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  1. Fisherman's Pier in Scusset.
  2. I think of Cabelas as more of a retailer than a manufacturer. I know they rebadge many other manufacturers products but do they actually make anything themselves? I vote for Shimano, some of the most refined equipment available. Valentine is spot on, Daiwa is the more cost effective option, a close #2 IMO.
  3. Where is home base? I'd like to look at them if your close to the CCC.
  4. BS, I've heard multiple stories of buckets of baby bonito being removed, its happening wether you care to not admit it or your just aren't seeing it. Again, exercising your rights, doesn't make it the right thing to do. I have the right to ruin many things, I don't exercise that right because it wouldn't be very nice to other people or the planet. Fancy boats almost never take loads of bones. Typically they take one or two and release the rest, many like me release 98% of bonito caught. The economic gain is immense from the bonito fleet, the economic gain from guys with sabiki rigs and a full bucket may produce closer to nothing. Now compare that to the damage done to the fishery and the roles reverse. Men with buckets of dead babies can each individually do great harm to the species. Fancy boats don't do nearly as much damage IMHO. The bucket boy's fish never even had the chance to reproduce! Adult bonito taken for consumption in relatively small numbers, at least had the chance to further the line if nothing else.
  5. Haven't seen any posts from emgred for some time now, always was a solid source of trustworthy advice.
  6. I have a problem with it. Millions of dollars spent by those pursuing the waning adult populations are being preempted by juvenile harassers. If Platypus babies showed up where they weren't prevalent before (anywhere but Australia), I'd hope you'd have sense enough not to kill and eat them no matter how tasty they are. The fact that bonito range mostly towards the islands is likely why they aren't regulated like fish that are coastal state wide regulars. That still doesn't make it right to kill the come back the second it begins. These aren't trash fish or bait, these are much coveted and prized speedsters that should IMO be treated better. Removing bucket loads of babies from the biomass "cuz you can" just plain stinks!
  7. Does it have K frame or low rider guides?
  8. Should have known that was coming!
  9. The way I read it is that ODM should not have made the claim "built in the USA", it should have stated "Assembled in the USA from foreign parts".
  10. I have a Lami GSB, Penn, & G Loomis in 9'. I can bring them all. Never hurts to look, pm me before your next trip to the ditch.
  11. Next time you are at the canal, I would like to get together. I could bring some options and also check out that rod for myself. Not familiar with that stick and would like to put some eyes on it and see if we can work anything out, if that works for you.
  12. Well, thats better than saying earth. I still have no idea if we could feasibly get together to compare trade options as MA encompasses so many thousands of miles. Care to get more specific? I'm near the CCC.
  13. Where are you located?
  14. If your happy with ODM, thats all that really counts. If you think its a superior product, it sounds like a perfect match to me. I don't believe that ODM rods are no good, there are more considerations to buying a rod though than simply a nice blank. Whatever is important to you is valid and in the end your gonna get what you want, not whats got me or someone else all hot and bothered. Obviously the prior posting on the ODM website "USA made" on Chinese made blanks didn't sit well with some. Call it false claim, lie, oversight, just saying that some didn't like it too much.
  15. Collectors forum