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  1. in my short time OTW this year I've seen 3 varieties, definitely a lions mane (seeing more of these each year yikes), and two different small varieties I care not to guess what they are. I don't think its that odd, maybe earlier than usual, but that's that time to fish dammit! Jim
  2. On the board 2021 So good to be back
  3. Great that you are getting out there. I'm still a week or so away from splashing the craft. Yeah, I love the optimistic "nothing but shorts and that's good for next year"....For stripers I always think about, but once they get big enough, people keep them, and quickly again, nothing but shorts. The fisherman's dilemma in a thin.. dare I say it....Fishery... Good luck on the flatties, you've put in the recon. As I've been sanding and refitting some long overlooked hardware on the boat, it is perched with a perfect view of my harbor/river. Lot's of encouraging activity amongst the winged fisherman, which completely slows down my progress as I stare at them.. Jim
  4. Congrats Man nice work everyone have their house projects done? hope so time to fish!
  5. Love it! Seems to be good signs of a better run this year we hope so anyway tight lines soon Jim
  6. So excited just to fish with my old friends and feel better about not likely getting or sharing the plague Friends and family all done or mostly vaccinated and evidence that we are moving into a better place for all of us Many of us missed a whole season of fishing with our best accomplices I am happy to hope We won’t miss another year of that. As we all grow older and “wiser” we truly cherish and look forward to those days spent on the hunt with those wiser than us and hopefully sharing lessons to those that are not we have all lost maybe a blip, or for some, maybe an unfathomable time afield , of just doing normal with the people we keep close. it is getting back to this that I most look forward to doing. A new great fish story to experience with friends/family dammit Healthy, fruitful season to you all. tight lines Jim
  7. this is making me hungry. I need to figure out a few spots to start this endeavor. Jim
  8. sooooo good Scott Can’t wait for my brothers to come up and fish LOl
  9. From the MA forum Best background distraction during work today https://www.plymouth-ma.gov/marine-and-environmental-affairs/pages/fish-camera
  10. That is awesome. I needed another distraction today. snpped this photo from the live stream? Fish ID? Not sure it’s a herring? Second snap is better of a duo
  11. THoughts and prayers to the family. this is a crazy story if true. A two mile swim in strong W/WNW winds and 45 degree water in only swim trunks? https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/coast-guard-searching-for-missing-swimmer-off-crane-beach-in-ipswich/2362978/
  12. The weather is here, seeing bait is too beautiful My thoughts are damn clear, send some stripers our way Yard work is my chore, my job is too dutiful Get yer fish gear together hit the water and play........... I feel much better today