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  1. Thanks, we all get rid of plugs at one point or another and regret it. Been there done that... The colors look so much better in person, then in the pic...
  2. $20
  3. A few from back in the day (2012)...
  4. A few Arsenal Wacky Mack's
  5. Yes, thats the famous Brook Trout, my unicorn peanut... Ryan gave that to me in line at the Berkeley Show, back in 2010.
  6. RM Smith Peanut Trout Collection...
  7. A couple Cyclone Trouts...
  8. Heres a few...
  9. Last bump...
  10. LOL I no right...
  11. Somebody has to have one or two lying around, that they are looking to get rid of. Looking for some extra cash for that new rod or reel....
  12. Going to close this down.
  13. Going to leave this up for another day before moving it elsewhere. Lami
  14. Scaled Jr. sold Going to close this down and keep the bunker jr. Thanks, SOL
  15. Its yours, PM sent