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  1. As lost as last year’s Easter egg” ”As scarce as rocking horse poop” ”As nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs” ”Strong like bull. Smart like tractor “
  2. “young, dumb & full of ___” ”You can’t have your cake & eat it too” “For crying out loud”
  3. Benjamin Franklin wanted this noble specimen to be the national bird....
  4. I’m sorry about the spoilers!
  5. Two top pocket finds that were old!
  6. All the best & heal quickly!
  7. The other ground hog
  8. “Yes Dear”
  9. What they don’t show you on forged in fire is the tempering process where the blade is reheated (after the quench) and cooled in an oven, in a slow controlled manner. This takes place overnight. If the blades weren’t tempered back, softened, and used as quenched they’d shatter. This heat treat is the heart and soul of the knife. Too hard and it chips and is hard to sharpen. Too soft and it won’t hold an edge and it will bend and stay that way. Thats why the ABS puts so much emphasis on the heat treat. To pass a smith must make a knife that will chop thru a 2 x 4, sever a free hanging 1” Manila rope in one swing, shave arm hair, and then survive being put in a vice and being bent to 90 degrees and back (IIRC both ways) without breaking. To quote Bob Dozier “And after all that, it’s just a knife.”
  10. On watermarks..:.. I’ve spent my entire career in ad agency art departments, 43 years. About 5 years ago the subject of watermarks came up in the conversation. There were two high end retouchers along with some photoshop artists and photographers. Think accounts like Fed Ex, GE and similar. They all agreed that if someone wants your photos watermarks won’t stop them. Maybe slow them down a little. And thin out the casual thieves. Thats when the retouchers spoke up and said that it wasn’t a matter of “if” but “how long”. “We’d have races to see who could get the watermarks off the same image quicker.” i have a basic knowledge of photoshop and have removed watermarks just to see if I could. If they really want it.....
  11. Congrats on the move Jim. We were in our place 22 years when we decided to get out of NYC. I feel your decluttering and packing pain. The upside is that it feels like we’re on vacation every day! Good on ya!
  12. I, for one, think it is great that Billy Gerhard is getting more speaking parts. After all, he is the sage of the backhoe and the real brains of the outfit. So good to see him out of the machine and standing next to the hole saying “yeah, that’s wood “ with the rest of the guys. Go Billy!