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  1. Sorry for not getting back to you, stuff came up. I decided to hold on to these for the time being.
  2. Didn't intend on selling, just responding to the trade option, sorry.
  3. I have a firminator slim and a few BR shovelheads, any more Luna pencils (small ones preferred)?
  4. This begs the question... for what?
  5. Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! You are so strong and supportive, only a big heart could handle such a heavy load. I will have you and Mary in my prayers, my heart truly breaks for you and your family. Peace and love in these trying times brother.
  6. I can't type with half of what I'm writing covered up by ads. I consider SOL a place I have loyalty too but if it stays so impractical to use I will soon reluctantly move on.
  7. Sweeping generalizations are seldom kind but reputations are often earned. Having said that, I've met plenty of both that are good sportsmen and a pleasure to fish with. Tough being the scapegoat when you are doing nothing wrong. Just answering the question who will be blamed, not who is truly responsible for canal ills. That would be poachers, litterers, and late night loudmouths. Dishonorable mentions to illegal parkers, crowders, & makeshift campers.
  8. The foreigners & out of staters.
  9. Dick's Bait & Tackle - Oak Bluffs, MA
  10. Too light really, would need at least a 1/2-2 oz rated blank to be useful.
  11. He is not a Tica guy, thank you though.
  12. Going to withdraw my offer. Have some family stuff to deal with, don't wanna keep this offer open any longer. Best of luck in your search.
  13. I never truly thought through the mercury conundrum. Thank god I never dealt with it, never will now, thanks to this thread.