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  1. Thats why its called fishing.... also another reason to have a a few dozen spots to go too... don't get into the rut of thinking "Why" arent they here today...if it was that easy all of us would be fishing guides...the same goes with having a few areas for bait... never count on the honey hole giving up fish everyday....
  2. Whole another level with those guys, oh and shark fishing isnt something new... it exploded back during the "Jaws" movie age.... everyone was making money selling jaws and back then we were allowed to fish for them from piers... and nobody got run off... but there were alot of sharks killed... the only thing that makes it big now ... Youtube era everybody wants to be watched.... heck i remember when people didnt even talk about having a good day of fishing... well maybe a month later LOL... anyway if you do hook up to something "Big" don't worry because he will either break you off or take all your line...laying on your back in the sand with another guy holding your rod.... doesnt look like fun to me, just saying....
  3. Learn from those pictures!!! Catching them really isnt that hard, its knowing what to do with them once you beach them.... they are alot stronger then you think and can turn around and tag you pretty quick... Just go to youtube and see mistakes that others have done, also you can learn how to handle them.... its not the real thing but its better than nothing....and remember even small sharks can hurt you if you don't know what you are doing...and yes 20lb main line is way too light.... get a sand spike, try to use live bait like Pinfish... circle hook.... i don't like using wire, a heavy leader with the circle hook and you should be good to go.... and remember if someone ask what you are fishing for tell them anything other then sharks...trust me when i say that...fish away from bathers/lifeguard towers and don't go with the mindset of just catching a shark... this is Florida and you never know what will hit your line....have fun and enjoy...oh also good luck
  4. yea it will be all about Trump and his evil storm troop that cause this little girl death....hmmm what about the dad that made her take that long March... and you had to know that your child was sick... why not say something.....after reading what happens it seem the border patrol did everything they could....but you are right now that they have a child death.... they are going to run with it 24/7....they have already lawyer up the dad...
  5. they actually sell weighted treble hooks so you can snag them and use them for bait or to eat.... just cast it in front of the school and rip it thru them... you will end up snagging one pretty quick (if done right)....great to use for cut bait.... plus it fresh and cheap...
  6. I believe we already have some of those rules in place when it comes to politics/taxes... if it nothing to do about fishing or fishing related then just report it and its gone... and as far as the red tide/bloom/fish kills and anything else "Fishing related" IMO it should be right out in the open for all to see, not many people bother clicking on the stickies Don't get me wrong it good to come up with new idea.... but the guys who run this forum IMO are doing a great job.... i say leave it the way it is...no need to change something thats been working pretty good for years now....
  7. never even though about using wire, but you know the old saying "If it working why change it"... i always change out all the hardware on all my lures, then i go to a pool and see how it swim (action) and if everything is good i'll try that... I also been changing out the treble hooks for single hooks and dressing up the end hook... just to give it more flash or color....but the main thing i stay on top of is the leader....if i catch a fish i alway cut off the some of the leader and retie....I'm not a fan of light leader but thats because i combat fish for my snook... unless i'm on the beach then i downside everything....also remember the less hardware you use the better off you will be... i do a line to line knot from mainline to leader and have never use a wire leader....i know plenty of guys down your way, but most keep to then self (snooker are a close knit group anywhere you go) keep looking for new areas and you might end up meeting somebody with your same mindset.... i'm also a late nite fisherman... and there are times when it would be nice to have someone with you..... but i have lame friends LOL... most can't handle long hours that late at nite and most believe that you should catch a monster everytime you go out LOL.. anyway good luck and trust me when i say you are doing good.... there are guys here in Florida who have live here for years and go fishing and have never caught a snook... you are way ahead of alot of folks.... keep at it and it will only get better
  8. The thing is that people don't do it in a timely manner... everybody wants a picture then they want to measure it and weight it... then you always have onlooker who also wish to have a picture taken with it....And most people just want to boast about it and make sure everybody see it.... And if you look at the law stated it said "Immediately" returned to the water free, alive and unharmed.. Photo are to be taken "Only" during the active act of release... and anything else that delay the act of release is breaking the law... Don't get me wrong i'm in favor for them to open up a season on them.... but i just get tired of watching people letting them lay on the pier while everybody yells and holler... I also have no problem letting them know about the law and if they just give me that look... i pull out my phone and start calling... and if they ask i just them i'm calling the law... that always seem to kick them into high gear...Again don't get me wrong i don't mind people posting or taking pictures... but what happens is you have a bunch of Yahoos out there that don't have a clue about fishing laws and most don't even care anymore.... and like they say monkey see, monkey do.... and most monkeys don't have enough brains..... just saying
  9. That old lady will stay there... till her heart stops... that's went the Dems will try to bring her back as a Zombie
  10. I also taught he did well...and yes he is tired... the guy ran all over the country in a week and kept up his energy, unlike Obama who after a couple of outing lose his voice and look really tired.... he kept his cool alot longer then i would have LOL... Most of the media threw attack questions at him...and he put them in their place... hell its about time a Repul leader didnt take any more crap and just roll over... Trump isnt going to roll over and they all hate it... and i for one LOVE IT...i'm just waiting for him to jump down one time and slap the holy crap out of one of them ..........
