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  1. Yes, she's brand new, I actually have 3 NIB, send me your zip code.
  2. Its brand new, heres a couple pics. Gonna look into shipping costs
  3. I'm in Midd NJ. I really wasn't looking to ship, I was hoping you were closer for a meet up for $175
  4. Where are you located? I have a BNIB Shimano Baitrunner 6000D. Filled with Power Pro 30lb
  5. I'm looking for a New, 2017 Arsenal Pencil or Suicider in his Red head pattern, Added a pic of the pattern I'm looking for. I have a Parrot or Herring Arsenal Minnow to trade. Thanks, Lami
  6. Looking for a New, 2017 Arsenal Pencil or Suicider in this Red head pattern, for my collection. Heres a pic of the pattern. Please post pic and price. I also have a trade post up. Thanks, Lami
  7. Added another 4 to the collection, that I got from Berkeley... Stryker Glider RM Smith darter Waverer Scabellys 5" Glider Pappy's Pride Slim
  8. Heres a couple nice ones!!
  9. Sure, its yours. PM location to meet up.
  10. I'm in Monmouth county, I have two of these rods,
  11. No interest?
  12. Took a couple quick pics
  13. I have one, brand new with tags. $240 meet up
  14. Picked up another TB Scratch, to add to the collection. That makes two...
  15. I will keep checking my mail box... LOL