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  1. Simple fix to the problem, As you state in the highlighted portion of your post you spooled it using the reel and not a line machine which is quite obvious in the photo. When spooling a reel (any reel!) with braid the proper method is with a line machine so that the constant and proper tension is applied throughout the process. Now properly install the spool on the reel and take it out for a few test casts with a sinker ( 2oz. should be adequate), you will be amazed at the line lay! If at this point you still think there is a problem, you're reel is warrantied for 1 year from date of purchase and can be sent back the VS were it will be fully inspected by a VS technician and repaired if necessary and returned to you at no expense. You may also contact Mr Cantelmo at craig at vanstaal dot com. When ever I have a problem with something I have bought I found that the best way to rectify a problem is to first contact the dealer or manufacturer, asking for solutions on the internet is like asking your mechanic about your blood pressure problem.
  2. Sorry Dave, but that is all I can say.
  3. Have patience and what you all are looking for will be available hopefully by the fall and at the same price.
  4. Rim strip and Gorilla tape, As far as a Surley for a beach bike I would look at other aluminum frame fatbikes. Steel frame and salt water/air don't mix!
  5. The grease supplied with the self service kit is Nye Rheolube 797.
  6. Will be available very shortly!
  7. All your answers are in this post on page one!! Just remember us old pharts know stuff!!!!!
  8. The proper way to do this is to fully disassemble the reel, including the pinion from the sleeve guide. You will also need to have a new sleeve guide bushing. You reassemble the reel minus the seals, traverse guide and spool shaft and use an old usable main bearing. The lapping compound will get in both the bushing and main bearing which is a hybrid ceramic and ruin them. After you have lapped the gears in fully clean every part thoroughly and reassemble (replacing sleeve guide bushing).
  9. The difference is that VS is a Tackle Company, they produce the reels in a facility owned by them and their employees. The others are just Marketing Co.'s, they design or buy a design and have it made buy one of the many Chinese tackle manufacturers.
  11. Van Staal never had shrink wrap on the boxes!
  12. Last bump, 1327 sold, 1267 NLA and also available is a Century 144L (old #) 11'9" 1-4 oz. custom w/ same guide layout as other rods for $325. add for shipping
  13. The anti-reverse is a high quality clutch bearing ,The drag system is dry and as far as the recommended casting weight I believe it will throw 1 oz. metal and 1.5 oz and above plugs with proper casting technique!!
  14. Four screws to disassemble, Very high quality reel with quality components. A world record bass would be no match for the gears and drag in this thing!! And only 17 oz. loaded with mono.