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  1. I filmed a seal among a big school of bass and was surprised to see the bass not only didn't seem threatened by it, but they followed it and hung around it. I haven't seen videos of seals happily swimming around great whites. Maybe I could see a seal getting one spaced out bass every now and then (I've filmed enough bass to see the ones that appear totally pre-occupied), but I believe seals are smart enough to know that every once in a while they'll get a free meal of a hooked/wounded/released fish, rather than banking their lives on catching them free-swimming with any frequency and ease to sustain the balance of effort vs. calories. The video below should start when the seal enters:
  2. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it...though I was hoping to see a BI trip summary from you :). Did you opt for Cape this year instead?
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  9. I'm really enjoying getting to go through older footage every day, so partly my pleasure!
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