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  1. And here is another major misnomer that the PC crowd perpetuates. Africa is a continent made up of a multitude of countries with a mixed bag of races, religions, nationalities, cultures. And let's not forget the island nations around the world. Many black people come from them and are labeled as African and they detest that label. Their cultures are miles apart. The left PC idiots makes you think otherwise.
  2. kitchen cabinet doors or a regular door one walks through? I'm looking for something for a regular door.
  3. does any one make a door closer that works like a soft close drawer where the door operates freely but will close an ajar door at the last 2 or 3 inches before latching?
  4. Jay Blair, so who makes a good seed and fertilizer? And where to purchase?
  5. foxfai. I went through the same thing with my Mom's place, recently. It's over 50 years old. Every valve is a PITA. Started off replacing the clothes washer. Replaced the hoses and everything and thought all was good. . When it came to test it out, the shutoff valve leaked at the stem when I opened it, WTF. It looked almost like yours. At least 15 years old with zero maintenance. I was very hesitant to torque it due to age. I marked the packing nut position with a Sharpie then a couple of small twists back and forth like a 1/8 or 1/4 turn in each direction then one final 1/4 clockwise turn and all was good. I hate plumbing too. Give me wood or romex and I'm happy.
  6. Ban an old aged "racist" sport while we're at it.
  7. how do we know this video is from the motorcade? I didn't see anything indicating such. And if it was the motorcade, wouldn't those in the military salute the new CiC?
  8. resurrecting an old thread that I had interest in back a few months. I had a very hard time finding something that I thought would be a good chipper. I ended up purchasing a DR Power Premier 375 (3.75 inch chipper) back in October. It's a self feeding chipper. It's small but its size is deceiving. Like SB59 stated, if it fits, it eats it. I'm happy with my purchase. Got a super good deal on it. It was a discontinued model and inventory clearance item.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I don't know. I don't know if air is coming passed them or through them. I haven't been in the attic to check them out.
  10. I like the LED retrokit idea. I can get rid of the existing cans.
  11. Homies sells insulated recessed lighting covers for recessed lights that are recessed into attic areas. I was thinking of using these to cover 2 overhead recessed LED lights in a walk in shower because I feel cold air during the cold season being pulled in when the boiler fires up (tankless water heater). I'd like to cover them to contain any long term heat loss and to keep moisture and subsequently mold and mildew out of the attic but concerned about moisture buildup in the covers and possible mold and mildew damage to the ceiling and surrounding attic insulation around the lights. The shower area does have an exhaust fan and I'm thinking as long as that is used there shouldn't be a problem. Any thoughts on this and anything I'm missing?
  12. I use 100% silicone not oil based silicone sprays. But what also helps is to let the blower cool down to outside temp for several minutes before blowing snow. My blower comes from a heated garage and if I start blowing before allowing it to adjust to outside temp snow melts then freezes then it's a PITA to clean off when done.
  13. I had the cheapos too. Never liked it's poor stability. I have a Brinly 50lb spreader. I don't recall what it cost but it was not cheap. I wanna say around $200, maybe more but I'm very pleased with it. Big wheels and wide wheel base make the difference in stability. Commercial quality.
  14. and just a few days before that there were 800 or so on the Mystic River and there have been several car parades on Rt. 1.