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  1. I was in a similar situation a few years ago. I went to captree and talked to a few of the captains. One of them offered me a chance to try out. I was offered the job a few days later but turned it down because I found something else that paid very well. Good luck!
  2. Hess has done everyone a favor and posted their inventory for each gas station on their website. Hopefully this information will help some of you in need of locating gas in the coming days. It seems to be updated as of right now. Good luck to all!
  3. I put in about 6 hours last night around the north side for not even a bump. Spoke to a few others in the area who had similar results.
  4. Yikes! That sounds like exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I'd prefer to do something private, if I can find something reasonably priced. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I'm getting married next month and I'm going to be in Maui for 7 nights from September 26th through October 3rd. I would be grateful to anyone who can provide a recommendation for what to fish for that time of year and which boat to charter. I'd also be interested in doing some guided kayak or surf fishing. Thanks!
  6. I caught a few very small spot along with mullet and peanut bunker in my cast net last week. This was in a canal on the south shore, eastern Long Island.
  7. Looking for some offshore setups to do some sharking out of Moriches / Shinnecock. I'm just getting started with this type of fishing on my own boat, so I'm not looking for anything top of the line. What do you have to offer? Thanks!
  8. I have been fishing Moriches since I was a little kid, though mainly by boat. In the early part of spring I concentrate my efforts on the western part of the bay and into the narrows. I'll start by the bridge and head east. Ive seen plenty of guys hooked up from shore when I'm out there. I don't know where you can park and gain access but if I were you I'd start looking over google maps of the area and doing some scouting. Get your hands on a nautical chart of the area and look for some structure as well. The spring is one of my favorite times to fish moriches. Good luck!
  9. I'm interested in this, where in Brooklyn can you meet? I work in Williamsburg..
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