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  1. GEC Toothpick from the last time around.... I like the longer, leaner, more traditional toothpicks a little better than the GEC current and original batches.
  2. www.kniferights.org Might find some answers there....
  3. Sweet Coke Bottle chumbucket! You'll enjoy that one. Throwing knives? Just don't play catch with them
  4. I have a smiling bill bucktail that was in my uncle's (wooden) tackle box from when he got to old to fish. I first saw it around '62 or so. And it and the box were o-l-d old back then.
  5. Mid 80's trout opener.... guy with what looked like a 7wt fly rod casting a 2 ounce sinker and bait. Should've heard that clicker SCREAM!
  6. Great info here! As for rubber skirts, it was always a thrill, back in the day, when they'd melt with the wrong plastic trailers. Or get matted like a Rasta's dreads from mucky water. I love fishing a white jig like a spinnerbait. You can visually track it & when it disappears, set the hook
  7. Yes, you can still use them for mono, why not.... But they are not fast and tippy rods. All a matter of preference, I like the faster rods from the boat where I can overhead cast and not think about clipping a branch. The shock rods are my bank fishing rods, the load easier with shorter motions and because of the price I don't worry so much about them banging on the bushes and trees some.
  8. Berkley Shock rods.... I have 2 of the casting rods and am very impressed. A little more moderate action, not all tippy and fast. I consider it a good thing.
  9. The wire twist is a great idea. Works for spinnerbaits as well. As to trimming the weedguards, do what ever works for you.
  10. Man with a plan I've always wanted one of those Cold Steel Torpedos, but figured it'd just roll around in my sock drawer punching holes in things
  11. Manhattan

    Ever wonder what those dogs smelled like when they got home? My reel and rod were bad enough....
  12. Fishing fallen trees with lots of branches? Spread out the bristle guard on the jig perpendicular to the hook to add more coverage for those odd angle hits on the tree. Sparse cover? Thin out the bristles with a scissor to make hook sets easier. I also like to trim the top of the bristle weed guard parallel to, but above, the hook point. Improves hook sets in my book.