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  1. My brother called me just as he entered the east end of the canal today when a whale surfaced directly in front of him... Channel 5 had story with drone footage of 40' humpback traversing the canal today.... (so I guess he wasn't high...)
  2. Still can't wrap my head over how we lost Ken....
  3. Wow. That list sure brings up some memories, John....
  4. Thoughts and prayers.
  5. My mistake. Thought you were using this as an example of him being a puppet... However, I highly doubt much of this joint training effort spent any time on Trump's desk or being discussed...
  6. What is your point? I hope your answer will reflect that you know some history of Poland and Latvia.....
  7. My friend caught playing hooky at lunchtime on the light blue CC at 21:30...
  8. Sent you a message with a website to start your claim process. But you need to get going on it as they say they want it within 24 hours.
  9. It is on the airline, not TSA. Daughter flies for American as flight attendant. She is on a four day trip but I will ask her best way to get your claim processed. Also, if you booked with American Express, check their web site. Document everything you can, ie. changed flights, etc. You want to ask to be compensated for being delayed overnight as was on them, not on weather.
  10. And I am far from being a "label" clothing buyer... but I will take two pairs.... if just to tuck it up their tuchas….
  11. Nothing says slavery like a Betsy Ross flag…. Wait. What???? Eff him. and anyone that thinks I need to apologize for the flag.... We have a problem here.
  12. Good luck. Navigating through our broken health care system is a frustrating eye opener....
  13. Does it run on Seminole fluid? How's your Dad?
  14. FWIW, there are a ton of listings in local CL when I searched boats and entered aluminum......
  15. Rags score with Panarin. Congrats to youse guys.