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  1. anybody bringing cigars?
  2. I'm Andy . I'm a Mechanical Engineer-I mostly design spacecraft and cool things for my kayak. I live in Vienna, VA- But almost all my kayak fishing has been near Atlantic Beach, NC, and Gulf Shores, AL- I am very anxious to learn to fish the Ches. Bay, Lower Potomac. I paddle an OK scram-XT- I also have an 18' center console boat I keep at Breezy Point Marina- Due east of DC, on the Bay.
  3. I am not experienced in cold water, but I am bringing a new 1/8" farmer jon, wetsuit boots and gloves with the fingers cut out- HYPOTHERMIA- is the biggest danger this time of year, probably #2 is bass boats- hypothermia quickly leads to loss of cordination, muscle control-it even effects your speech in the early stage. Pass the first stage, you can't grab a rope,pull yourself onto your yak, call for help- you can't even pull your car keys out of your pocket. Let's keep an eye on each other out there.
  4. what did ya catch em with?
  5. This delicious fish is also abundant- I wanted to know if the flats hold them durring the fling?-maybe there will be fish to fry.
  6. Are we sure this is the c/r season???
  7. what specifically do you guys troll when you troll- are the bass assasins among them-don't you need to twith 'em UPS just delivered my new farmer john A paddle-sport specific from it's great!
  8. Barrel- Just think of the fish fry that could be had in that campground Saturday night! Were you kidding?
  9. since this is the c/r season- does the law say we need to crush the barbs on the lure hooks? [This message has been edited by JonS (edited 03-20-2002).]
  10. My tarpon experience- this happened about two years ago off a stretch of beach 6 miles west of Gulf Shores Alabama. We were staying at a house right on the beach. It was 6:30 am and I had loaded up my kayak with a spinning rod, 10 lb test, and a 30 lb class boat rod with a king mackeral rig- it was my goal that week to catck a king mackeral. On the way out I trolled a 3/8 oz silver kastmaster with the spinning rod-as I'd hoped, I caught a small hardtail(baitfish) and imediately hooked it to the king rig and kept paddling- when I got about a 1/2 mile from the beach, I deployd the king rig with a styrofoam float 3-4 ft up from the bait. After about two minutes, the float/bait had drifted back towards me,about 25 ft to my left. Very suddenly there was a violent splash at the rig, and I turned in time to see a silver flash-too big for a mackeral- I thought out loud-"I wonder if that was a shar..." before I could finish the word "shark" an enormous tarpon crashed straight up out of the water right underneath the rig- This thing was every bit of 6 feet long, a foot and a half wide-and it looked like it had lights on inside, it was so brilliant a silver. Then it was gone. The only thing that happened was the float got knocked off. I was literally shaking. I took a couple minutes retrieved the float, and paddled back in. I did not do any more live lining the rest of the week.
  11. any place to find a picture of this?
  12. Diamondwrapper- that is a rod building term, do you wrap your own rods?
  13. Joe- My first yak was a regular scrambler-although alot of people like-em I really didn't. every time I twisted around in my seat, I would flip it or nearly flip it. The problem was it was narrow,and had a relative high center of gravity-meaning the paddler sat higher up. I sold it and bought a scrambler XT- the difference was like night and day. the XT has a lower seat- by about 2", is an inch wider, and about 8 lbs heavier- I am so glad I made that change- I have been in out in the ocean with 3 to 4 foot rollers going by, and don't even have to be careful about it fliping-it's wetter, but worth it. I only weigh 150 lbs, but with all the fishing stuff, bigger (for me) was better. Just my personal hindsight. Andy
  14. The biggest OK dealer in the DC area is Springriver Corp- I could call them and see if the want to demo a bunch of boats at the fling-that's where I bought my XT-they are decent people to deal with and rent from
  15. This morning I'm going to Holiday sports in MD to buy lures and such for the fling- I have some white bass assasins(pearl) 5" long and a couple rattle traps blue/silver, my favorite lure is a Kastmaster- I would really like some suggestions from the masters for casting and trolling- Please mention jig-head wt, color, hook size-any dang thing you can think of-plastic size and color etc- I know this is a big request- I want to have the right stuff- Man I'm getting psyched. Andy