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  1. I can use either one, just been using the rights for so long, thats just what I buy.
  2. Some more of my, Flatlander Surf fishing equipment...
  3. 2019 Arsenal Sparkle Minnow Shadow Box.
  4. Avet MXL MC Raptor Patriot...
  5. I have a New Super Strike Show Special Bunker popper, the 3oz from a couple years ago, (No Bag). Looking for a Jaget Surfster, in the body style in the pic. Thanks, Lami
  6. This years RM Smith Gillaroo Trout Set...
  7. Updated Chicken Scratch Collection
  8. Just picked this one up elsewhere. Still looking for the green sparkle one.
  9. Just found out, its FJR Frank Recktenwalds Plugs
  10. Any out there?
  11. Thats what the initials looks like Matt.
  12. Looking for the name of the builder for this plug, any help will be appreciated. The yellow chicken scratch in the middle, above the Cyclone Peanut. Thanks, Lami
  13. Also looking for this color Hookr
  14. I'm looking for a New, Hookr swimmer in a green chicken scratch pattern, to add to my collection. Price and picture please. Thanks, Lami Picture of plug I'm looking for.
  15. Still looking for the 2nd plug pattern in my pic...