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  1. Yes the cats will overtake it after awhile but only if you are throwing crap for them to eat... and yes other boats will draw towards your dock like flies... it all depends on what you can live with... and remember that all boaters have common sense, imagine you fishing it one nite and boaters come and throw all around you... if the snook are there during the day they are still there at nite.... and they don't need lights to see baitfish ....again it all depends on what you are willing to deal with.... IMO i would leave it alone, but thats me
  2. Don't forget the lighter you go with braid the more headaches you will get...Braid is pretty picky when it come to rod/reel.. some of the newer reels are made just for braid... and it also depends on what company you go with (braid) buy that cheap knockoff crap and you will end throwing you reel away LOL...I tend to fish with heavy braid in freshwater due to all the veg/stump/limbs and other crap... plus if you hook up a 5lb LMB on 4lb braid and try to drag him out of the bush...pssss the bass will win everytime... my frog setup has 50lb braid on it ... my avg shoreline/boat i use 20 to 30lb braid.....You should also load your braid on Tight... and before you go fishing again... walk it off and put it back on tight.. Oh and as far as your casting distance take a look at both the rod and reel...because when everything is working right with braid.... it will cast a mile...also take a look at your form, are you ripping into the cast or doing a nice smooth cast?
  3. Or just learn to do the pier swing LOL... if its a good fishing pier then there should be someone with a net... i crack up when i tell people that i have a net and wait a second and they still try to bring the fish up... You know how that ends We had a guy catch a monster flounder and i even yell at him that i was coming... well you know flounder for some ungodly reason they can flip off a hook in a heartbeat and half way up he flip and was gone... i just look at the guy and smile as i walk away..DA!!...
  4. Sandspike are you reading his post...he is trying to keep his weight down.. you know fish like a ninja...and ninja don't drag around castnet/sandspike... now if was going to live down here and was getting setup for our type of fishing from shore then yes what you said would work... but all he is doing is flying in... fishing and going back home...LOL.. and instead of a fanny pack.. look up "Magellan Outdoors wader sling pack" i believe mine was a little over $20 and it great when all i want to do is hit a spot and keep moving.. holds just about everything i need and it can be move around your body so it won't be in the way, but easy to move to get to things... and i prefer a backpack, but that's because i tend to carry more then most...some people carry light, i always have the mindset of "i rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it" but to each his own on that... Make a list of things you need then weed out stuff...here something to think about.. bottle of water/sun tanning cream/something to take pictures with/throwaway rain poncho/ hat/bug spray(freshwater)....Lures> ones that can work all area of the water (top/middle/deep) .....and now for the bad news... we have people down here that prey on tourist... so always be aware of your surrounding, don't leave things behind and expect to be there when you get back...even on the piers people will come and walk off with your stuff if you arent watching it...(happens alot) ..... If you go to an area and it just doesnt feel right... listen to that little voice and leave...I'm not trying to scare you.. i just want you to be aware that chit happens.... enjoy your stay, have fun and just know that there are chitty people everywhere... and you should be good to go... oh and that bag i listed... they sell it at "Academy sports" if you don't have one near you.. you can always get the bag online...
  5. trust me they call the them bait fish for a reason... jack not so much unless you are fishing for sharks/kings/jewfish or large bluefish..psss we don't have large blues down here and you are still going to catch those small jacks on baitfish.... like I said shrimps will end up catching everything...
  6. Yes you get a dirty gun and have a few flyers...but when most of us practice real world drill you don't need to be kissing your bullet holes... and since you did ask about a Glock i'm pretty sure you are doing SD drills and as far as ranges go.. call ahead and see what they allowed (most won't even allow reloads) what's funny is that some ranges will sell you their ammo and most of that is also junk but the price is jack up LOL...and again> if you do practice with el cheapo ammo... make sure to run a couple of boxes of what you are carrying.. that way you know your firearm has no problem with it..
