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  1. This has to be the most often repeated bold faced lie on SOL. If you ask most of the good folks regurgitating this happy horse pucky to substantiate the claim they usually have zero proof and can't point to anything concrete to back it up. It's usually I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a lot of guys that said it too. I'm sure every product would enjoy hiding behind some flimsy excuse to simply duck all warranty coverage (much more cost effective). If you truly believe a rod can't have defects show themselves anywhere past the first few casts, I got a bridge to sell you! Warranties cover manufacturer defects in a pre set time frame laid out by the manufacturer, show me somehow it was my fault and not yours and I'm good with that. "You must have done something in transport" is not even approaching any proof, it's purely wild supposition. A warranty is a legal contract, you can't simply say "our stuff don't break" and expect that to hold up.
  2. I don't think it played well with most rods. I even had Tiralejo owners complaining about the unnatural thump the parallel reel foot creates, I thought it was supposed to be designed to match that rod too. What did you like about it?
  3. We aren't supposed to trade in the WTB forum but if you post a WTT thread with a pic of the Mobys, I have a couple of G2 slims I could offer.
  4. What are you looking for in Beachmaster?
  5. Shimano's parallel reel feet made me sell off (and swear off) Shimano for a little while. I think they ditched them all at this point, I hope so anyway. What a humongous blunder!
  6. I consider those tools and not collection pieces. They hold more value in use IMHO.
  7. IMO, 2-6 is a very generous rating for this blank, I think of it as more of a 3/4-4. Not that the Gosa 5 or 6000 wouldn't work, I have a Spheros 6000 on the JW Onyx 7'6" 3-8, & it feels perfect. That stick feels like a true 2-6 to me.
  8. I have this rod paired with a 5000 stradic. The 4000 would lose some line capacity, distance, and retrieve speed. No weight savings between the 4000 and 5000 either. Unless you just prefer a slightly smaller reel, I am not sure what advantage a 4000 would hold?
  9. If the 60# boga grip wasn't so cumbersome and heavy, (can't carry one) I could answer this question more accurately. I can say with authority, I have pinned a 30# boga many times. Like a lot of others here, I just call them 'big' fish, and dispense with weighing and measuring as to return the large mommas as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure a healthy release. Once my buddy with a 60 boga weighed a large for me at 44#'s, I am fairly sure I have had larger on a few occasions but without the hard numbers to back it up, it's basically just another fish tale from a another lying fisherman.
  10. Shimano roller bearings don't have a great reputation either. Maybe some kind of sealed aftermarket bearing as a replacement?
  11. I find it extremely disingenuous to offer a warranty, that involves 100% replacement cost. Unless there is a definitive sign this was actually user error, consumers shouldn't have to bear the burden of receiving a defective product. A store credit seems like the logical remedy, the loss of business from a soured and vocal customer is immeasurable! I'm guessing it would have been way more cost effective to reach a mutually amicable solution. Leaving your customers holding the bag for defects is certainly not a good look. $150 more for a rod you don't want, shouldn't be the best remedy they can offer. It may satisfy some, but most are going to think twice about buying from those that don't fully stand behind their product.
  12. Self fusing silicone tape has no adhesive stickiness to it and the tighter you wrap it the better it holds on.
  13. I will yell louder and more forcefully at suspected poachers, and encourage any of the unknowing to return non slot fish as quickly and gently as they can. This just further underlines the glaring need for us all to be more environmentally conscious whenever possible.
  14. Negotiating post sale sounds like a bad idea to me. Everything should be all but settled at (or before) the time of sale. Getting a post sale PM requesting a previously unmentioned friends and family payment is not really what I bargained for. Adding another 3% and removing all buyer protection can be a deal breaker for me. No different than 'plus shipping' in your description and then asking for the cost of the most expensive next day signature insured shipping afterwards. If you aren't clear with your selling terms, the 3% should be on you IMO. I'd much prefer to pay the 3% fee directly to the seller but use goods & services, as to give me some assurance and still make sure the seller fully gets his price.
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