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  1. They are yours. Sending you a pm. Sorry it took me so long. Lol
  2. The woodcarver is only one castes a few times.
  3. Mint condition lot. After Hours, Lifish VT, Jinski, Woodcarver, and forgot the Lil blue one. 105 PayPal only. Shipped.
  4. Thread closed please. Thanks guys.
  5. Sorry sol. Wanted to post one response to granitefish. I will do that. Exactly the way you want. $130. shipped for the six. So those six plugs 130 shipped paypal
  6. Thread closed thank you.
  7. Thread closed please. Thank you
  8. But will get exact tomorrow
  9. Will get back to you tomorrow. Out with family. Back home then. Will post. I'm gonna say top two 6 inch 2.5oz bottom stubby 5 inch same or 3 oz
  10. No one?????? Lol. How about I make it easier. Looking to buy a 5-7 weight decent setup. Freshwater. Thanks guys.
  11. $115 shipped. One time bump and price deduction before I split
  12. One time bump and price deduction. $225 shipped
  13. They are the big ones. I'm 6.2 ft. 225. They are baggy around the mid section. Are you local to light BG branch NJ or garden city ny???????
  14. Close this thread please. Thanks sol
  15. $115 shipped one time price drop