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  1. we have them come into our inlets here in central fla and to see one from the pier is crazy...
  2. you want to see those little guys move, go frog fishing next time... they will chase down a frog like speed demons LOL...trust me i know from fishing at nite and having one of those grab my frog and i was talking tino someone when he did.. and my face was like what the Hell LOL...nice pictures
  3. First of all let's get this out of the way compared to Northern states that are commie run, we are a free state if you are a gun owner you will understand that right away....so what ever rights you get down here that you couldnt even think about up north iMO outweighs any price increased you might see.... from my understanding we are alot cheaper to live in then most state north of us....but again i might be wrong but at least I'm free as far as crime goes.. it all depends on where you move too...crime is everywhere, and the main reason we have a lower crime rate then most states....Right to carry down here, and our self defense laws aren't stupid like they are up north....storms are a part of life, we have never left our home, been out of power for awhile but that's why we have a home generator. (I also live in the middle of the state) I have never agree with rent, might as well throw your money out the window, and with all the people moving down here prices are going up on everything...Homes are crazy right now...find out what you desire talk to sellers that will work with you visit the area it really doesnt take much to know a ****** area... and thats where forums come in handy .... you can find a forum for just about anything, go look and ask questions about the areas you are looking at and your will get people that actually live there to talk to....oh buy guns everyone down here has one
  4. Damn.... I'm glad I live in the free state of Fla
  5. A few times. one was pretty Fup but in the end all the charges were dismissed on all of them.... spend a few weeks in Jail because the judge who put there left time and the other judge didnt want to overturn anything.. So i ended up sitting in jail and yes i had a lawyer and even he couldnt do anything...once they figure out all the paper work i was cut loose and charges dropped...and no there was no way for me to get them back for me spending all the time in jail, by the time all the lawyer fee would have hit me it was better to walk away from it....yea i know i should have fought it...but i just spend time in jail and didnt want to go back for shooting off my mouth in court...
  6. Me and other Vet were able to jump on two G19 gen5 ....they didnt have much of a choice...but i did well...didnt even know about it till that morning Good program....just need to let more Vets know about it
  7. You can find just about every type of debate just on this issue>..iron site are better, front sight is all you need for SD..and on and on....but law enforcement is starting to put their guys on red dot and our armed service been doing it for awhile...so why all the push back over self defense use? and don't go to any shooting matches because everybody has them....and they wouldn't be using them if they didn't work...so where do you guys stand on this?
  8. Great job... but didn't you see that big old wake they put out when they are chasing down your lure? i was using frogs the other nite and first thought it was a huge gar...nope stupid gator...then i just watch the water around my lure...lost one, but that was my fault...and yes when they get a hold of your lure...it's a blast for a little bit...drag screaming and rod bent to the water...but it was fun..again Great job against those bass boats
  9. Big time glock fan here...and if it's black and ugly its all Glock...but like always i'll wait till its out for awhile before i jump on one...two ARs and a PTR have to have a good reason to jump on other one...hopefully they make one in AR10 platform...then i might be in
  10. You sir are the exception... I shoot about half of what you shoot, but if i add my wife into it, then i'm right there with you LOL... got the 22 con kit for them, so i'm able to blow thru 22 rounds pretty good without breaking the bank...but you know what i'm saying about most shooters out there...(I meet them all the time) buy a gun shoot a half box thru it and believe they are good to go....IMHO everybody should take classes it should be a law the moment you buy the gun LOL....oh an as far as finding the date on older sig models .... Just google it ...i have the dates/years somewhere.... and I had a older German sig P226...and that thing shot like a dream... anybody i put on it taught they were a expert after shooting it LOL... had a few hitch up with new people shooting it, blew the extractor on it once....but that was the original ....everybody has their fav...I like to jump around a bit between sigs/ glocks and FN ....now I'm looking at the Hellcat RDP for the wife...guns are $$$$$$$$ but damn are they fun...
  11. After doing a little bit of debating with other Canik owners...here's my take... Canik hasnt been around long, hasnt been bought up by law enforcement or our armed forces ...so we really don't know the track record... Yes it's cheaper than a glock...but i would rather pay the extra money for the piece of mind...now if you want to talk about failing.. "Every gun" will fail once in awhile... anything man made wasnt meant to be made perfer. but thats why you practice for those off days... and as far as my sig p365 i shoot at least once a week a few 100 rounds and defense rounds...and my practice rounds are all the russia steel crap that everybody is afraid to shoot...than i shoot regular brass thru it...has it jam? maybe once and that was my fault..
  12. They won't define Assault weapon.. because under their meaning it would round everything in... Pelosi was the only nut job to let it slip...Anything that shoot and carries 10 rounds is a Assault weapon... and as far as having faith in the court...yea Hell no..Biden team is trying to find any back door to creep their junk in...and they don't care if they flat out lie to your face...but people are sheep and will follow in step
  13. Thank god i live in the land of the free (FL) I don't know how you guys don't lose your minds up there....
  14. Like everything else it depends on you and how much time you want to put into it..... for a Red dot on a pistol it take alittle practice to find the dot... add in CHTF and more than likely you won't be looking for the dot or even the front sight... it all depends on the time you put in with the handgun... and i dont know if it's just me, but i find myself alot faster with the red dot on my AR...But like was said already nite sights with a good light and you are good to go...
  15. That's pretty cool.... i bet most of us wish we could have something like that...thanks for posting