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  1. It doesn't matter. When they'd get beat up, I'd dip them in house paint. Ceiling flat white, gloss enamel trim paint.... fish them with the paint half chipped off and fished plain lead as well. Tied my own buck tail and always used HH hard as nails on the threads. Fish. Have fun. Don't worry. Be happy.
  2. Sea Robin fillet cut in half lengthwise = strip bait. Moves great in the water. The old guys would use the white, bottom, strip and clean up. Big baits, big fish.
  3. Freshwater fishing I always have a pair of work gloves in my pocket. When snagged I'll grab the line in front of the reel, wrap 3 or 4 times around the glove and walk away with my back to the lure, rod pointed at the snag. 30# braid & 20-25# mono leader. On the beach, the same if it is cold enough to wear gloves. If not I use my pliers' handles or a sleeve. If the sweep/current is going right to left and you get hung, try opening the bail and walking up current (to the right) to change the angle of pull. Often the combination of slack line and change of direction will free a wedged buck tail.
  4. One of my wife's church lady friends got a Jeep from Enterprise and couldn't be happier. Had it a couple years now, no complaints.
  5. Grumman made beautiful aircraft. One of my favorites.... transitional design... the F3F And then there were the seaplanes as well A Widgeon and a Goose You all know the real famous ones
  6. Interesting on the trailers.... I always use them. Usually the Zoom plastic version of the Uncle Josh #11 frog. Or a grub. I like the mass for casting weight, and the plastic for buoyancy. The bigger silhouette doesn't seem to hurt either. Plastic shad on a bare spinnerbait makes me feel like I'm fishing the old beetle spins
  7. The Scoobster said it right.... they gotta be banging into something. Ticking the tops of submerged weeds. Getting ripped from the coon tail and allowed to flutter momentarily. Banging thru fallen tree branches. Skittering across the tops of lily pads and allowed to run in the gaps. And my all time favorite, I call it the 'wake and drop' A single CO blade is the best, short arm better.... Crank it quick so it makes a V wake on the surface, with your rod tip held high. When it gets to cover stop reeling, let the bait sink and follow it down with your rod tip. Watch your line. Most bites come on the drop and your see a line twitch or tap. Sometimes they hit when you start it up again.. Casting and pitching at targets keeps it interesting even when they aren't biting. I'm always throwing at something.
  8. Back in the Dark Ages, when there was only one type of Rapala, we'd "nod" them just under the surface and wait for them to come up. A gentle tug and wait retrieve. I'd have dreams about those little yellow and black eyes popping up out of the water followed by and explosion
  9. Prettiest jet ever built. That and the Hun...the F100 Super Sabre.
  10. First job beyond car washing and grass cutting was rolling posters and putting them in the plastic tube wrappers in 1971. I was a freshman in HS. We got $2.50 per hundred rolled and numbered. When we started it took my buddy and I about 2 1/2 hours per 100. Between competition and greed we got that down to 45 minutes. It was probably twice a week regular, more around the summer holidays. Even got to go on a delivery run to Palisades park. I was RICH. First taxable job was a summer job,drawing, actually tracing, architectural backgrounds at an electrical engineering outfit at 230 Park Ave. No computers, all copies of the blueprints were traced onto mylar and they became the electrical masters that their blueprints were made from. Nice guys that treated me well. They'd play the ponies, "Bet your paycheck kid!" & get lunchtime hammered at the McAnnes' on 45th and Lex on pay day. Even let me put in the lighting in a hall in Maimonidies Hospital. If you go there and there's a really dark hallway....
  11. Bospa!!!
  12. 6 tube bag, not overloaded, 1 tin, 3 bucktails. It could be lighter....
  13. 4th down, left column, the stag piece.... what is it? Sure is pretty
  14. My '74 Capri back in '79 With the automatic trans it wasn't fast off the line but oh, could it turn!
  15. It was another retail holiday where the sheeple get fleeced by peer pressure. BTW, I love Taco Bell, when I want it. Not when I'm supposed to have it.