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  1. I was wondering if this surf spinning rod in 10 foot length (2-6 Oz) would be appropriate for use as a bait fishing and/or eel rod. The reason I wonder is because its action is listed as fast, and I would think something closer to moderate would be better suited for bait fishing / eeling Still, if it can handle bait and a sinker or eels it would seem to be a pretty good all-purpose rod,as it seems to be a nice plugging rod. Thanks.
  2. Are any manufacturers making 9 or 10 foot fiberglass MH surf rods with moderate or moderate-fast action? Ideally it would be one piece or a 70/30 split two piece. Thanks. mann2
  3. Thanks,Salt That is a great deal,but I'm looking for a one piece rod,and preferably one under 10 feet.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Since Lami has stated that it this rod is built on the GLB 108 1MH blank from the G1000 live bait series ,I had figured it would be a good bait rod, As an aside I realize many on this site seem confident the GLB 108 1MH blank is just another name for the GSB 108 1M blank ,but I hadn't thought of that as as a positive or a negative regarding using this rod for baitfishing with sinkers,even if true, as long as I kept the sinker and bait total weight to 4 oz. Obviously I'm picking up some information here. and I appreciate any and all info on this topic..
  5. WOW. It is very disappointing to hear that 3 oz, is the maximum bait + sinker total weight you would feel comfortable using on this rod ,which is rated 1-4 oz by Lamiglas. This info will likely be a deal breaker for me. Honestly, I was expecting to be reassured that I could probably push the limits a bit past a 4 oz total !!
  6. So must I chunk with a maximum of only 2 oz of bunker or squid when using this rod, or should I reduce my sinker weight to 1 oz so that I can increase the bait size? Or am I being to rigid in my adherence to the rod's 1-4 oz, rating ,and maybe allow myself another ounce without the worry of damaging the rod?
  7. The Lami XS91MHS is rated for 1-4 oz. That would seem to limit its use with a sinker to only about 2 oz. of lead and a small 2 ounce piece of bait (if baitfishing with a sinker) or am I missing something?
  8. I was wondering if this one piece Daiwa eight foot rod (CLSP801MHFS) was suitable for bait fishing in addition to tossing plugs? It is rated at 2-5oz which seems pretty high, but is that considered accurate by the those of you who have used this particular model? Also I am concerned that its rated action (fast ) might not be appropriate for bait fishing. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, mann2
  9. That's an interesting thought. Furthermore a short wire leader wouldn't really preclude using the chum rig with a fishfinder and sinker, It might just allow the bait to possibly get a bit too close to the sinker slider at times; but perhaps the bait might also be able drift away from the sinker slider by pulling the mono line through the sinker slider if the current permitted it.
  10. Maybe in fact that is all there is to it, because in the picture I saw looks like a standard all purpose bluefish rig, - unless there was something different about its wire leader material ( unusually heavy/stiff or unusually light/flexible).that I couldn't see in the picture. Any other thoughts?
  11. I have seen some commercially prepared rigs with wire leaders,hooks and swivels that are marketed as " bluefish chum hooks"- They tend to have rather short leaders.{generally under 8 inches). Is there something about them that would differentiate them from other commercial bluefish rigs with short wire leaders,hooks and swivels, or is this just a sales gimmick? Thanks for any insights.
  12. The plug's eyes are green. It has been sold. Thanks SOL. This thread is closed.
  13. The plug is sold to MtkSurfcasting. Thanks very much.
  14. No thank you, but I appreciate your interest. mann2