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  1. All the best wishes.
  2. At least tuck the knife under the belt and put the clip on the outside.
  3. Somebody's got to say it.... NOW THAT'S A KNIFE!
  4. I'm surprised they're not playing pool.....
  5. 2 things I've learned. When you feel the weight of the fluke on the line (you rarely feel a "bite"), lower your rod tip without introducing slack. You want to feel the weight the whole time. When the rod tip is below the horizon set the hook. However you want. I'm old school and wouldn't bring a spinning reel on a party boat. An Abu 6500, sure. So I just smoothly lift the rod tip up with the rod butt in my belly. If you must pump your fish in the way to keep the slack out of your line is to "pull" the rod tip down with the reel. Don't drop the rod tip and try to catch up with the reel, that's the recipe for slack line and lost fish. Tie your line to a fence or let your kid be the fish and get a feel for pulling the rod tip down. It works, that's how I taught my daughter. Hope this helps.
  6. Both! LOL
  7. Ages ago, before braid, my buddy found a big black jitterbug in a tree while we were fishing. He ties it on but didn't get how it worked. I showed him how to make it do the happy plop plop plop retrieved. "They're not going to bite that." "Sure they will, give it a shot." He goes off a little down the shore and I can barely hear the plop plop. Then there is a splash like a cinderblock was thrown in. He comes back to me a little pale and says "Well, it worked.... biggest bass I ever saw.... and my line broke."
  8. Went LMB fishing with an old friend this past weekend. We used to fish together back in the 80s and 90s. Haven't seen him in years and knowing he's not a tackle whore, I figured I'd go back to the 80s with him. Dug out the Shimano Black Magnum and ULS reels. Filled them with 14 and 10 lb mono. Put them on pistol grip rods too. Pop-Rs, rattletraps, spinnerbaits and scum frogs. Besides the fact that there were two 63 YOs huffing and puffing over the fallen trees and rocks... How the heck did we fish with monofilament? I didn't realize how spoiled I am! Like fishing blindfolded with baseball gloves on. Spinnerbaits over submerged weeds.... with braid you can not only feel the blade but the lure ticking on the weeds. Mono? You feel the ball of weeds. Spinnerbaits in fallen trees.... with braid you can run them up to a branch and flip it over consistently. Mono? the stretch allows the rod to load and the lure to tilt and you hook the branch. Forget about breaking it off when standing on a rock, you have to walk down to the road and the next county to take the stretch out of the line. Hooksets? After having several misses I realized that I had to do what we used to call the "Roland Martin Hookset" move the rod tip about 8' up and back. Missed the biggest of the day cuz I forgot that. All in all it was a great day out with an old friend. We caught some fish, didn't get sunstroke and to quote him "nobody broke a hip" But the mono goes back in the drawer!
  9. Get a tape measure. Measure out 5, 10 or 15 yards in your house or yard and mark each end. Put the full spool at one end and your reel or empty spool at the other. Walk off, let's say, 10 yards of line to the mark. Reel or wind your way back to the full spool 15 times. 10x15=150 That'll get you roughly to the center. Or you could return the 300 yard spool and get two 150s
  10. Not as much about correcting you as it is about being an informed buyer. I mention it not only for you but all the others that are following along.
  11. 2 things about packs. Empty weight and volume. If a pack is heavy when it is empty, it can only be worse full. Small volume packs will be lighter in the end because they only fit so much. It's human nature to add stuff if there is still room. I do it all the time.... And it is usually "just in case" fishing stuff that never gets out of the bag for the season. But you lug it around for a season. 1 row plug bag with your main rotation or 4 rows of plugs that you "might" need kind of thing. I'd stack up everything you want to carry and go from there.
  12. What ever floats your boat. Is it still 2 blades if one of them is a saw?
  13. For the record, Cold Steel doesn't manufacture anything. They have stuff made, all over the world, and slap their name on it. That sow belly is nice. I like the single blade trapper myself. I have no use for a spay blade,,,,, Stockman? Too many choices
  14. Better spawning conditions equal more fish.
  15. Why tube tails? Bluefish.