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  1. I've been trying....
  2. Reap Lures Chicken Scratch....
  3. Page 4, theres a RM peanut scratch
  4. Picked up a few nice additions to the Coop... Fatty Lures Glider Surf Asylum Junior Reap Lures Jointed, the paint on this one is sweet... Lami
  5. 7" long and around 2oz
  6. They went right into the collection...
  7. Heres a couple P.Bau custom plugs, I just picked up... Lami
  8. Offer retracted.
  9. How about $65 shipped, I will cover PP fees. Lami
  10. Nice lot
  11. usually has them, but I just checked and they are out of stock. If you leave your email address, they will contact you when they are back in stock. Good luck with your search, These wobble heads work great with the Mike Hogy skinny rubber, which happens to be discontinued, but you can still find them out there. Tight lines, Lami
  12. I got the Fatty Glider Scratch, went right to the source. I would always rather buy from the builders, but thats not always possible, so the search continues...
  13. Thanks Tom, money and PM sent
  14. I'll take 4
  15. Always Looking.....