  11. It just what they say about sharks/gators and lighting.... but I hate messing with faith.... Oh we can also say the same thing about having guns... people will ask me Why? have so many, why have so much ammo....and I reply because of those damn Zombies ….. But like always... rather have it and never ever need it, then need it and be @#%$*
  12. It's kind of normal to believe that bigger is better... but I have to agree with others here.. the lighter stuff will work for almost all the gamefish at the any of our inlets.... it all will come down to what you are trying to target and how you are going to fish for them... when i'm soaking live bait I use the bigger stuff, but I also tend to use "Large live Bait" so I want to be able to get the fish in before something gets a hold of him and also release him, where he isn't wore out from fighting him on the lighter stuff... I guess what i'm trying to say is that there isn't one magic setup that will work for everything at any inlets... do to what might hit your offering/current and also trying to keep the bigger fish from wrapping you up in the pilings...a 7ft med setup is avg for starters but in the surf not so much.. than you have to be able to hold bottom or at least have a setup that will work with any strong current you might encounter... When I do get out, I always have a target fish in mind, but I go out with light/med and heavy setups...I also carry lures and live bait gear.. because at times you never know what the inlet is going to throw at you... plus it always nice to be able to switch up on the go... and not call it a day just because your plans didn't go as expected.. And like was also stated... run to different shops and feel the setups... don't settle on the first one or the first person that talks like his word is gold... try a few out and see what feels good to you...But like I said already...there is no such thing as a Magic setup that works for everything IMHO....
  13. You can always get mags that carry the right amount of rounds that's allow for your state (Crazy idea IMO) and as far about Black bears...they aren't suppose to be a problem down here... but every now and then you hear one of roaming the street, getting in junk or attacking someone pet (not in my area) but like I have always said if there is a remote chance of running into one where you live... Why not have something on you? rather have it and never need it, then need it and become bear chow Hell in some of our camping sites there are always "Be aware of Bears" so you have to watch your pets, I carry my 45... but I need a solid excuse to get that 10mm but that would mean buying a crapload of more ammo...you know just the incase the Zombie comes
  14. LOL.... had to take a break because of stupid health issue, not fully recover yet, so i'm fishing golf ponds to get my fishing fix...got a yak and still havent fish from it!!! but with all this down time.. i pretty much have everything ready to go just have to figure out a way to sneak out without the wife catching me... oh don't get me wrong she loves to fish also... But she believe those stupid Dr over me.. but the one thing i have learn while fishing these large golf ponds.... psssss i'm only using lures OMG....i able to get large live shiners (free) but getting back to using lures has really change my mind on livebait....what could it be Drako has given up on live bait for saltwater...ahhhhh i don't think so ....but with this down time i have also gotten my saltwater lure bags in order...yes i said bags...i'm like a girl with shoes when it comes to lures... or i just love spending money..
  15. 10mm enough said LOL....and its alot more powerful than a 9mm and easier to carry than a shotgun...I been wanting one for a long time and keep eyeing them, you know just to add to my safe, but wife said Why we don't have bears roaming around in our area...but i come back with...well we go camping alot LOL... take a look at the G20 holds 15rds and its not $$$ and easy simple to use...and you always find inexpensive ammo to practice with...and for bear ammo the 220 gr hardcast flat nose will drop any bear out there... we all do the same thing when it comes to ammo... practice alot with the cheap stuff.. have a few session with the good stuff and you are good to go..