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  1. Remove the bail trip or send it back to Irvine CA and get a new one. The SWA Spheros I suggested to you is a manual bail and presumably can't suffer from the premature closure issue. One of the most annoying and expensive things a reel can do is to have unwanted bail closures. I've had automatic bails from most of the big players fall victim to this pitfall (Penn, Daiwa, & Shimano).
  2. There are actually 3 generations. Gen 1 = dark blank + generic low rider guides. Gen 2 = blue blank + Fuji low rider guides. Gen 3 = blue blank and grips + Fuji K frame guides.
  3. I think it's the Typhoon, can't remember for sure? I don't have any shipping boxes that it would fit in right now. What are you expecting to pay and is this the kind of jacket you are looking for?
  4. OK, thanks. I have a M Typhoon, but I'm in MA and prefer not to ship.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. Loaded Cordell pencil.
  7. I really do love it, I hate to even consider selling it but... I'm canal fishing the majority of the time, really no need for the intricate VS sealing for the most part. I have higher speed Japanese super spinners that accommodate jigging the canal much better, the VS just sits and collects dust. I tried the 150 a while back, I felt the drag wasn't where I want it to be for big fish in the ditch. The 200 with the power drag knob has noticeably more stopping power and seems to add another level of comfort when truly tested. I feel a get a bit more distance on the cast with the bigger spool but not much really. I do feel better about having more backing in case a blue fin, mola, or seal eats my stick shad! Anyway we are digressing, sorry for all my jibber jabbering in a WTS thread. Gonna hold on to the reel and and keep the thread closed.
  8. Understood, thanks for looking. Going to close this up.
  9. I could do $700 for an in person meet up.
  10. Don't let the rod apologists get you down. Cheap Chinese junk with an intentional industry low bar in warranty. That and a clear unwillingness to even attempt to honor the shortest warranty in the business, what does that tell you? They didn't even consider actually helping you as they should, $130+ for a top section is probably about $120 more than they even paid for it themselves! Even the apologists concede that defects should show within a year, unless it actually does blow up. Then they start in with the whack job assumptions how it is still somehow your fault. 1st cast with a half ounce... you must have transported it wrong, you shouldn't have considered the the mfg. specs as a guide, I used mine throwing bowling balls, you must have cracked it over your knee to get a newer one thief!
  11. Where are you located?
  12. I don't have the stock knob, I wouldn't do $600 on it anyway.
  13. The St. Croix Seage is half the money and has a 15 year warranty from an organization that stands behind the product. Any company that sells premium tier products and tells their best customers to pound sand after only a few short years, should be ashamed of themselves. The companies that offer the best assurances are the ones I take the longest looks at. Let me down hard even once and I likely won't return. Strike one, made over seas. Strike two, short warranty, Strike three, no parts support...
  14. There are no good ones for your purposes. On the bright side, you could save 15% or more on your car insurance!