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  1. Hello all, Quick question regarding lure clips, like the ones made by Tactical Anglers and split rings. I purchased some clips (50lb, 75lb, 125lb) clips and have run into a little issue that I would like some insight on. I am normally a big proponent of using split rings on the front of my lures and typically replace and add heavy duty split rings to them. I feel like the split rings allow for more movement (wiggle), which is why I like having them on the lures. That stated, when utilizing lures with split rings and a lure clip, for ease in changing lures, I typically have some trouble getting the lure on the clip. The split ring typically shifts and is difficult to get onto the clip. I typically use the 75lb clips, which can be a tight fit when trying to get the split ring between the body of the clip and the arm the lure slides over, to connect to the clip. While I could bump up to the 125lb clip, with a bit more spacing for the split ring, I’m not sure I want to move up to that larger size clip. Therefore, I’m wondering what everyone’s take is on utilizing split rings with lure clips. Should I just remove the front split rings on my lured and make a direct connection from lure eye to lure clip? Should I up the size clip I use to 125lb to have greater spacing to get the split ring on the clip? In the end, I like having split rings on my lures but if it takes 20 minutes to get the split ring on the clip to change my lure, it seems counter-productive. Thanks guys.
  2. I as others fished Liberty State Park through the 90's and actually had a kayak fishing outing planned for the Saturday after 9/11. Unfortunately, after 9/11, the park officials kept you from fishing from the rocks and advised that fishing was permitted from the walkway. No longer could you fish the side channel where schoolies, and an occasional larger fish, would congregate on an incoming tide. Just moving back to NJ after 8 years in Chicago, I went to Liberty State Park late last year and I a few dink stripers. For me, it's no longer worth the trip to go there, so I'll stick with the shore. Still a pretty cool place to catch some stripers.
  3. Does anyone have any feedback on this rod? Seems relatively new, but I'm looking to pick up two bunker spoon rods and saw this for a decent price. Looking around, you have custom rods, Tsunsmi, Seeker, Maja and the Penn. I just can't seem to find any info on the Penn. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, Looking for a used wireline trolling outfit for bunker spooning that won't break the bank. Possibly a Penn Senator 4/0 with an 8-10ft rod. Please let me know if anyone has anything to offer. Thank you.
  5. Hello all. After seven years in the Midwest, I have finally relocated back to New Jersey and am looking to start to rebuild my saltwater arsenal for fishing the Sandy Hook area. I picked up a few umbrella rigs online and had a question regarding setup. Over the years, we've seen the umbrella rig go from tubes, to shads, to soft plastics and all other kinds of additions. Years ago, I seem to remember hearing that striped bass are more apt to hit an upper teaser when there is a small lead of mono from the umbrella rig frame to the teaser. Looking online, I've seen the mono leaders for the upper teasers on shad rigs and on soft plastic rigs, but do guys who fish the more traditional tube rigs run their upper tubes with mono leaders? I'm starting with two, 4 arm umbrella rigs and medium sized 8/0 tubes. I can attach the bulk of the tubes directly to the umbrella rig frame or run them all off a short trace of mono. I'm leading towards utilizing the mono, risking more tangles and bluefish bite offs, but thought it may put more bass in the boat too. Just wondering what others do. Thank you.
  6. I'm selling new in packaging an Airflo Delta 7/8 WT Full Sinking fly line. Line is 90ft long and has a sink rate of 7-8 inches per second. Great for fly fishing in the bays for stripers, blues or weakfish, where added depth is needed. Asking $20. Please send a message if interested. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, I'm setting up a drift fishing trip on the Delaware river Saturday August 9th. The trip will begin at Dingman's Ferry, PA and end 11 miles downstream at Bushkill, PA. We will be fishing for smallmouth bass and walleye. Anyone interested check out the KFS site for updates or e-mail me for information. Hope to see some of you there.
  8. Skunkmater flex...Areoflex is open water, along with Cranbury Lake, Greenwood and a good portion of Monksville. Past them all this weekend.
  9. I hear ya but I'd rather get it out of the way now than once the real season begins.
  10. I live relatively close by Areoflex but only ever fished it once with nothing to show for it. I planned on heading back this spring to give it a shot. If you go, good luck and let us know how you make out.
