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  1. That Chicken Scratch surfster looks good...
  2. Theres two sizes, I have the smaller one, approx. 8"
  3. I have a couple GRS swimmers for trade, Montauk Sunrise Slim Surfster and a Olive Bunker Med Slim, I'm looking for Arsenals. Lami
  4. Any Arsenals?
  5. Heres a few...
  6. The manly pliers are fine, but nothing compared to the Knipex cutters. The Knipex cuts hooks like butter. I have two pair, one in my truck and the other on the boat. Just in case...
  7. I think I did, that was a long time ago. LOL
  8. I'm sure he used different materials through out the years.
  9. A few older peanuts...
  10. Its one of Ryans Bunker colors, he made a few.
  11. Large Skippy...
  12. Picked up a nice 5" Cyclone swimmer today. No year listed...
  13. Not sure, I started collecting/fishing his stuff in 2008.
  14. Its an early RM Smith peanut, He didn't stamp his lips in the beginning of his plug making.
  15. The peanuts where always my favorite...