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  1. Still looking...
  2. The 7030 is a great all around inshore rod, actually my favorite.. I never used the 7650, so can't comment on it.
  3. Gonna close this done... Thanks for looking, Lami
  4. The Lamiglas TFX rods are my favorite, inshore boat rods. I have most of them - 7020C-Fluke, 7020CT-Bass/Blues, 7030C-Bass/blues and the 7040CT-blackfish. Never had a problem with any of them, but always use the 7040CT for Blackfish. I had the 7030CT at one point, but sold it and bought another 7040CT. Lifting the Blackfish into the boat or getting rocked is a job for the 7040CT. Best of luck, Lami PS: The CT models are the blackfish series, and the C series are fine for the rest of the inshore species, bass, blues, fluke, sea bass, etc.
  5. That sounds great Mike....
  6. Lots of rattles.... LOL
  7. Dmag Chicken Scratch Pencil from 2009...
  8. Looking for a New mint GRS Slim or Surfster in Garys Chicken Scratch pattern. Thanks, Lami
  9. Nice, Black Talon mail call today...
  10. Heres a pic of what I'm looking for.
  11. Thanks for the pic...
  12. Thanks Bob, I have to get my hands on one of these... Tight Lines, Lami
  13. OK, who has a picture of a Mike Fixter Chicken Scratch Pike. Thanks, Lami
  14. I'm looking for a New Mike Fixter Pikie, in his Chicken Scratch pattern. Thanks, Lami
  15. I have a few Avet Sx Reels and I use them for Fluking, Bass, Blues and Black Fish, basically all inshore fishing. Never had an issue. The rods are going to vary, but the reels a tank. With Black Friday coming up you should find some good savings... Best of luck, Lami