  11. Are you sure Areoflex is open water now?
  12. Just throwing this out there: Typically, when I go party boat fluking I leave from the port of Atlantic Highlands, fishing the productive waters in and around Raritan Bay. However, thinking I might head down tomorrow, and pondering a change of pace, would you guys fluke fish out of Atlantic Highlands, primarily fishing the bay, or head to Belmar and try fluking the the open ocean waters? Just curious. Thanks
  13. Have you guys found any way to reduce the number of eels you catch? I have infrequently fished the Delaware for catfish up near the Milford, PA area but when using chicken liver always seem to catch eels instead of catfish. Should I find a different location, different bait or is there something else that might prevent the number of eels being caught. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys. I'm looking for an 18-20 foot boat, preferably aluminum with trailer for under $2000. The boat I'm looking for needs to have relatively high sides, console preferable for use on Lake Ontario and Raritan Bay. I prefer the open boat, dual console or small cuddy style and outboard as opposed to I/O. I made an offer on an 18ft Starcraft and sent the seller a deposit to hold the boat until this weekend but he ended up selling it anyway, thus I am still looking. I realize for the price I'm looking at an older model, fixer upper, but as long as the hull is sound I feel confortable re-doing the interior. Been checking a few of the popular auction/selling sites to no real avail so anyone who may have something feel free to contact me. Thank you.
  15. Hello, I have to replace a roller guide tip on a old custom rod I had for lake trout fishing and was wondering how I tell what size tip I need? Is it as simple as using a ruler to measure the inner diameter of the hole on the tip or something more involved. Thanks
  16. Has to be the original floating rapala for me. Seems to catch just about everything that swims. Great lure.
  17. Hi guys. I am just inquiring if anyone has a fairly decent 15-30 horsepower, short shaft, manual(tiller) outboard. While I don't have that much money to spend, I'm really not interested in ancient motors or ones that nee massive repairs. Yesterday I tried out a pretty old 18HP Johnson and got right off the water when the thing started spitting gas and oil into the water. I don't really want that experience again but am looking for something I can strap onto a 16 ft aluminum. Thanks.
  18. Anybody here like fishing for walleye? Or muskie? These fisheries were all greatly enhanced by the efforts of F&W...particularly Bob Papson. Anytime I've had a question or an inquiry, the people at NJ F&W have always taken their time to help. If Atlantic Salmon take off in NJ everyone will forget it started with a F&W stocking program. Overall, I think they do a pretty darn good job with the resources afforded to them.
  19. No official announcement yet but my bet would be Areoflex. Check the historical records...they were there once before.
  20. Yeah Dan...I wanted to make it completely clear that I wasn't attacking you. Growing up on the river and spending 25 plus years there especially makes you note the resources. I can remember days when smallies and pike were a dream rather than a reality. Even though I've moved away from the river, now I live up in Sussex County, I still get back there a few times a year to have a pleasant day on the water. Maybe we'll hook up someday if you want.
  21. I live up near Monksville and Greenwood, and while I would attempt to fish Monksville from the canoe, Greenwood has too much boat traffic to be considered remotely safe. Same thing with Lake Hopatcong. I haven't fished Mountain Lake but that is significantly smaller and less boat traffic. The Delaware can also be fished but better have someone else along to control the canoe if you hook up with a muskie. No way you'll be able to control the canoe and the fish, espeically in current. Better to be safe than sorry.
  22. I could go on and on about the gear needed for muskie fishing. These are strong fish but surprisingly fairly fragile. Guys in the know are using 65lb to 80lb braided line, 100lb steel or florocarbon leaders and stout baitcasting tackle. In addition, long needle-nose pliers, good wire cutters capable of cutting through large hooks and a good sized net are paramount to successful catch and release of these fish. Their objective is to catch the fish without wearing it down to the point that it won't survive release. The are too valuable to destroy using gear that will play them out to exaustion. Tiger muskies are sterile and aren't as abundant as true strain muskies. There is an existing fishery in the lower Delaware. The Upper Delaware contains more true strain muskies. Now as far as fighting them from a canoe, that may be a bit tough. I'm fishing out of a canoe this year as well, and might try muskie fishing Monksville Reservoir from it, but be forewarned that they can certainly pull around a canoe or upset the canoe. Muskies have a tendency of hitting close to the boat and a large strike from a good sized fish could send you over in a hurry. There are fish in the Delaware and that seems like your closest bet, but I like the northern lakes for having a good chance of hooking up with one. Travel a bit and you might be rewarded with a good fish.
  23. Where are you located and do you have a boat? New Jersey offers some good muskie fishing in northern NJ in places such as Greenwood Lake, Lake Hopatcong, Echo Lake, Monksville Reservoir, Mountain Lake and the Delaware River. Boat access makes it much easier to seek out fish. You can rent boats on Lake Hopatcong, Monksville and I believe, Greenwood as well. As fare as fishing for them, large plugs and bucktail spinners catch pleanty of NJ muskie. As far as tiger muskie are concerned, I just talked to state biologist Bob Papson who states NJ is seriouly considering dropping the tiger muskie program. It just hasn't worked out the way they have anticipated. But the muskie program is fine. Check out MuskiesInc. They have two relatively local chapters that could steer you in the right direction. I got my first two muskie and one exciting follow in three trips last year. They are some exciting fish. Getting the right gear is essential and once put into play you'll see muskies don't neccessarily have to be a fish of 1000 casts. Any other questions shoot me an e-mail Good luck.