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  1. Any offer is good but its not worth the effort for whats left over after the paypal fee and shipping on $20. Thank you anyway, I have to pass.
  2. If you ask me, his story has more holes in it than a gold digger's diaphragm! I never met anybody in my life that loved the high from pot so much that they were hooked on heroine within 6 months. C'mon man.... sounds like a bad Baretta episode.
  3. Please elaborate, if you have witnessed such major problems from pot, I'd like to hear about it. Nobody is questioning the well documented issues with pain killers or alcohol.
  4. You mean the imminent health emergency and gateway to opiate addiction hell isn't true? but there were studies!
  5. My ghosts are no spookier than your's. All the scare tactics and exaggerations you can muster up won't change that. You are welcome to have another beer, butt, and cup o joe and keep demonizing others and the chosen indulgences whilst hopped up on alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, if you choose. In reality, it's not very different. IMO those that have a sports injury are more likely to be ushered to opiates vs pot heads. Just out of curiosity, how many pot smokers have you witnessed being unsatisfied and turning to heroine? The list of patients legally prescribed pain killers morphing to heroine addiction is long, long, lonnnnnnnnnnng! The list of unsatisfied weed tokers upping the ante to hard stuff.... mmmmm, not so much.
  6. Nor do I. I am just reflecting on the absurdity of your statement. Where does the comparison of pot vs. alcohol part ways in your opinion that they can't be effectively compared? I would double down and say that fast food is a bigger threat to our society than cannabis is. Bottom line, if you are an adult, you have a myriad of choices and entities that are bad for you that you are given the legal choice to partake in or not should you see fit. If you wanna smoke cigars, drink whiskey, and gorge on big macs, you are free to do so... despite the fact that no good comes from it. How do you like them apples?
  7. Would it??? How bout alcohol, does it cause any problems at all? Is it as much a gateway compared to pot? Are you actively trying to shore up that problem in any way or are you forgetting liquor is even a problem at all?
  8. If we eliminate marijuana completely all the problems on the cape will disappear forever? This is great news.
  9. 3 New never opened Bomber long shots in the 7 inch, 1-3/4 oz. size. These feature the internal weight transfer system and 4X strong 4/0 trebles. Bone, Black, & Bunker, $30 shipped for the lot of 3. (window reflection on the black one)
  10. +3 This stuff goes in the bag and another one for the bench. Easy to work with & no drips.
  11. KYB is a nice upgrade without breaking the bank. I compared a few on Roc auto and improved on the stocks for not too much $. Bilsteins are my favorites, just a little pricey.
  12. Nice wooden plug in your avatar! It's almost Friday night.... is it time to grab your cognac & vinyl records and head out to Montauk for your sunset yoga on the beach?
  13. When a wood plug, tin, soft plastic, jig, or plastic lure doesn't curry favor with clearly present fish, they all become worthless at that moment. When fish eventually decide on some other day they prefer any one of those things over all others, they become your most valuable assets. The notion that fish don't want wooden plugs anymore is misguided at best. Collector shame all you want, I'd bet you have or you will collect something in your lifetime. Why folks single out plugs... Plugs will become obsolete when fish never eat them again. BTW that will probably make all your choices obsolete too.
  14. I have a mistress.... You might be right about the glasses though.