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  1. I know you said your not claiming but if they can't buff and do in fact have to repaint, the bill grows fast and a claim may still be a viable option. Take it in for an estimate.
  2. If insurance is paying the bill there may be better places. If your paying yourself, the prices at Manny's place are very palatable. I'm not picky about aftermarket parts and such and buffing is purely labor. If it was a 65 mustang rag top or the like, I'd probably go to a higher end shop. Buffing out scratches may only cost a few hundred and not worthy of a claim???
  3. Larry's Tackle Shop in Edgartown sponsors a first migratory bass contest. According to their facebook page a winner has indeed come forward in the last week.
  4. I've used discount auto body in Wareham a couple times, Manny did a good job & priced it right. They are right near Robertson's and Wareham Ford.
  5. Any conservation proposal is not the "worst case scenario." The worst would be a complete collapse of the fishery, conservation proposals are responses designed to prevent the worst case scenario from coming to fruition. Would you prefer limiting damage before its too late or allowing total freedom to facilitate the extinction of such a valuable resource? Don't get caught up in the politics of the situation, focus more on a realistic solution to an undeniable problem.
  6. Don't sweat the small stuff. As far as kerfuffles on SOL are concerned this one doesn't even approach the top 1000. You never mentioned the actual builder and it was only a tiny nick anyway. You proved you can be overly concerned about minor details... big deal.
  7. It is a pain in the ass to always have to ask where the pick up is. Still better than having some knuckle dragging neanderthal showing up at your house to kill your cats because you insulted his black hole.
  8. If it bothers you that much, go to the dollar store and buy some nail polish and put on a dab.
  9. That is your humble opinion?
  10. I think very few us are particularly alarmed about minutia like this. After 26 pages and counting the "no one wants to talk about" angle has been summarily disproven at this point. Raising this new revelation that pot users are still subject to workplace drug testing and the related consequences is a little like reminding us that speeders are still risking speeding fines.
  11. I find it helpful to say where the "local pick up only" is. Hard for me to say if I'm interested because, if your in eastern Ma I am, if your in eastern Alaska I'm not. Also any pics? I'm not familiar with Wynn wraps and would like to see the set up. Thanks!
  12. Lots and lots of arguing where to draw the line, what is good vs what is good enough, and rights vs legal. The mission should be to change the narrative and change the laws. You won't convince me its ok to kill breeders if I eat the roe, blood line, & eyeballs. I can't seem to convince others to not mishandle fish either. Change the culture and make it universally known that certain practices won't be tolerated and it will soon start to take effect. The kill what you can & kick the rest around attitude needs to progress. Society decided not that long ago that corporal punishment for children was no longer unacceptable. Today, teachers can't legally beat our kids and for that matter neither can parents. It is no longer socially acceptable nor is it legal. Times change, laws change, attitudes change. The time for these changes for the welfare of Bass is long overdue.
  13. Next you'll tell me that huge sizzling hamburger piled so high on the McDonalds commercial isn't the same one you get in the drive through.
  14. Mobile SOL is unusable for me, unless I need to check out Best Buy's current promotions. Any mobile SOL perusing attempt soon turns into a BestBuy advertisement... no thanks!
  15. You should try using the spro power swivels that are small enough to go through your guides without damage. You are way better off getting used to not pulling the swivel through the guides but hey, ship happens. The other advantage to having a heavier mono or fluro leader is the increased size/ test nylon serves as a better handle to grab and adds more insurance for abrasion or rub offs. Grabbing any fish of size with thin diameter lines is inviting cuts in your fingers, that effect gets worse when your wet hands get softer.