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  1. Well, keep it in your back pocket.... I am still indebted to you for all the knowledge you shared when I was searching for something to learn during the depths of my divorce. AND you provided the Rainshadow 1088 to a raffle I happened to win. By far the best all-around 9-footer I ever had. Sadly I broke it and have yet to replace it.... Keep me in mind, Steve. Ross
  2. Realized that right after i posted and looked up at the split screen! Duh
  3. I think all the MNF games are solid uniforms now, am I right? Maybe Thursdays too?
  4. Really, Mike? I think I like these white with black tiger stripe better than their orange. Must be an Ohio thang. Leave the orange to the Browns...
  5. Steve, I would be happy to drive down for a day of assembly, building, loading soil, whatever. Let me know. My MIL uses a rollator (occasionally) and if that is what you might be using it would be easy to figure out working height. Ours are 1x6 T&G boxes with false bottoms. Been using 12" containers with tomatoes. Let me know. Buy your straw hats in the winter. You know my slow season. Ross
  6. While I am not as well versed in albies compared to stripers, I have always questioned the mortality rates published in the past twenty years that i have fished seriously for them. Sure I see the very occasional floater when the weekend warriors are hammering smaller fish, but I can only recall a handful of my release bass that I have seen come up or stay on the surface after... The great majority are released without a second thought that they wouldn't survive. I have always fought the clock in my head with the release and trying to unhook quickly with as little surgery as possible. Just how I learned from people I respected and who respected the fishery/fisheries.
  7. I agree. And if I want to be able to do "my" thing, it will likely be in the 27' range. I will probably step down to looking for a GW 271. Hopefully more available than the Onslow Bay 27XS I would really like to own... Those just keep asking premium pricing.... And the power plants on the one available have almost 2100 hrs
  8. Bulldoze all of them. No brainer. On a Sunday. Don't want to be charged with damaging mail!
  9. Arte you stateside, Mike? Or just passing on detailed reports which I am sure you could still have available daily....
  10. Just saw the preliminary piece on the 5:30 news. Will be worth watching/recording. 7:30 tonight.
  11. I am all over nose hairs as they show, with head clearing sneezes that follow. But the wife will chase me down with her wax and popsicle stick to hit my ears. She is also (obviously) in charge of keeping my eyebrows from attaining Brezhnev or Andy Rooney status.
  12. What would it do? Have to ask... When I had a battery go in my Tahoe, in the middle of a cold snap, the tech jumped it in the parking lot, brought into the bay, and proceeded to swap the battery with the vehicle running the whole time. No issues two years later. Just curious, and I am not an electrical genius here.... And for the record, two batteries on one switch. I am on both most of the time and switch to one if anchored or drifting for a period to save one from a possible short draining down both
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