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  1. Respectfully offering 25. I'll send PP friend.
  2. Thank you but I'll pass. My mistake. T14 is too heavy for my rod. Looking for t11 only. I'll edit the title.
  3. Looking for the above preferrably rio products but any generic ones will work. T11 28 to 30 ft T14 25 ft Thanks.
  4. Locking this and putting it for sale instead.
  5. 325 includes shipping
  6. Got these from Tim @ 2009. Never use it. I still don't remember why I put pink nail polish on 3 of the lures lol. Anyways, I'm looking to trade them for some flies.
  7. Any interest in a surf rod?
  8. Last price drop 350 shipped.
  9. Are you in Oregon or Washington? I'm new to fly fishing and will need some help once i got the reel and this rod. Thanks. Btw, i live in Seattle.
  10. I can only offer 315.
  11. Thank you. It's a little over my budget so I'll pass.
  12. Can you do 215 shipped to 98422? Thanks.
  13. Looking for the above either 5/6 or 7/8. Thank you.