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  1. Bag precedes the current Mak Angler Line would be the correct description.
  2. Great jacket at a good price. Been using one for years.
  3. I got cash in hand waiting on Long Island.
  4. Next in line if sale fails.
  5. Yep. Pics please.
  6. PM me your PayPal.
  7. Do you have the Liter volume on the roll top?
  8. Sorry but the condition of your spool would not match the condition of any of my Zeebaas spools. Not interested in trading.
  9. Do you care what color a 25 spool was? I also would like to see a picture of your 27 spool.
  10. PayPal sent. Thanks Ian.
  11. How about $80?
  12. PM me your PayPal T_man7.
  13. I just checked my other Z so I'll take the long one on the right in the Photo.