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  1. Smackdown? Maybe I was looking at it wrong but I thought you won by a few points. As for my team, well, its a team full of juggernauts.
  2. I'll take New Orleans Saints
  3. Ill take the 10th spot.
  4. Lol.
  5. People were saying they weren't impressed with him in that thread and that the competition in that class was way too much for him. Now that he has cleaned out the division they say they're not impressed and he fought nobody. Poor kid can't win for kicking ass.
  6. I'm in.
  7. Raining here as I type. Tonight is PF Changs in AC Tomorrow is a wedding Sunday will be a roasted duck with some sort of a mango salsa and whatever veggies I pick from the garden.
  8. Do you post just to get your post count up??? Because you sure have a hard time making sense. I'm thinking you have some sort of fixation with the Yankees. Did they torment you when you were a kid?
  9. Do you follow baseball? Or do you come on here and talk jiberish for fun?
  10. Just a year or two ago it was labeled the toughest division in the UFC. now that Jones has wiped it out people say it wasn't tough.
  11. And one loss on each of their resume is from Jones. All 3 were recent champs right? Kid is young and has decimated the division. How can you not be impressed?
  12. People don't know what they're missing. Sea robin is delicious!!
  13. I love this pic. Looks like you just won a big marathon and the two guys are holding you up from exhaustion.
  14. A very.very hard habit to kick. I've lost a few friends to heroin and they all seemed to be back on track and just couldn't beat the demons. Thoughts and prayers to Andy and his family.
  15. Sadly it seems like he was correct.