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  1. No you don't have to give up your firearms.... at least for now...the way the laws are written you either own a gun or have a MM card..but not both(but thats Fed law trumping state law).. if you go and buy a gun here then you will have to fill out ATF form, and it will say "Are you a user of a controlled substance"...if you say yes then you will more then likely get rejected due to Fed law...same goes for concealment licence.... if you get caught with both, and had to use the firearm... you better have a good lawyer, because some people are just waiting for this to happen. ... and if you own a firearm and later got your MM card, as of now Feds won't be kicking in your door...trust me there are plenty of people down here walking around with both and don't even know this law...
  2. If you are staying somewhere on or close to the beach... Do a google earth map of the place and look around for fishy areas... if the cape is closer then fish that inlet... during this time of year there is no telling what you might up too...Always remember the less time you have to travel the more fishing time you will have..Also don't forget our ICW (river system) plus the course ways....if you plan to fish the beaches fish them early and late... during the middle of the day take nap and power up for later afternoon into the nite. oh and as far that picture goes... that might've been opening day for Snook season...I don't even get close to water on opening day
  3. And what they don't tell you.... is that be ready to share that spot with a zillion other folks during our summer months.... if you are game for combat fishing then you are good to go... It isnt a magic place where you go and think you are going tackle a monster.... and if you don't know the rules of the pier "Some" Locals can be nasty at times to newies .....This is Florida and during this time almost anywhere on any of our beaches can be nice...Look at it this way... the drive back and forth are spend just driving to look for fish, where as you could spend that time in Cocoa fishing...or areas close to you fishing...again the choice is yours... good luck... and if your heart is set on fishing there... look up the "Sebastian inlet district" i believe they show the area and also daily fishing reports... and here's what you might see on a weekend and if its a holiday...oh lord help you
  4. Thank god i'm not white, not in this age and time...hell it seem like white on white hate is moving everything... the only good white folks left are in LGBTQ... and if you don't believe that then you are a "Racist" what i meant was if you don't agree with anything that's not white you are a Racist.... damn i'm a Racist and didnt even know it.. and i'm brown LOL... in fact by their way of thinking my guess is that this Forum is Racist... how many white faces we have as members compared to us brown skin Devils...ohhhhhhh
  5. Damn it now I have to go watch... Hey Bubba was a great guy!!!
  6. Well actually he is both at times.... has anybody here ever had a boss who wasn't? ….I done and said plenty of stupid chit...but that girl has no end to being stupid... it flows out of her like water LOL.. like I said before...One of those girls you take home...and kick them out as soon as you are done... hey it could be worst...I'm being PC
  7. He a genius they just don't know it yet
  8. Go to any VA hospital and you might get your answer from just watching... but ask and you will get mix reviews...Families that have lost will also have their view points....IMO the reason why we went was right... but why are we still there... it also makes me sick to think that some folks got rich off it... and that some people don't even realize we are still at war.... Actually had a person tell me that he didn't vote for Trump because he was going to get us in a war....and this kid is going to be a LEO, well he pass everything and now waiting for a department to pick him up.... I know off subject but had to throw it in there....
  9. Does it catch fish any faster?.... nothing to see just more eye candy for the folks to eat up... Don't get me wrong now... i'm a shimano fan and still use some of the older Spheros/baitrunners/thunnus hell I even have some New still in the box...Why? because those things were tanks the newer stuff seems to break down or shimano didn't think it thru either on purpose or just lazy...with having to add stronger items to the reel...just to make the reel work better...again just my opinion, I'm bored today...
  10. Let's face it gentlemen the good old day's are coming to a end..... and people get scareddddddddd when they are out there.. I have no use for it either... but old age is creeping up on my eyes and either the rocks are getting worst or I am.... I turn on my red light to get from place to place, but from a shoreline without nothing to worry...then yes I agree "Turn the damn thing off"
  11. No prob...Remember it always comes down to "Do I need it, or do I just want it" …. I have high opinions on going too light.... I hate burning up a fish... I rather get it in as soon as possible and give a chance to fight another day...or worst yet, have one rip off line and snap me off taking everything with it.. ….too many folks are in it to say "LOOK AT ME" and posting pictures with a burn up fish that they caught with a silly little setup...yea I know it's just a fish... long gone are the days when Most fishermen didn't say anything and if they did it was to same mindset people...damn it I have gone off the rails again..LOL good luck..Oh try to avoid surfers and bathers, they are worst then the weeds at times...
  12. No not solid just honest.... you have to weed out all the AOC before you find a good one... that's what happen to the Dems...they don't weed them out and end up with squad of 4... they are a work of art aren't they...
  13. In the movie's ten rounds is enough, but that's not reality... in "Real world" average amount of rounds to put down the bad guy?…… as many as it takes...way too many variables.... and you also have to remember "what to say and what not to do"... You don't go all hype up when LEO get there and say I shot the bastard dead...or walk up to them and put one in the head after they are down(its great to think it just don't say it)...Only thing that matters is that you shot enough needed to stop the person from hurting you/family....be it ten or 30rds... my better half has a 40rd mag in her AR...and a few mags beside it.... You know just incase the Zombies come
  14. The first and last one... we call "Bait" the dark ones in the middle...hmmm
  15. I have never own a Van stall, but have use one and as far as setup go....it all depends on where i'm and what i'm trying to target...also bigger lures will require a bigger setup... plus the areas you are fishing... big open beach with no inlet, a light strong setup> 7ft rod/3000 to 4000 size reel... loaded with 30lb braid will handled most gamefish out there...get next to an inlet with a strong current and bigger fish... that's when I pull out the 8000... I tend to fish more inlets by the rocks so you will always see me if with 8000 and 9ft rod...plus I fish at nite and that's when the Monsters like to cruise closer to shore....Don't over think it...oh and yes the saragosa is a great choice IMO...now you have to decide what size will work for you...get something that will work in other areas also...unless you other gear