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  1. On keeping with the hook point centered (width-wise) while going thru the bait… I like to keep the portion of the bait where the hook point is in between my thumb and index finger. As the hook progresses I readjust my grip, inching along to the exit point. If I rush and don’t inch along I usually mess up and have a bait that’ll look like it can go around corners.
  2. Epic wood in the season finale. Everything I expected and hoped for.
  3. I hope the undeniable evidence is wood!
  4. Yup. Sums it up nicely.
  5. OMG. I can't believe I heard it. "I'm getting tired of wood." Wow. Now. Pet peeve. I'll admit to being a sucker for the show (DVR FF thru the endless commercials and recaps..... it's 15 minutes of content). But every time they find something.... like tonight's ox shoe in the middle of no where.... It wasn't the middle of nowhere back then. It was obviously all farmland, just look at the trees. All second growth forest. Just like about all of the Hudson River valley. The oxen were pulling plows. The bits of chain were on the plows. Sheesh....
  6. My only knife to make it into a magazine.... Guardless Coffin Handles are a thing around here.... 2 left & 2 right are from Joel Bolden in PA, Middle is forged 5160 with mammoth from Bruce Evans in MS, left of center is a production knife and right of center is a kit blade with my own made handle.
  7. Capitol in the 80s was great. I'd go on Wednesdays and spend my lunch money there every week. Use my whole lunch hour wandering around and filling up my little baking tin
  8. Looks like a good season is shaping up. Too bad about the evil empire…….. NOT!
  9. Top 4 cars wreck in the first turn, Russell leads 1st lap LOL
  10. Peaky Blinders returns in June.
  11. The bottle method is great. The thicker the bottle, the faster the job goes. I like to put a screwdriver or chopstick in a vice & let the bottle full of line ride on that while you’re moving the line. This also works well when you don’t know how much mono backing to use. spool the braid, add the mono till full and then reverse. once you set up your reels to match the filler spools you don’t have to worry about backing again. Best tip I’ve ever learned on SOL! many thanks to whoever originally posted it!!
  12. There was one more hockey related "Ice Guardians" or "Guardians on Ice" Awesome interviews with all the 'enforcers' from back in the day. Not sure if it was Netflix or Amazon.... This was on PBS ages ago, if ya like the blues it's well worth a watch.
  13. “Bad Sport” 6 part doc series on bad behavior in different sports. The minor league hockey In Connecticut was a real life Sopranos meets Slapshot. Epic Tricky Dick & The Man In Black the story of Nixon trying to use Johnny Cash to woo the southern vote. Netflix for both.
  14. Don’t know how we missed it then :dunno: