous rain. The bad weather drove the remainder of the fisherman off the pool but fishing never improved. When it got dark I retreated back to the pub to warm up and get my mandatory coffee and cake. In roughly one week time the mill pool has been pretty much cleared of trout it seemed. The day ticket sales had been going fast but I predict that with the latest results that will abruptly end. I am hoping that when I use my last three permits at the end of October I will have the pool for myself.
  15. Since the mill pool officially opened today for the syndicate members I scored a permit in advance to make use of the abundance of fish while it lasted. When I entered the premises I noticed a parked car and figured the first anglers would be sitting drowning worms. It was a false alarm as some syndicate members partied on yesterday evening at the mill and obviously had too much to drink to operate a vehicle ... they where collected and brought home. Off course the whole scenario was a re-run of yesterday with bites on every cast in the beginning and then total lockjaw. The crowds came in the afternoon and the worms where effective, figured at least 20 rainbows went out of the pond. Besides a few shiners nothing else was biting, had hoped for brown trout but none sighted. As it had been so dry the last months the normal circular flow in the pool was almost non-existant. Not good when you want to see your nymph travelling with the current ... there was none... Mill pool day number three will be next Saturday and the crowds will probably be there as well. I am betting on the third of October when I suspect the lack of easy fish will turn the place in the spot of peace and quiet I prefer, maybe there may even be time to fish the dry fly for a change...