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  1. Patrick Cassidy, Cape Cod On the Fly is a Cape guide. His focus, obviously, is fly fishing. I’ve been out with him several times and every time I have a blast. He is a great guy, and really finds the fish. His knowledge of history of the cape is always interesting and entertaining. He does 1/2 day and full day boat trips and 1/2 and full day wading trips. I know this is the general fishing thread but I’m just throwing it out there, if you’re a fly guy, then he is your guide. If you’re thinking about trying salt fly fishing, he’s a patient guy and you will have a killer day learning. Archie
  2. Hey Title guy, that’s a sweet looking crab fly, is that a homemade design or does it have a name? I’m always looking to improve the flies I present, especially crab flies, haven’t found an effective one that I like tying. Thanks, Archie
  3. Hi Steve, those are beautiful, what material are the collars made from? Archie
  4. Blues and/or stripers? No clue, I think it was a case of too much of a good thing, acres of bunker, too much bait, I got skunked
  5. I just had the same experience, was waist deep surrounded by peanut bunker, tried every fly I had and couldn’t get a take, decided to try a bunker imitation crease fly, after about 10 casts my leader was so twisted up I had to cut it off. I was using an 8wt rod, intermediate line and a 9 foot straight shot of 20# fluorocarbon. I don’t fish crease flies much so I don’t know if this is common with them, but I didn’t have any problems with the dozen or so flies I used that day. Archie
  6. Thanks so much guys, I'm creating a mock up right now for the base stem clamp with a 3/8 ID, from what you all are saying it seems safe to assume it has a 3/8 OD stem.
  7. Hey Suave, thanks for checking that out for me. Yeah, I did email Regal but they haven’t gotten back to me yet, and I’ve spent a while searching the web with no luck. I’m going to make the base and wait for a definitive answer or the the stem to arrive before I make the stem clamp.
  8. Thanks KidDkivahh, I looked at the regal website, no info there and emailed them but they have yet to get back to me. It seems that 3/8 is standard for stems. Thanks for confirming 3/8 for me. Archie
  9. Hi Everyone, I just ordered a Regal Big Game Vise and Pedestal Stem from Bear's Den. I'm a bit of a woodworker so while I'm waiting on the Vise to arrive I'm planning on making a base out of some live edge wood I have laying around. I need to manufacture a clamp to attach the stem to the base but I'm not sure what diameter the rod is for the post. Does anyone know the diameter of the the stem, or could any of the Regal owners out there measure theirs for me? Thanks, Archie
  10. Received the spool yesterday, as described perfect condition and fast shipping. Thank you Riley1121 and SOL
  11. I’ll take it, I will PM you with details. Thanks Riley and SOL
  12. Great, lemme know how much. And payment details, PayPal?
  13. I’m still looking for a spool, lemme know what you got, Thanks
  14. Hi,  I’m in the market for a SL IV


    please take a look at my post 


    Thanks,  Archie

    1. maction17


      Hey Archie,


      I had two reach out to you before me. When I pulled the reel out to give it a look over, turns out the spool release mechanism was either broken or corroded-- I had no luck getting the spool off even after trying to loosen it up. I've sent the reel back to Orvis for repair or replace. If the other two move on by the time it comes back and you're still looking, I'm happy to offer to you.

    2. Archie


      Maction17,  Thanks for the heads up.  I def interested,  hit me up if the other two pass.


      Thanks, Archie

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