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  1. Thank you Scooby.
  2. Thank you very much. Likewise, God Bless you.
  3. I just happened to be checking my messages and I came across my conversation with AJ around 2009. He basically sent me long paragraphs about his secret technique on how to effectively fish a shorty hopkins. Sent him a message couple of days ago "you still here bro?". No reply, did my search and brought me here. Rest in Peace Awesome John. We'll be asking about your secret fishing spots when we see you someday.
  4. Thank you but 2.5oz is a bit heavy to my application.
  5. lol.... you're all wrong! It is 78lbs.
  6. Still looking. Although I prefer 1.5 oz. But, I might go with 2 oz if it's only the one available.
  7. Looking to buy the above in 1 1/2 OZ size. Please let me know if you have some for sale.
  8. We call him Uncle Mekyong and my wife and I owe him for our love of fishing. 15 years ago, he took us to the jetty in Surfside, Texas and showed us how to fish. We had spent countless days and nights with him fishing the river, surf, and the jetties for anything that swims. He is truly a hardcore fisherman and always a pleasure to fish with. My family then moved to PNW in 2012 and I believed that was the last time we fished with him. Unfortunately 3 years ago, he passed away at a young age 50 due to colon cancer. My family went to visit him when he was in the hospital and on his funeral. Anyways, this past weekend, we had a pleasure of bringing his family ( wife and 2 sons ) to our favorite river here in Seattle. we were teaching them how to fish for salmon. It had been slow days as far as fishing but my wife and I enjoyed and will forever treasure the moment we had with them together. Fortunately, the eldest son caught the biggest fish I had ever seen landed on this river. It was his first time fishing but he is coachable and was able to land the fish after about 5 minutes. The blood of a fisherman truly runs in his veins. Here are some pics. You're welcome to share your story. Tight lines y'll.
  9. We only burn witches. I didn't know, you can burn spot. Fish be with you all.
  10. nice fish! Congratulations.
  11. Nice one neighbor. I'm in Washington.
  12. Hi there Scooby. Yes, this is one of the fish where I had a stand off for about a minute. Was afraid I'm going to break my 10 lbs line. Ungraded since to 14lbs main line. Oh on a different note, I ended up getting the new 3K certate and new 4K stradic based on your reviews. Mainly to be used in this river and surf. And, I might just use my stella FI as a back up for the certate......ahhhh sooo smoooothhhhhh lol.
  13. Yes sir. Thank you. Got so spoiled, can't do combat fishing anymore.
  14. Some silvers on spinners