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  1. Is that because, you have not bought anything . Or is there more than one googinator on Ebay Tight Lines
  2. chat quick....where did ya all go
  3. When stunts go bad And how to piss the police off
  4. I'm with you on the Drinking and driving Walt, my cousin and his 2 12 year old school friends and their mom were killed by a drunk driver . The link highlights a biker doing 60 into the side of a police car that pulled in front of him.
  5. Be careful
  6. OTG = Off The Ground.
  7. I'm In. Fresh shad, 6/0.
  8. Do I at least get the wooden spoon
  9. Its a very nice european bass (18.7#'s), caught in the Med by your Father. Nice Fish
  10. A nice sized (bout 18.7#er) European Bass that your relative (father I think) caught while fishing in the Med. [ 01-25-2004, 08:24 PM: Message edited by: Chris P ]
  11. Yak

  12. Does it have a V8?
  13. Tell ya what, give me all her details, SSN#, mother maiden name, birth date, credit card numbers, etc. I will sort it all out for ya . By the way give me your details too, just to be safe .
  14. I'm in. I live in Upstate New York Hudson, On the Hudson River Origionally Welsh .