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  1. How are you, old friend? Thought of you watching Rick Steeves this week in Finland and Estonia. Learned a lot. The more I learned, the more I understood your relocation. Hope you are both healthy and enjoying life.
  2. Hello Bob.
  3. I just scrolled through most of this backwards.... I KNEW you would be paying attention to this... 62 Knee replacement last year kicked the chit outta me. Fighting my way back into shape as I was working every day as a carpenter/contractor before I had to have the surgery. Still need another surgery to remove scar tissue, but the weight is an issue here too. Never been built like this, but I did finally quit smoking shortly before the replacement.... Make your days count. Laugh, love, cry every day
  4. Damn good to here from you, Bud.... Is the reason I signed in tonight for first time in a spell....
  5. Chris, you gotta come up here. We are working outside. I have so much I can't get to yet. Seeing Dr. Tuesday for one year follow up. (I need another surgery, but hopefully they will get the scar tissue via arthroscope)
  6. Chunka got wood today when Baker opened the golf courses in Mass.
  7. Checks arrived yesterday. One for me. And one for my mom, who died two years ago.... Even had "decd" after her name... W T F over?
  8. True that.
  9. 5 feet of muscle standing in stirrups, in perfect sync with 1200 lbs of muscle underneath them... sprinting...on ankles the size of your wrist... Crazy. I'm sure some jocks do get a wrap of their mane, but I really don't know for sure. Some scenes in the movie Sea Biscuit show how violent some of those rides can be. I am ok on a trail horse or a parade horse, but I wouldn't have even considered mounting a thoroughbred in my younger days.... I have seen more than a couple retired racers throw their owner/riders. They are wired differently and are all alphas... Just my take.
  10. Yeah... OK... I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you insisted on pressing.
  11. Just proves you do not ride, nor have you ever been around a thoroughbred....
  12. Have you ever stood within six feet of a jockey? Pound for pound they are probably the most muscular athletes there are. Jorge Chavez, who rode for my cousin on occasion, was built like a brick s hit house
  13. I thought Penny demanded a hearing and it was put back to 1:53 from the 1:55 that flashed at the track that day?
  14. Tough to overlook this margin and record time, one of two that still stand for TC
  15. Agreed. I don't even remember who won the virtual Marciano-Ali match... But I do remember being disappointed after all the build up back then.