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  1. I went to high school with John Jr. I never knew about Habs Plugs until his father passed in our late teens and I read his obituary. I can remember searching the internet and spending hours on this forum reading peoples stories about their prized Hab's Plugs. Today I saw that John Jr did another run and is starting to offer them for sale. I haven't spoken to him directly, in fact I haven't seen him in almost 20 years - but I wanted to share the news with the forum.
  2. Any Tog reports from Shore? I'm from NW RI and would love to learn some closer spots. If I can save 20 minutes each way, that' 40 more minutes fishing! Was thinking WW would be most obvious for Tog but that's one of the longer drives. If anyone has recommendations or reports, I'd appreciate it. Also open to PM's. Thanks.
  3. I am trying to generate as many funds as possible for a business I am starting and therefore sorting through some stuff and making it available for people who might appreciate it more anyways. Shoot me an offer if your interested in any of the following. -Original (France) Mitchell 300 series spare spool w/ case. Never used! $15 -An old Penn 80 with original twine fishing line on it! (Around 60 years old) $20 -"Beaverkill 610" automatic fly reel. This thing is unique as it appears old but I can never seem to find info on it. $20 Also a package deal for the box only for a Greenie (710) with original manual and reel tool - all in great shape! $6.50 Any of these items would fit in a medium sized flat rate box which I think its about $7 with confirmation. Anything more than that I willl cover. Make me an offer if you like anything!
  4. Sorry Derrick. I also recieved a kind PM from a member saying the same to help me out in case my thread got locked. Just to add, the reason for not adding the prices is because I really don't know what this stuff is worth and don't want to seem like a jerk. I will update however but keep it known I am open to all offers. Bass - $6.50 for the box, manual and tool sounds fine. I have to go to the post office tomorrow and will get a quote on cheapest shipping. Ed
  5. Sort of a weird outlet - but hey, I figure the Surf Talk community is pretty large so why not! Is anyone in the pest control industry? A technician, business owner, etc? For the past while I've been mapping out the start of a small business. However I have no experience in the industry. Just a great deal of knowledge of the local wildlife fauna and I also have about 10 years of venomous animal handling. Needless to say - I need some assistance. Is anyone out there? Ed
  6. Not what I'm looking to get into - although it sounds really neat, and I've read all the reg's on it already because they are mixed in with the other ones. It could be helpful of course though! The company you worked for, did they just dust fields or did they do general pest control as well? (Or did you work for a farm?) Depending on which you'd have to have a license. If you did, how informative was that training? Will I expect that to fill in a lot of blanks for me? I appreciate your input!
  7. Hello everyone, I recently got a box of items from someone who was moving. For some reason though I can't find ANY information on the stuff! I figured this would be the best place to ask! I'd like to take some pictures and throw them in the FS section soon - but first I'd like to figure out at least some value and or popularity, scarcity - if they are even desirable, as I am up for trading for more modern stuff. Definently a neat group of stuff. Even a couple original reciepts. Funny! One of the reels is an old Penn. All it has written on it is "No. 80" underneath the Penn marking. It's spooled up with legitamate twine. (Old school, haha.) Another looks like some sort of auto-wind fly fishing reel. It's green and says "Beaverkill". I've seen that there is a place called Beaverkill, NY. But theres also a "Japan" marking on the reel foot. Who knows? Hopefully someone here. Then theres an old Mitchell spare spool in the original case. Not sure of the series it's made for but it says large. And made in France so it's one of the nice ones! Also everything oddly came in a Penn 710 box in great shape. Those are for those greenies right? Theres some manuals and stuff in there too but I haven't looked everything in a couple months so I forget what they are for. If anyone could clue me in to the reels, maybe what there values are or just general information that would be awesome!! Ed
  8. Here are some pics guys. The Mitchell spool is in a screw top case - so you may be spot with your thought George. I have an old 300 in the garage. I never thought to see if it fit. Also found out that some of the paper work in there is the manual/catalog for the Penn 710 box I have - as well as the original purchase receipt and the stores tag. The person must have knew the guy or it was on sale - the tag says 15.99 but the receipt only says 12.80. Neat stuff. Also the Beaverkill says "Beaverkill 610" on it. And like I said has Japan on the reel foot, so I dont know. There was a manual for a Zebco "ZeeBee" model 202 in there too. Googled that - they still make those - jeeze! Not in the cool honey bee box though I guess. LOL
  9. You guys are the best! (Once again) I will post some pics today. I just didn't originally because I didn't want to seem like I was soliciting in this forum. (Even though these are the cream of the 'antique' crop.) I just would like to be knowledgeable about the stuff so when I do put them up for sale or trade I can be somewhat responsive if I get some questions. Thanks again everyone! Will put some pics on soon. Ed
  10. Sorry to hop in on this late but from reading the original post I HAD to. If you got a 300 for $2 then you are the man! As someone said, you must have got it from someone with no appreciation for the past... or maybe just from some old widow who doesn't know any better. This is one of my favorite reels ever. I was handed down a 300 and 308 from my father - both outstanding reels. I still use the 300 for trolling Pike and occassionally for Carp fishing if I want a challenge and don't want to use my bait runners. GREAT REELS!
  11. Thanks for the info Gadabout! Thats the type of stuff I was looking for! I guess the No. 80 looks about that old wow. The Beaverkill though is pretty neat in design, really shiny but not the most practical thing in the world. I will look into H-I today and maybe I can find some info. Thanks again!!!
