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  1. Short update on the cam… damage was covered by insurance so I am getting it fixed.
  2. Only closed season per fish species. Snow is rare these days, think it only was white once last year.
  3. Heck... it is the shock from enjoying the warmth, palm trees, sunshine and the beach to suddenly being back home in the miserable wet weather. At least it is not freezing (yet).
  4. Since I have been from Florida it has rained almost every day resulting in blown out streams. A week ago I tried (against better judgement) to fish stream nr. 2 that normally has the least flow. Alas this time was different ... it was just blowing through the mill weir. To make it short ... I totally blanked. Even the steps down to the pool below the mill where submerged and my hip waders proved to short to even navigate the shallowest parts of the pool. I tried some spots on the stream itself and above the weir but the silt and current where just to much for anything to hit the fly. Surprisingly I was not the only idiot on the water as I noticed a pickup parked in the field close to the stream, spotted a bait guy trying to get something. After a while it seemed pretty futile to fish on, after I scared two roe deer from the section above the mill I headed for the pub. First time in more than a month that I showed my face there but they recognized me. As usual the dining made up for the lousy fishing. Starters was the mushroom soup and it was good as usual. I opted for the pasta as main dish but with the ground beef instead of the chicken. It was to much so I had to ask for a doggy bag. The bad news was that apparently the sales tax in Germany is going up for eateries from 7 percent to 19 percent.. seems pretty universal that governments try discourage people from running businesses. Anyways a slight plus is that they have the "Schwarzbier" now on the tap, particularly fond of Kostritzer beer.
  5. We'll, in the end the camera died on me or better put... it got a mind of its own. I am in the process to find out if the travel insurance is any good for this mishap so have to wait if that brings. Since I needed an expert opinion on the demise of the camera I shipped it for evaluation to the Nikon Service Center. They send me a report with details and pictures, it looked pretty nasty. It can be fixed but at a cost... insurance value should cover the cost if they decide to honor the claim, to be continued.
  6. Eh… they have pike in England … Norfolk broads … right where you are at. Otherwise google fishing guides Amsterdam. Saw one that provides boat fishing and sorts the fishing license out. https://www.sportvisserijnederland.nl/vispas/vispas-english/
  7. Well, returned last week Tuesday back in the Netherlands and started work on Wednesday. The weather back home during my vacation was a negative image of that in Florida meaning one day of sunshine and for the rest only rain. It still rains overhere and the streams I would normally fish have been blown out most of the time. Since I was not fishing + dining today I have made a picture of the flies I used the most during my trip. Also found time to file a damage report to the insurance company about my camera. It was dead... came to live again ... went dead ... came alive again but is not doing what it should do so the next stage if probably death by corrosion. Have to see how that pans out, doubt if the Nikon service center will touch saltwater submerged cams but I contacted them anyway to get a statement from them that I can hand over. The flies, from top to bottom: Flatwing: Sort of a hybrid between a flatwing and a surfcandy so it has some weight to it. Size I am not sure... small enough though to be attractive to the Snook. This was actually the best Snook fly in my arsenal. Only downside was that it was a delicate fly and once those feathers separated it was useless. From Marios Fliegendose Silverside surfcandy #2: My favourite fly to toss into the inlets as it had weight and thus would since below the surface before being targeted by the turns. Indestructible so it surfaced all abuse by the fish. From CW flies. Regular clouser #6: Universal fly, had them in Chartreuse/White - Olive/White - Pink/White From Fulling Mill Foxy clouser hot legs #6: My clouser choice for bottom feeders, used those when I wanted to catch the black drum / redfish. From Fulling Mill Olly's the mutant #6: A weighted shrimp pattern that I used for the bottom feeders, fished it very slow and caught flounder, redfish and black drum with it. Sparkle minnow #2: EP style minnow which I used for most for the freshwater fish. Intended for snook but with the conditions I faced it was difficult to track so the flatwing fly became my favorite Lightbulb, various sizes: A sort of turbocharged version of the Schminnow tied locally. Had good results in the past with it on the snook but could not use them that much on this trip due to conditions.
  8. What I figured was that there was an issue with the apu which apparently is used to drive a compressor that powers the engines until fuel can be injected. Option B was to use an external compressor aka asu from the airfield to start the engine but that thing also failed. Finally they dragged a second asu from the field that did work so the engines could be started. To bad for all the folks with tight connection at Atlanta. I had more than four hours overlay time so I spend some time at TGI Fridays in Terminal E and had a burger and a couple pints of Guinness. Next flight is delayed also… but not a problem for me.
  9. They claim to be USA’s second best burgerrestaurant.. but yes, its good.
  10. When I get back I will post some pics of the flies I used. Currently enroute to Atlanta with delay as the engines of Delta,s B757-200 would not start.
  11. A few days in a dry room have been good for the camera. It actually came back to life, have to wait and see if that lasts.
  12. Last fishing day in Naples. Wanted to make it a short one as Sundays are usually the worst for beach fishing due to crowds. Conditions as yesterday on the beach, low visibility and only a few snook. Most snook where what I call now Lebowski snook = deadbeats just gazing at the shoreline. Had some shots at passing fish but no takers. The best I got was tracking fish. Breachswaters where empty, pilings had fish on them. Spotted several fish, had a grab but missed the fish. Finally got a good hit and landed my final snook of this trip. On the way back to the beach access I saw some snook but not the running kind that are more inclined to take a fly. Monday and Tuesday will be traveling days. Since the burger joint is closed on Sunday I opted for Italian food on swanky fifth avenue south… The menu for today… Caprese as starter, then the Calzone al forno. Since they had Guinness on the drinks list I had a couple of those. Off course this last day dining in Naples called for a desert so I went for the special, strawberry cheesecake and boy it was good.
  13. Fishing pretty much sucked today. Hit the southern end of the beach during the incoming. Spotted only some snook that did not want to eat the fly. Visibility was very poor, difficult to spot fish. As it was weekend lots of boating traffic and people on the beach. All the interesting spots at the beach were occupied by anglers. Not much bait around so it was tough. Besides the many lizardfish I only managed a few small jacks and one redfish. Tried the beach near the pier but only found a few deadbead snook staring motionless at the shoreline. Tried for the bottemfeeders at the pilings and had a bite from a flounder but no solid hookups. Visibility again very poor. With the sun low and the water muddy I called it a day late in the afternoon. Last time at the burger joint, California Burger with Sour Monkey beer.
  14. At work a favorite slogan is “assumptions are the mother of all ****ups”. Proof of that again today as the beach location where I assumed snook would be stacked was empty. Could only get one lizardfish. Walked the beach untill the Port Royal beach club but only spotted the zombie snook at the pilings. Pretty dead so I went further south near the inlet. Surprisingly tons of snook at high tide. Hooked three, landed one. Fished the breakwaters and surprisingly had a redfish on the flatwing. Lots of snook in the inlet at the start of the outgoing. The beach was now almost empty of snook. A few followers, no hookups. Went late afternoon back to the place I started. Hoped for bottom feeders and snook but managed neither. Had to contend with beach walkers and a dolphin for the last snook that seemed a good target. The dolphin almost beached itself getting the snook. Although I still spotted snook late afternoon the low angle of the sun and the lack of sunlight due to clouds rolling in made me call it a day. Today at the Burger joint… Pesto and goat cheese burger. As side french fries. The beer was a sour Monkey. Since salad was mentioned I had the Greek salad. Off course topped off with a banana milkshake. The guys at the office have ordered a new chair for me with integrated weight measurement and some extra steel is ordered to support the floor.
  15. Yep, that hurts… those spines in the belly give you something to remember. Usually handle them with pliers.
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