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  1. If you watch the clip you can hear someone on the panel gasp when he said it. I wouldn't piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire.
  2. I am under a mandatory evac order but I'm riding it out. my last day in though. I'm honestly so depressed its bothering me. I'm turning off politics in general. Half doesn't care that we are going down the crapper so I'm just going to bury my head in the everybody else
  3. Demographics have changed.throughout our history. Look at the early 20th century. The.principles of America shouldn't change with demographics. The.ideals should remain the same. Unfortunately those are no.longer taught nor embraced. done. Buy gold,.silver, guns and lots of ammo
  4. But bho isn't interested in compromise either. Its a 2 way street. The takers want to keep taking. From the makers. My hipster 30 year old niece posted on Facebook last night that her "heart an soul were restored ". She has never had a real, full time job in her life. I guess she's happy she gets to keep taking from me.
  5. Obama won the popular vote by about 1% of the total population. While you libs get giddy about this win, think about that for a second. Basically half the country voted to fire the guy. The country is possibly more divided today than at any point in my life. Is Obama really the man to unite the nation? The people that didn't vote for him aren't going to change their minds tomorrow. All the while, Rome burns.
  6. That's a great attitude. You guys bashed Romney for the 47% comment. I guess its OK when your guy wins.
  7. 23 mm unemployed/undereployed 46 million on foodstamps Endless devaluation of the dollar Dow down 350 as I type this Higher taxes for everyone Complete disregard for the constitution No new coal fired power plants Those are just some facts I could go on but why bother. The country rehired an abject failure because he gives them stuff. You know the secret to drug dealing is to get the user addicted for free or cheap te put the squeeze to the user.
  8. Thanks guys. I know people are way worse off than me. I don't mean to bitch. I'm just whipped.
  9. I'm sick to my stomach. I will come back here in 4 years and the country will be even further down the shatter. Tomorrow is my announced last day on the PG. The last 9 days without power has really sapped me now I have to evacuate my home home tomorrow. I really don't see what people see in Obama. I have tried to figure out why people vote for him and I just don't get it. He is a bald faced liar, far left ideologue. I can't stand him. I can't stand to hear him talk. I can't stand to look at him. I can't stand when he tells me I'm not paying my fair share. Good luck America. You get what you deserve, and many of you what you don't deserve, with this POS scumbag.
  10. pretty bad photshop job
  11. He had weapons in 2008. I hate to make assumptions but the NPP has been labeled a HATE GROUP by the Southern Poverty Law Center....not exactly the cradle of conservativism.
  12. A judge has ordered the mural in Ward 35 covered immediately...let's see what happens
  13. A group of retired Navy SEALs and other former special ops service members vowed to counter any attempt to intimidate voters by sending teams to sites in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Miami and Las Vegas. Former Navy Capt. Benjamin Brink told Philadelphia radio station IQ 106.9 FM more than a hundred former SEALs, Army Rangers, Delta Force operatives and Green Berets volunteered for the job. But he said his men will not provoke confrontation, but rather "watch for intimidation, videotape it, if possible, and report it to the proper authorities.” Read more: I really hope one of these SEALs stomp these effing cowards.
  14. so much for no electioneering in the polling place....
  15. From the album Lookie who is back