  12. Sorry guys, I know this is the beach buggy forum but theres no where else for us buggy-less fellows! Anyone have any ideas, or better yet, already done it and have pictures of, for a modified sedan trunk? I am a bit of an organization freak and my car isn't supportive of that. I have no problem breaking down my stuff at the end of the day, but it would be nice to have some hangers for the pole pieces, and maybe a rack to get the tackle boxes off the ground to create more space. Then maybe some kind of tray for other things. Problem is, I am not at this sort of thing and without an idea to go by I have a hard time. Any ideas or suggestions. I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima and can provide pictures if necessary.
  13. Thanks a pretty good idea if I had overnight equipment but I like being able to be in and out of my trunk a lot as most Carp fishing is done bank side. (Don't know if I mentioned thats what I'd I am looking to mod my trunk for.) So more than half the places I fish for them I can drive right up to my spot. The other half I'll be too far from my car to make a difference, but it would still be nice for everything to always have a spot. It just sucks always putting things away neatly in the trunk and everything thats not touching the trunk/low to the ground ends up a mess by the time you get home.
  14. My Maxima reeks sometimes when I get home. I always attributed it to a bad/old CC. My car is a 2000 with a surprising 175,000 miles. Don't know if that helps.
  15. Very nice Mitchells!!!!
  16. Wow Russ has some awesome reels there. I was looking at a website last week of antique reels any saw many of those designs.... not in the shape those are in though. Those are true classics for there time. Does anyone know if those are all locally (North East) invented reels from their time? I think what like 1880-1920ish?
  17. Whats up fellow Surf Talkers? I have this old rod that I've been meaning to do some research into. It's a Daiwa rod, model 3013N and other than that I don't know much about it. I am going to do some googling on my own but thought I would present it to you guys as well. I got the rod about 2 years ago. My father has been a real estate agent and he recieved it from a woman who was selling her house and moving out of state. She was an arts and crafts person (I think) and I assume this was used in some sort of murial or display as the rod shows no obvious signs of use. Anyone recognize it from their younger years? Also, I was thinking about pairing this rod up with my fathers old Mitchell 308 (once I recon it). This rod is 7 feet long, my only question is given how long the rod is, it might not be suitable for casting REALLY light inline spinners... or would it? Sorry I know this is not a surf rod or a surf question but you guys are the best there is when it comes to this kind of thing! Thanks, Ed
  18. Thanks for the info Steve.. Can't wait to use this for some lightweight action. Maybe Daiwa will respond to my email and hook me up with someone who can get me some info on the rod. I was shocked to see nothing come up when I googled it. Unless it originally said "Dyawa" and someone put a real Daiwa sticker over it at sometime. Were there bootleggers with fold out tables selling rods on street corners 30 years ago in Rhode Island? LOL
  19. Neat Steve, darn you sure know your tackle! I appreciate all your help with this and my last question in the other forum. This rod is sure going to make one heck of a trout rod when it gets put to use hopefully this fall but defninetly next spring. Plus hopefully theres some nice Salmon in it's future as well. As far as rod material it says it's made of glass. Does that help bring the rod closer to a more modern time frame or were they experimenting with that stuff back around the late 70's as well? Wonder if it's still covered under the guarenteed breakage clause the perfectly mainted sticker says?
  20. Since I can't find anything at all about this rod I email Daiwa hoping they can put me in contact with someone who knows something about it. The woman I got it from didn't say anything about it, just said take it.. but it did have a "spin joy" reel on it. I am going to look those up and try and remember approximately what it looked like to get an idea of the age of the pole. (Hopefully). The reel seat kind of looks like plate bronze and plated gold. I don't know, looks like a special rod to me. Would be neat to find some info on it.
  21. I typically fish 4lb test on all of my ultra light setups without little problem casting small lures. Glad to hear you think I will do fine with this setup. I've never fished with an UL as bulky as the 308 (which I've still yet to use), but what is good about this combo is I tried to fish this rod as a bass rod and the taper just had too much give to it to even fish soft plastics. The fact that its a 7 foot rod and has a pretty think handle considering its tip and taper it has the making of a good UL rod, but all my reels would never come close to balancing out that rod until I found the 308. Thanks for the reply once again Steve, Ed
  22. I have started Carp fishing this year and have enjoyed it so much I haven't fished for any other species since early June. Being mostly a f/w bass person, I had to beef up my tackle a little bit, so I have been using some of my light salt water tackle. Anyways,I found my fathers old Mitchell 300 in the back of the garage. He had forgotten about it but I guess back in the day it was a pretty neat little reel. Reel works pretty good but when I was adjusting my drag I broke whatever makes the drag click because it doesn't make noise anymore. I can't comment on whether or not the function itself is working 100% because it's hard to tell without the noise, but I still can definently loosen and tighten it. Also, I've caught fish on it still, one taking out over 100 ft. of line, so the system seems to still be intact. Can anyone help me out?
  23. Get the parts for it, probaly will be a nice reel. When I was reconing my 300 I found there was a lot of parts available. The drag brake should be easy to find and there was spool shafts available from http://www.mitchellparts.com/ when I was looking for my 300 although I didn't need one. Other than that take it apart and clean it up and re-lube it. It shouldn't be that hard since the reel is old. (So its fairly well built and straight forward.)
  24. Wow I can't find ANY info about the rod on google. On the rod it says its made of glass. Aside of that, Daiwa and the model number thats about it.
  25. Had my first fish on the rejuvenated 300 the other day. All seems to be going well. Big thanks to Steve and all who helped me out.