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  1. ave all the shorts ...Made casting eggs for the wife with spinning& IN FLY TYING we use BUlK .06 mono for most tying now...A friend mentioned to turn some but make um a little deeper & wider ...Holds much more mono....Jim
  2. Finally decided to join the foil fly club..But its hard to spend either $37 $78 for a blue lite that cures the Tuff fleye material...Must be a cheaper lite out there ? Maybe its the best one being sold....Any ideas on this issue..what are you guys using?..Thanks, Jim
  3. Nice going NJ...Lookslike the same setup as a Barracuda..You'll love tying on it I'm sure....Jim
  4. Well for years I used a $10 thompson AA vise & it worked for what I neededCould'nt imagine a more expensive one for a 50cent fly...Then my wife ask a friend at the local fly shop what I had been wanting//He sells her a $320 Dyna king Barracuda ( now going around $400...And when the owner of a Alaska lodge saw our Silvers production, askerd If I was interested in tying for his lodge..700-800 flies per season..I umpted onthe offer which allowed me to stay there for 9 years with the barter system...Thats when the Dyna King really worked great 4 me..With the attachments & rotary system ,eliminated lots of time & effort It was a pricey vise ,,but I would replace it with the same one..Jim...
  5. Welcome aboard Mike..Theres tons of info on these boards..Hope you can add some also..We need help fighting the water mongers to get our fisherys back..Also fill out your profile so we have a idea who we're dealing with..Thanks pal, Jim::
  6. will do winch!! Jim
  7. What do you expect from a politician who was financed during her career by the so Cal grower Resnick..He even had a full page in the Chronicle telling how he financed her tru the years..Really arrogant ! I believe they're neighbors in Hawai...Wouldn't you think her vote on the water issue that makes him a multi billionaire, a conflict of interest.?.....Jim :mad:
  8. OK Winch..I'll get my one finger typeing going..Thanks, Jim:)
  9. well we had the internationsl sportsmanExpo show at san mateo years back,,But due to over priceing vendors ,the show & parking led to closure..It was a great show when Ed Rice ran it..He tried to have different people giving something new every year..They had many shops competing with sales etc..You had to be there the first day Of four days running..Otherwise the good stuff & sales were gone..The only demos were in fly fishing .Where you could try out all the new rods,lines & such..Of course there were some repeats every year..After Rice sold to new owners things went down hill..Parking increased,show price went up & they kept raiseing the vendors booths..And they even asked some venders to nopt returnbecause of too many same venders..Then when the original vender didn't sign up,they tried to get the venderthat they turned down..& they said "screw you.".So tru a few years it fell apart..They still have the ISE show at Sacramento & The fly show at Pleasanton between Jan-Feb every year But the fly show is slowly failing as the San Mateo show did..Too bad..After the dormant winters we always looked foreward to the shows coming up at each year..Always wanted to see & try out the new gear on the market & talk to the reps etc..any questions you had,you could get answers ..But due to Money , money etc. everything has slowly withered away..Like our beloved Stripers,,EVERY thing has gone south & greed wins again........Jim
  10. Seems like the water issue continues,,Remember at the last shortage..The water dept pleaded with the public to cut duwn on consumption...Soooo the wife & i cut a lot ..Wash water pumped in yard...ko flushing urine in toilets no washing cars or fronts..I thought it a bit tough ,but we did it...THEN the following year the dept said you must cut back 20-25% from year before..I explained to the water dept that if they checked their records ,that they'll see we started year before& couldn't possibly do this...Their answer was just do it...So much for public assistance..Plus after that year they had to raise the rates cuz they didn't make enough $$ on the little ammount of water sold..AND I have not seen the rate drop when the water was plentiful..I keep waiting & waiting....I think we got suckered once more!
  11. Dan.!! I know its beengoing on for years...But inTHOSE days ,we had Vigilantes &" hung um high" I don't think we can do that now..But let me think about it?
  12. Wel said Winch..I recently sent a similiar Story to the reporter who wrote Both sides Of the delta problem in the chronicle..I thanked her for having the guts tio show both sides.Then gave her the entire one dating back to Old man Gov Brown...Up to his little son JerryEvenmentioned that Resnick is so arrogant ,he gave the story how he helped Feinstien Tru her political career..And now are Neighbors in Hawaii, & shouldant this be conflict of Interest? Also do a search check on him & see how many people are sueing him in court? I asked for a reply from her with none recieved...I worked with a fellow fireman ,Dan White who had similiar problems with politicians.And as the actor Said "I'm tired as hell & I'm not gonna take it anymore" Of course he ruined his life & his family too, BUT he got his point across..Next time I see you ,I'll tell you thewhole story..Jim
  13. when I was in the Coastb Guard& going on shore leave A fellow found these in his shorts, which delayed our leave..Only they were much smaller...Jim
  14. Pflueger is a good company..i purchased the reg spool gold ree, I believe its a 1890.Has a wide spool for this size reelPlenty of room for backing & full size lines.Decided to get extra spools, only to find out they discontinued the reel''I called the company & they found 4 spools for me, plus got extra screws & parts I thought I;d needVery courteou & helpfull..Even had a few parts for my nephews old Medalistreels..Within a few months ,they replaced the gold reel with a few different reels , some igraphite models. Glad I made the buy as the newer reels were much higher in price...Jim
  15. Please check your private messages.......gregorjim