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  1. Last bump...
  2. LOL I no right...
  3. Somebody has to have one or two lying around, that they are looking to get rid of. Looking for some extra cash for that new rod or reel....
  4. Going to close this down.
  5. Going to leave this up for another day before moving it elsewhere. Lami
  6. Scaled Jr. sold Going to close this down and keep the bunker jr. Thanks, SOL
  7. Its yours, PM sent
  8. More of a light gray belly The bunker has more of a cream belly
  9. I would do $30 shipped for the scaled jr. Its very close to pollock, with maybe a hint of a green line between the bottom and scaled side.
  10. I have two new BM Cowboy Jr.s for sale, 6" long & 2.8 oz One Bunker pattern and one black/gold scaled. VMC Hooks added with wolverine split rings. $55 shipped for both, paypal. Thanks, Lami
  11. Looking for a couple Arsenal Lures. Looking for AR-Minnows, AR-Seniors, Gliders, Squids & Show Specials. Please post pics and price. Thanks, Lami
  12. I have 3 BM Cowboy Jr.s Bottom one in pic was at least carried, problem took a swim, the other two are new, stored in a plano box. $35 each, two $60 shipped paypal Lami
  13. Getting rid of a couple extra plugs. These should be good now with the peanut bunker around. From Top: Bunker Chartreuse Bunker Yellow $40 shipped for one - $75 shipped for two. Paypal Theses are app. 6" long and weigh 2.7oz, the smaller bunker is 5" long and 2.4oz Thanks, Lami
  14. Sure $50 is fine. They are 6" long. PM on the way
  15. I found a couple in one of my plano boxes. Let me no if your interested, definitely carried, not sure if they where fished, bought of a guy a few years ago. Some rust on the tail hooks. Older plugs, wood. $55 shipped paypal Lami