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  1. I was at Bell rd pre dawn very recently when the elbow to elbow neanderthals were having a group shouting contest with the bigger B Bay park crowd yelling Woooooh!!!! louder and louder across the canal at each other. I saw the writing on the wall then, and had a feeling this was coming tout suite. Tailslap is right, we are our own worst enemy. A preponderance of bad guests, poor sportsman, & detrimental behavior towards those trying to live their lives reasonably! I don't let those types stay long in my house, why should Bourne or Sandwich?
  2. Brand new in box, never used, & freshly super tuned Shimano Stradic FK 5000 with an included spare spool. Drag stack support, worm gear support, & handle knob's cheap plastic bushings were removed and replaced with quality bearings. Spare spool is used but is in great shape, it's also loaded with 20# Daiwa j braid. All the removed bushings will be included. Lot of bang for the buck in this power packed mighty might! $220 picked up near Cape Cod Canal. Will ship to CONUS for an additional $10. Paypal payment must add $7 to cover fees. Personal check or M.O. also accepted fee free.
  3. Edited
  4. Wait... what???
  5. Do you feel like your getting any more distance? I didn't think so.
  6. The Ultegras have a long cast spool, this means a long spool shaft too. When the super slow oscillation reaches it's highest point, you have a skinny shaft very far away from it's support for a more extended staying time. Add a big fish, strong current, and heavy jig and you get a bent shaft. This set up is better suited for plugging. I have a 5500 Ci4 that is only used when distance is the priority, I wouldn't want to be stuck jigging with it.
  7. For me it is. The 2-3/8 casts the best and is the most versatile for my style of fishing. Reel faster, it pops on the surface, reel slower it swims like a metal lip. The heavies are fine but don't pop as easy and don't cast any further. Your results may differ.
  8. Sinking, there is also a heavier red eye. I find the 2-3/8ths the best.
  9. Even the OP is somewhat guilty of false hype! Any loser can't just pull up to the canal and catch cows. There are limited opportunities at certain times and tides, fish can be picky, long accurate casts may be necessary, and long periods of inactivity are absolutely the norm. If the goal here was to deter folks from unduly promoting the canal, the OP has failed! I think they call it irony... Out of the entirety and totality of fishing done at the CCC, I'd estimate a frighteningly low percentage of anglers land quality fish. Yes it sucks when you can't get any parking or a rock to claim at 3 in the morning but the puffery and promotion is widespread, ongoing, and overblown. If you don't want folks to talk about it... then don't talk about it yourself!
  10. Yo BBB, (love your Ren picture BTW, that's from one of my favorite episodes!)-

    Just a heads up, and I'm not interested in buying your Stradic first of all, but Tackle Direct has the FK's marked way down.  A 5000 is $159.00 I think.  Shimano is supposedly about to release a new Stradic and that's probably why Tackle Direct is dumping them.  They are sort of Shimano's de facto retail outlet.  Thought you'd like to know if you didn't already. 



  11. Brand spankin new, box still has the seal on it. The spare spool has 20# J braid, used but in good shape.. $200 picked up near CC canal or $10 to ship.
  12. Makes sense. Naming a specific singular sweet spot like 2.5 ounce would be less misleading than a 1-5 rating no matter your skillset though... no? Sharpie or first timer should have no issues throwing that rating and all would understand better what the rod was intended for.