  7. I use them for all my firearms (practice).. one of my pet peeves is when someone said only use $$$ ammo for your weapon.. BS!! if your firearm jams because you use El cheapo ammo from other country..pssss get rid of it and get something that will eat anything.. you know just incase the zombies come and your local gun shop is close LOL...now by all means use the good stuff for HD and EDC....even cheap ammo starts costing alot if you do alot of practice.. oh and yes Glock will eat anything and everything
  8. I know i sound like a old record when i say this... but there are some good kayak Fl forum down here... check one out and you should be able to meet up with some locals that will be a great help to you...Ocean and lagoon are two different monsters when it comes to kayak ... here's a tip for you try launching from the surf with no "Gear" at first before you jump into the surf.. I learn that lesson the hard way LOL...but i was only taking out baits so i didnt lose much... but it was night and i think i pee a little when i hit that water LOL.. like was said already learn to pick your days...and again i hope i'm not breaking any rules.. but check out local yaking forums.. heck ask at the bait shops in your area they might know a few people... good luck and be safe
  9. What you listed should work well... and bring whatever you are allowed.. i would also bring a med setup just incase you want to mess around with our freshwater fish and it will also work for inshore...
  10. LOL what's this deal with shrimp LOL... yes they will catch just about everything.. and that means "Everything" you arent going to get the jumbo size so your choice are the little ones that every baitshop sells.. and if they are dead forget it.. catfish/pinfish and puffer heaven... hell if you are going to drag around a bucket then get bait that will get you something nice...pinfish/mullet/croakers/spots/whitebait...baitfish that will draw a good size gamefish too it...i for one hate catching those little dingy jacks...they are great for kids and newies...if there are little jacks in there, the big ones arent far behind... or just in a little deeper water...and sometime those docks will hold really nice snook... and thats when you hang on.. not for dinky jacks... baitfish don't have to be large and they will keep all those junk fish from hitting them unlike shrimp that (again) Everything hits them...now if you have kids and want them to get a tug on their line.. and for all means use those shrimp... but if you want to hang on tight> go big with live bait fish...
  11. You will know real quick if they are Jacks because they will blowing up the water as they are feeding, and yes you will see them making their rounds and swimming close and under docks... Shrimp are okay but a pain.. need a bucket and a air pump to keep them alive and Everything will hit them... if you just want to cast a lure and search for them.. get youself a "Rapala X-Rap 4 3/4in Glass Ghost... if there are any snook/trout/reds that lure will get them to hit...and if they blowing up the water.. cast past the blow up and reel it back to you.. change up your speed if you don't get any hits...You can use this lure just about anywhere.. heck i even caught Largemouth bass with it... just to prove a point to somebody LOL...they also make them in 5 1/2 inches long but the smaller ones tends to get more hits with it.. i change out the hooks for bigger and stronger ones...
  12. You might want to put this in or have someone move it to the Florida section of the forum. You will get alot more replies from people that live in the areas.. Fishing is great down here, but just like anywhere else you will have to put in your time in the areas you will be fishing..
  13. Why change something if its already working for you?.. Now with saying that i have a bunch of them LOL and it really doesnt do much as far as action... I test everything out in a swimming pool to change things up in my lures and terror eyes really dont impress me... But i went fishing (boat) down south and my friend would just cast them and l jig them up and down in the current pretty slow, he let the current move them... and they work really well... he also use them in shallow water and just cast and hop them on the bottom...You can google "how to use terror eyes" and you will find all kinds of ways people use them....And just like any other lure they have their place...but just like any other lure.. You have to have faith in it and put everything else away... till you get thru the learning curve and it starts working for you...thats my problem i can't get thru that learning curve
  14. I agree some need it and some don't but i have a made a habit with it.... and again if you are going to do it Be careful on how you do it.. Oh and if i need a laugh i just go to youtude and watch some of the idiots on there with their how to do this and that....but something else we havent touch on.. imo its okay to bleed or no its up to you.. but no matter what you do "If" you catch let's say a nice slot snook and want to take it home... but just throw in a bucket or leave on pier for all to see Your greatness... that fish is going to taste like crap!! i have seen this so many times and yes i do say something... but you can't help stupid at times with no matter what you tell them... i guess they saw that on Youtube and decided that its okay to let your catch lay in the sun until you are ready to go home....
  15. I don't know about that... but if you are going to keep a blue you better bleed them.. or cook them with a few rock... here's what you do.. bring a pot of water to boil throw in the blues then add the rocks with some salt and pepper.. boil for awhile then when you are finish throw out the blues and eat the rocks..