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  1. Dude, stop derailing the thread. I didn't come to any conclusions, just recognized the unjust. Take a chill pill.
  2. Thanks grammar police, that added a lot to the thread. I was talking about different entities that are currently getting a bad rap. Any angst I'm recognizing in today's environment is not being cheered by me, just the opposite.
  3. I have to admit, that gaudy TFO blue is kind of a turn off. I had a buddy get in a skirmish where the other angler was so uncomplimentary towards his blue rod that he was treated like a pariah. I would fish a rod with pink and orange barbershop stripes if it felt good in my hands, who even sees it at night anyway. Rod snobs hate the blue rods apparently (no reflection on you). If you're Asian, liberal, or a blue rodder, seems you gotta watch your back nowadays. I have always thought that value wise, the TFO's are near the top of the list, and have never had a issue with any of the guides myself. Seems most want the k frames though and TFO seems very in tune with customer wants and desires. If they changed the color back to the flat black out, betcha sales go up?
  4. 3rd one down, blue scale.
  5. Do you not like the new ones for some reason? The only change I noticed between gen 1 & 2 was a switch to identical but fuji branded guides. I thought the achilles heel of the gen 1's were the fragile guide inserts. I was told the new gen 3's have redesigned the blank slightly and that may have to do with the switch to K frame guides. I haven't heard any feedback on the newest version yet, but I will say, I generally prefer the K guides (especially on shorter lengths).
  6. Blurple?
  7. Now I'm getting a headache! I can't fully comprehend the nano resin effect at this point. I thought it was simple, apparently my never passed a physics class in my life brain isn't grasping the concept.
  8. Draw you a diagram??? Let me find some bright crayons so I can color in the squigleys! Seemed simple to me, the long end of the fulcrum has more leverage, the longer your end gets the more leverage you have. The reason why I say to take spring out of the equation is you can have similar spring in any size rod.
  9. Take the spring out of the equation (short rods can be springy too). Use rebar and tell me which end is easier to move, the short end of the see saw or the long end? When I want to break a bolt, I don't use a short wrench, I use a long breaker bar. If you use a 16' pole is it easier to move a big fish than a 10' of the same thickness? This is why moving your grip/fulcrum further up the pole gives more pulling power. You change the fulcrum and shorten the rod in effect.
  10. Can't gain for both ends. The fish gains leverage against long rods, you gain the leverage on short rods.
  11. It's out *
  12. He seems like a guy who would surely abide by an agreement, no way he sets up again using someone else as a figurehead/fall guy. He would never work around the system to make more money.
  13. There in lies the problem with poachers. No way to quantify how much of it is going on. But, we do have a number for this bust, and in it by itself the number and effect is staggering. I'm not going to get into too much guess work but I think it is fair to say the number of those caught and quantified pales in comparison to what poachers get away with undetected year after year. Recreational poachers get no support from me, commercials just have a far greater economic incentive to do so. It needs to made catastrophic to get caught poaching. Both recs and commercials should need to think long and hard about the inherent risk, right now they don't. If the most egregious bust result in a 6 months sentence and forfeiture of what is essentially stolen goods, I personally don't think that is enough. Nor is the slap on the wrist the recs seldom even get. Until the punishment makes the crime not even worth considering, the problems will persist and fester. Maybe I'm over simplifying it, but I hope we can agree that more needs to be done. The Codfather will likely set up shop somehow all over again when he serves his 1 month from good behavior and will only learn to cover his tracks better. When there are free millions to be made, they will find a way! We need to find a better way too.
  14. I suppose that's true.... In the same way that a child stealing gum from the drugstore counter and Bernie Madoff are also both criminals. There are degrees of scumminess and these particular "commercial" poachers are a 10 of 10.
  15. Probably 5 of everything you don't want and none of what you do! GED was first in line to agree to your terms and unless you wanna gimme a hint of what to dig for, I really have to defer to him. Thanks for the consideration.