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  1. Yes, I fish off an 8ft ladder on flats and beaches from May to August. It's fantastic, and I've thought about every mod for making it work best (I think). Ask me anything via PM, I'm happy to share via that route or email. You can find my name and that's my Gmail. Until SOL is done supporting conspiracy theories by terminating the pg forum and its archives, I won't provide any other content here.
  2. It's my opinion that the PG forum brings out the worst in how SOL members treat each other. It is addictive, however, as politics tends to be, especially now. I've expressed this to Tim and I think it should disappear. Since it won't, yes, I won't post in it any more. You can say whatever demeaning response you prefer to this, but it will be only to fuel your own anger and stoke those who feel the same.
  3. I'm sorry. It's part of being human, having memories and will and frustration that can't be exorcised. Time adds more weights to all our backs in different ways. Some days we feel them fully, some days we aren't aware they're there. I have to be better at being mindful of the days where I generally feel good.
  4. That's tough, I'm sorry she has to carry that weight and sorry you do, too. As a father of now three girls, this is my nightmare and I agree with your perspective.
  5. Yes, I read the full bill after posting and saw this, too. Two things come to mind, 1) We will have to see if parts of the bill cause it to fail. I agree there is subjectivity within the mental health portion. 2) Maybe I am partial, but I find it hard to believe medical Dr.'s would risk their careers to lie for patients in these types of cases. It would be end of career and likely prison given the actions. I don't think that is a decision that would be taken so lightly.
  6. What do you specifically mean here? Be very specific.
  7. The details of a bill are not fake truths one cherry picks. Take it for what it is. Breitbart took the same piece of the bill, omitted an important facet of it and published it so to spread in shitholes like this forum.
  8. Political affiliations aside, read the act before posting Breibart bull****. "Allow for abortions after 24 weeks in cases of lethal fetal diagnoses..."
  9. Directly? From an election official in Michigan? Tell us more...
  10. He was divisive, and that is not what a leader should be. A good leader surrounds himself with the best and brightest people he can find and listens to them. He did not do that. He surrounded himself with his family and those who did what he wanted. That is what a dictator does. His trade war with China did more harm to US farmers and the businesses it was "designed" to help. "Designed" because I have a hard time believing it was well thought out. He promised a wall, and that Mexico would pay for it. He failed. He promised to "bring manufacturing back to the US." Very little of what was accomplished there came anywhere near meeting his promises. On his watch, 230k+ dead and who knows what long-term issues may be in store for others. On his watch we saw the highest unemployment in generations. Say what you want about what power he had, but it was on his watch. How is my life worse because of him? I'm just lucky my job isn't one of the huge number that have been lost. I'm just lucky my industry isn't one of the many which are suffering. I'm lucky not to have lost a loved one. My tax bill was higher because of his tax changes, but if I trusted his policies were putting those dollars to good use I wouldn't mind. I don't trust him. While I personally may be lucky, my children will have to grow into a country that has been polarized by someone who breeds hate. Giving a person like him a world stage and that level of power may go down as one of the worst mistakes the American people ever made. If you can move on and still fight for your ideals, but do it while respecting those who disagree, not belittling them, behind a leader who will inspire rather than divide, that would be admirable. This is a leader:
  11. So many of these threads feel like I'm listening to my ex-wife. Frankly, more often than not when I'm mature enough to take a step back and understand her perspective, whether I agree with her opinion or actions, I can understand why it happened. The point being, does anyone find it surprising that when the president encourages supporters to be vigilant around polling sites, and when that has already resulted in intimidation tactics elsewhere, that there would be issues like this whether right or wrong? More often than not it is the words and actions of leaders that result in unfortunate responses from both those who support them or those who do not.
  12. I bet it did. I remember catching mackerel on gas docks of various harbors at that age. Doesn't get any better.
  13. I've never met Mike, but this looks like Dorf on Fishing.
  14. Hey - No sweat, I understand. Every fish is hooked differently and I'm sure you know how it goes...when they're hooked badly you have an amateur surgical dance with them. I leave those moments feeling guilty, with any species, when the hook is in a bad spot.
  15. Please trust I treat these fish with as much care as possible. What you don't see is a deeply hooked fish that may not have even had a chance to survive if it wasn't controlled as much as possible to get to the hook. And yes, there is a difference between gills and gill plates. What I was doing was controlling its head from shaking while keeping its mouth open to get at the hook. The video only captures the end of the process. I think we can agree that life is generally more pleasant for everyone when we assume people are acting appropriately before assuming they're not.