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  1. Post up his name and info here..... He won... let us congratulate him...
  2. Guilty as charged.... My sister drives us nuts when she says "fabulous" describing any and all events she goes to.....
  3. Are you a collector buying a collection? Or are you going to fish them? Very different ways of approaching a valuation, IMHO....
  4. Sometimes used by contractors finishing up new builds, and they use fast germinating seed that looks great for when the payment is due. But those are often using annual seeds. Look like crap the next season. So getting the right seed, ie. more money is well worth it, as long as you do the right prep for it. And can water regularly. If you seed, Scotts has a starter fertilizer with weed preventer that you should use. It is the only one I have seen that prevents the crabgrass from germinating in spring while allowing your grass seed to grow....
  5. I am not going to be present during it, so don't care... Got an appointment with first surgeon tomorrow. See how I feel about him and when he could do it. See the first choice surgeon on 28th. Navigating the health insurance is a nightmare. They will penalize us $1000,00 of coverage if I have replacement surgery within 30 days of contacting them. What?!?! Already paid out of pocket for MRI to get things moving. And price for MRI ranged from 550 without a report, to 3000.... Paid a negotiated 820 with report and disk. I just want to get it moving forward. I know what is needed. Been putting this off for 20 some years.... Tore ACL 42 years ago...
  6. As I had mentioned before, hoping the area of the graft donation is the worst of it for you. Had a graft from my thigh taken when I was 9 months old. It heals up so others wouldn't see it without pointing it out. I am also laid up. Blew out knee and am waiting, (a week so far) to just get in to see the surgeon for a replacement. Navigating this health insurance is an absolute nightmare!
  7. Fatal design flaw... It is under rear. Need to open roadside kit and assemble three piece wrench to lower. Inserts next to license plate on bumper. Mine was so rusted I had the guy cut it out with a torch… suck design.
  8. Yeah, I was wondering how they fit in there.... But what you don't understand is this: That frame is in great shape. If it had lived up here in New England, it would be all rusted out....
  9. Do a search of Escape 209 for sale. Can also put grady white in search. Worth seeing if any in your area and price range. It is a lot of 20'......
  10. I am on crutches, non weight bearing. Just waiting to be seen... Changed to a surgeon who can see me Friday and is in coverage for insurance.
  11. So how long did it take to get your first appointment with surgeon and how long after that for surgery?
  12. Granted this is the tavern.... but this is exactly the type of chit that has this country in a downward spiral.
  13. Cancel that halogen order... not the right application. Run way too hot too. If you are all about easy, just order the LEDs with the screw in, connect the wire and snap the unit into the opening....
  14. Document, document, document..... CYA. Photo damage. They are liable, but its your living space.... I would not be paying COA fees after getting that caveat.... Don't let your insurance company know, at least until you know where you are moving to next. They would either drop you or jack your policy price.