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  1. I don't use pay pal if u can do a money order it's urs
  2. Want to stay in that range so I don't have to go up to a vs 200. Like staying light I ll check out the stealth. Thanks
  3. Considering a rod upgrade --- 10 to 10.6 range. considering 10.6 legend 3/4 to 4 oz. versus cts. 10 ft 1 to 3 oz. any thoughts? does anyone fish either one? Thanks
  4. I'll check. I believe 6 range. Want to sell.
  5. Price redux 32
  6. BassinJ --- is right on the money
  7. Price redux 37
  8. That would be fine pm me Ur address. Thanks sol. Thread closed
  9. Amen. The knobs on the 150 are horrible. Especially in the cold weather!!
  10. Rphud. That's great but I don't do pay pal. Can u do a Money order?
  11. Thanks matador. One of these days I'll join 2014
  12. I am downgrading quality to C and price to 50. Thanks c
  13. Large yellow Beachmaster Danny with eyes and hooks. offered at 40. Brand new never fished or even in the bag. If u want to see a picture, pm me Ur cell and I can text picture to one and all
  14. Great philly. Thanks sol thread closed
  15. Pics sent. Did u receive philly?