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    fishing,fishing,fishing.....forgot to add shooting into the mix...use to do alot of fighting but old age and broken bones finally caught up to me, i still go and roll around with the younger bucks...
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    retired....and enjoying life with my wife/daughter and granddaughter

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  1. Close but no....anyway i have to run...getting ready for snooking tonite and i honestly don't have the time that most of you guys have here....big girls are running thru the cape and trust me, it's alot better for your health to hook up to one then it is to spend all your time behind a keyboard....try it sometimes...Bass2snook why arent you out there?....again not running just need to finish rigging up....but carry on butter cups...
  2. Holy crap now you are being...well ...okay here goes...YOU can have a 4yr degree in other things and still be a teacher down here, what part of that are you not getting...you can't be that slow?
  3. I didnt say that, please don't change my words around...Go back and read exactly what i said then come back and bent at the knee....or at least stand corrected
  4. Go to work at disney and we are deep chit in them LOL.. but most of the one's i have seen on that tik tok (whatever they call it) they mostly come from up north...and yes i love watching some of these freaks whine about life...oh wait you don't have blue hair do you and if you are a fairy...sorry i didnt mean to set you off...I know how some fairy can be.....but honestly it Florida and if anything wrong is going to happen....it's more likely to happen down here...I mean freaky chit..i turn on the new hear a story and please let it be....ahhh chit it Fl ....lol...
  5. What part of this bothers you guys so much? I wish he would also throw in background in firearms.....and let them carry.....oh no...I did it...get ready for it
  6. So they cut a corner....what degree would you want them to get?....like i said a few times already...most teachers down here don't have a TEACHING degree...but you are so up in arms over a 4yr degree...in anything as long as it's a degree the blue hair fairy got....sad...oh> ....i'm losing brain cell with you buttercups....and i don't have that many LOL
  7. Again you are going by something you are reading, just like having a degree....Here i will say it slow for you....Fl department of education Sucks down here, most schools grab anybody.....and don't give two hoots about violations has long as it goes their way....I don't give a chit about what they do in schools here....well maybe put more armed vets in there....hell they have blue eye fairy, might as well give a skilled vet a chance at least he/she won't go lay down like some sheep...just saying...oh...
  8. Oh no don't start that chit with them....it just drive the keyboard warriors crazy here LOL...oh waitthere that's better
  9. No try again and when you get it right i might answer.....Basstoa%% let me go back and see what the hell you ask....i'm going back and forth between you two and something else....give me some time...i'm a little slow for you keyboard warriors....
  10. Answer the freaking question!! do you live down here, do you talk to teachers down here, pretty simple....but again you are just some butter cup who has spend enough time behind your keyboard to find stupid chit and believe that's how it actually works down here....I don't know chit about your area, and you should realize that just because something is in ink....it rarely plays out that way...
  11. LOL....hey if you want a blue hair fairy with a degree in whatever to teach your kid...fine by me...
  12. OMG you are so full of chit it laughable....I said they can have a degree in anything and still teach...and as for teacher aids not teaching...LOL it said it right in the title...Iike i also said i know teachers down here...Do you? i live down here do YOU....No so go back to your keyboard buttercup,
  13. No i have change my argument now...keep up!!...i want Vets that were skilled with a firearm and allowed to carry to teach my kids....instead of some blue hair fairy that goes by the name of a##wipe to teach my kids....
  14. Trust me i won't don't mind insults or messing with i just thought it wasnt allow in this sub forum....but if it is...hold on to your teeth buttercup, because i love playing the game>>> but back to the thread....hmmmmm i wouldnt mind having my kid taught by a Vet who was also skill with a firearm and was allow to carry then we what would the rest of the buttercups here say about that?
  15. Like i said already anyone with a stupid degree besides teaching can become a teacher down here....and you might not believe it but some teachers are aids without any degree and still are given classes because either they been at the school for a long time or kiss alot of A##....and yes this mostly happens at smaller schools down here