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  1. Joe...I've got one and love it. Your gonna mess me up. Resist!
  2. I might have one. Let me check the garage tomorrow.
  3. I'll take this. Payment ready.
  4. That's a great Quote Joe.
  5. Would you take $350 Joe ?
  6. Cancel that then. I switched my 3 Zbass handles all to the angled offshore style with ball.
  7. I may have a straight handle. Let me look. Will let you know tomorrow.
  8. Did you check for that tool?
  9. Do you have the tool?
  10. No. It's not like I have to have it.
  11. I saw you had one for $240 shipped here. I'll offer $250 shipped.
  12. Got ya. What about the guides? Hardaloy, Alconite, SIC? I don't think the Torzide's were not out when this was made.
  13. Never seen one without the indicator tip. What year is this? Doesn't look like the factory build.