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  1. Some good bits and laughs here and there in the above messages. I have been surfing through winter up here since 93 when I first arrived from away. the gear is so much better now really unless you pick a god awful below zero windy day you will be toasty. I surf a 6/5/4 zipperless hooded,XCEL suit, FLashbomb boots 7mm, and mittens. Jim
  2. Spent half today visiting friends without power who don’t have much support…. Thank goodness they don’t have young kids…no fun being in the dark on Xmas eve. Warm venison sausage apps, some firewood and techy 12v boat lights and backup power do the trick for those not so prepared for Maine weather madness. Now doing my crappy wrapping job as always on the “gee I wonder who this is from” presents Happy holidays everyone.. jim
  3. Hey everyone wishing you and the loved ones a wonderful holiday season great board full of great folks Hope everyone is as healthy and happy as you can be. Pay it forward to those you know you can help! will be a tough weekend for many with likely power outages and non typical holiday madness be safe out there people and as always tight lines jim
  4. Happy belated thanksgiving everyone!
  5. Good luck out there Scott if you get a bunch I’ll trade some wicked custom venison sausage for some haddock Jim
  6. Stout lassie on the precipice was sounding off this evening as we offered our likely last effort this season this weekends weather likely calls it for my team for the season in ME Overall it was a great year in my hood. Ups and downs for sure but the fish quality was there. Team boated 14 fish over 40. We haven’t done that in 18 years As a die hard optimist I hope the solid class of 28-34” fish we saw lives on…..and somewhere there are a batch of smaller fish to follow on what started out as a beautiful waxing gibbous moonlit night tonight, with distant thunder and lightening storms????? Wind picked up and our perfect set was short lived we settled in to our late season honey hole for a last ditch effort. I’m traveling next week and the writing is on my helm as I still stare intently at the sonar. I won’t give up. There’s still fish around as I encourage the team. We caught fish (small) on our likely last day. I’m so good with that….. in years past I remember countless skunkings near this time and morale just sunk. Not this year so I remain hopeful…. tipping my glass to you all for a better than expected season and hopeful for next headed to LI with family and friends for a surf and bay fishing extravaganza next weekend. Here’s to a great year, time to start chasing deer. tight lines my friends cheers, Jim
  7. Thanks Scott. About 8PM
  8. It was weird There was a small wound on the tail that had a few drops of blood lots of seals around the piles of pogies so who knows it was kind of a mutant little fish big head and shoulders fat , but short a husky bugger
  9. Still going…. Fish stories… lost two good ones LOL…. Smaller fish and this feisty fat small one. Likely giving it the go hard through the cold weekend. I could see a rather stout lassie warming up the vocal cords on the rather chilly bank tonight Still fish out there Jim
  10. Many, many in the Yarmouth/royal river watershed no worries they are still here Jim
  11. Still some good ones out there on the outflow. Huge pods of phytoplankton eating wonders, big fat seals, bald eagles and who knows what else. It was alive We waited for the bulk of the madness to pass thinking the bass we’re avoiding. The seal melee. Picked off the edges and found a bunch including this Gem get out there people fat lady is rehearsing….
  12. Plenty of fish still cruising, inflow/outflow in my area munch factor in the river (hugely surprising for fall) is on it’s been damn cold out there. Fish don’t seem to care get out there people jim
  13. Nice work! encore rifle? jim
  14. Good action though quite chilly in skinny water tonight towards the bottom of drop angry fish to 32 im still thawing out