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  1. This kid is going to be a major pain in the Mark my words. He has head case written all over him.
  2. I'M IN Thanks
  3. I am in. Thank You
  4. 38-13 Pats
  5. I'M IN Thank You!
  6. I'M In Thanks
  7. I'M In. Thank You
  8. Michelob Amber Bock.
  9. My sister has 2 boys adopted from Korea and presently in the process of adopting a handicapped child from China.
  10. Just read the news. How tragic. My sincere condolences to this family.
  11. What is the latest news?
  12. Are you sure they said bail spring? I didnt think they had a bail spring.
  13. I was there Saturday also to personally see that fish and yes it was caught on a porgie. There were actually alot of nice fish brought in that day. I unfortunately went offshore for Tuna that apparently moved out 2 days before.
  14. Sudsy I agree with you 100%. If you are there first you should have every right to fish bait. If you are not first you should definitely get away from the guys that have been there. I have been fishing bait already after plugging for several hours to give myself a break and have a plugger or 6 walk right through my line and give me those dirty looks. Lets hope that things cool down and the fishing begin!