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  1. Keep on punching Bospa!
  2. Show it your knife....
  3. They work for me. :dunno:
  4. Now we're having fun Back to knifs..... My oldest knife. BB Knife Co from BeaverBrook MA.... Very late 1800s.
  5. Yup! Brushed the wall to straighten the car out. Just enough to scratch the paint off but not dent the car. I always thought that was the coolest.
  6. OK, give me quarter..... I'm as pro gun as anyone. I'm on your side. Below is the OCPD tweet that followed the one shown above. On one hand we have a bunch of firearms that will never see the light of day no matter what. The cops have them. They don't sell back to the public. That's a done deal. On the other hand we have a group of people, prisoners of war. People, not things. That was also a long time ago, when the world had a very different set of values (not that I agree with them) but it was a different place. We could go back further to Richard the Lion Heart and his comment on prisoners... "Kill them all. God knows his own." And that would have just as much bearing on the OCPD situation.... On the third hand, I'd say it is more like blaming the delivery guy for the pineapples on your pizza. And no, I didn't have to look up who Tarleton was.
  7. Nice score Scally! One of the handiest blade shapes around. I don't get the hate for Benchmade. Oregon City Police destroyed the firearms.... only had Benchmade cut them up. If Benchmade didn't do it someone else would've.
  8. That's why they sat so close to the steering wheel... leverage. 1st driver to use power steering? Darrell (Bubbles) Waltrip. Bubbles because he drove the Tide car when the household product sponsors came out in droves when the marketing gurus realized how many women watched back then. I've heard a driver from back then describing oval track racing as driving in rush hour traffic. At 85 mph. On ice. Anyone remember "The Darlington Stripe"?
  9. He's the reason they have templates. Ol Smokey built a car that was scaled down 10%. No one ever noticed until one of the pit jockeys parked the back up car right next to it. Aero was new then, and a 10% reduction in drag was huge. The cheats were rule bending genius. Cars had to make a minimum weight. They'd stuff the frame rails with canvas bags of bird shot. Thru the race, the canvas would wear thru and the shot would pour out. Lighter cars go faster. Now they weigh the cars after the race. Fuel tank sizes were standardized. No rule on the fuel line though. One team made a fuel line so long that it looked like a still under the car. The extra half gallon wouldn't win every race, but it was an edge that could show up. When in car cameras were brand new, one team removed the braces on the air intake at the base of the windshield. The intake size was regulated. By removing the braces the hood bowed at speed making it much larger. The talking heads brought attention to it and the next week the braces were mandatory. Once the manufacturers were out of the races (Win on Sunday, sell on Monday) and no longer had to build a minimum number of the racing model (Superbirds, Daytona Chargers etc) and they switched to the "Car of Tomorrow" NASCAR took a turn towards pro wrestling. More about the driver drama than the cars, the strategy and tech. When Ford reintroduced the Thunderbird, with it's then ground breaking aero shape, they owned and made Bill Elliot a hero. Earnhardt was one that could adapt and overcome. He did poorly when they made the switch to radial tires. The old bias ply would gradually and consistently slide thru the corners (at 180mph ) but the radial would hang on and let then go at once. He had to, and did, relearn his driving style when others languished or retired. He was the one that figured out how to take the air off the car in front's rear spoiler. He didn't have to bump them like in the pre aero days, all he had to do was get out halfway on the outside and take the air off his rear spoiler. That caused the car in front to get loose, remember the radials, and that driver had to momentarily lift allowing the big bad black #3 to go by keeping his momentum all the way. End of an era when DE died. I always loved that he referred to Jeff Gordon as "The Boy Wonder"
  10. Can't let this thread sink! Cold Steel? Here's my Recon Scout that I removed the blacktical finish on, and have since sold, and an original "Ventura CA" marked Master Hunter Both wear custom kydex from kydex master "Normark"
  11. I've worked with X-Actos, razors and matte knives (like in the video) for 42 years..... Cutting towards yourself with enough pressure to make your hands shake is just asking for trouble. Better would be to put the tail on the table hide up and cut/score the hide without cutting towards your fingers and pulling (breaking) the hide apart after the cut is 3/4 or so thru. Be safe.
  12. Now that I have first hand experience, I agree. It's the very thin sharp blade. The handle is comfy to use as well. It is an ugly duckling though, in a form follows function sort of way.
  13. 2 gifts.... A little Case Gent's Knife And my first Opinel What can I say? I'm a low speed, high drag kinda guy....
  14. "The other left"
  15. The pool room is warm and dry inside. Just sayin'