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  1. You've got it all wrong. Its just dirt like he had on his hand. Very sticky dirt.
  2. It doesn't sound good for Parnell. I read that he has the same injury that Hefner had last year which resulted in Tommy John Surgery. Honestly 3rd place is the best I think they'll do. 90 wins is a bit of a stretch but you don't expect Sandy to tell the truth do you? I just want to see progress with some of the younger guys and for the team to keep moving forward.
  3. Very sorry to hear, Prayers sent
  4. So the Government couldn't come up with there own bad ideas, they had to reach out to others to come up with them. Brilliant.
  5. Very cool seeing the way it was before I started working there. Really wish the original store was still standing. Always wondered what it looked like on the inside.
  6. Surf Warrior Thanks for the chance
  7. Linesider69 Custom Plugs Thanks for the chance.
  8. Been there. Done that.
  9. Very nice work. That blurple scale is sweet.
  10. Your right. I would definitely rather have Vick than Sanchez. I was speaking in a sense that Vick would start. If he could accept the role as backup then he probably wouldn't be a bad pickup. Could be a really good mentor for Geno.
  11. Probably more of a money thing. Seems to happen a lot in todays NFL. But Smith is a really good receiver. When he wants to be.
  12. I think signing Vick would be a mistake. He has shown that he isn't the player that he once was. All he is now is an injury waiting to happen.
  13. Would you take $45 for the two greenpoints?
  14. White Water Outfitters
  15. Very cool pics. What kind of camera were those taken with?