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    raised fishing LI from the truck, working on the Northern ways
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  1. similar experience last night. Went for a boat ride near sunset, out of the wind in some smooth water near a good river hydraulic second cast boom, popper thrown in the air, two more swipes/swirls, then nothin..... likely will give it a go after the storm ....maybe....
  2. Did great early though the consistent rain and runoff killed my inshore stuff early this year. Life got in the way. And it’s ok. Any time OTW is time well spent managed a lot of early fish, a few over 40 by early July then tailed off with my lack of presence and general lack of action when I did get out there tough one for me, But I know I did not give it what I usually do hopefully warm up the boat tomorrow change oil, filters, trans fluid and zincs and be ready with less than 10 rods rigged the next few weeks till she’s on the hard (that could be construed many ways). as always tight lines my friends headed down to south shore Long Island NY (Fire island) for a swan song trip with my family down there the weekend of Oct 27. hoping for that stray cow in rough surf on dads old 11’6 lami Penn 704z to close out the year on to chasing deer be good, great people do great work, and never let the truth spoil a great story Jim
  3. Thanks Dom for reaching out. I’m sure he knows that the many contributions he made to this community were so cherished and respected. Loved reading the stories of fellow kayakers he mentored along the way and all that he shared I will keep working at that bubble gum pink tube setup and send all personal power to him And his family. Jim
  4. One takedown and a miss. still felt good ive never tried it before it’s tough in my boat as idle speed is 5 MPh got a bite on the first structure we passed Jim
  5. Is been slow on my hood of late. Today going to deploy something”special” Given to me many years ago at a fall fling at Tobys those who know based on the autograph know. And we miss his prose fish em up! jim
  6. sit on big gear off the beach with a 14/0 circle hook and a big chunk you never know. question is, did he yak the bait way out there SE style?
  7. That’s awesome Scott. Boated our first in 14 years on Sunday. cheers jim
  8. 3 of us headed out on my boat yesterday 0530 45 Mack’s (mostly small) in like record time maybe 30 minutes after first light. Shaping up to be a productive day Zippo on all our goto ledges, points and flats for the next 3 1/2 hours freezer is full. And headed out on a soak tonight on the falling tide target fresh pogies for offering but fresh frozen Mac as backup with all the calm water and we covered a lot of ground family time this weekend saw no surface action Jim
  9. Sadly, I’ve been off the water more than I’d like this season.. chance to get out this week was rejuvenating. Night bite on pogie chunk, waiting for that tap tap tap, BOOM. One of the fatter angrier 32” bass I’ve had in some time. Good to be back, if only for a bit. Great action on the outgoing. hopeful for a great run the next 6 weeks have fun out there people tight lines jim
  10. Oh I’ll be poised on the night bite Sunday night god willin j
  11. Quick trip tonight Royal river (Yarmouth) a stunning 76 degrees water still 72 degrees past chebeague shitty windy earlier tonight so just bouncing around watching temps and reading sonar some pockets of fish (I think bass) in 40’ of water likely “chilling” might target these NY style O’dark thirty this weekend. we need a cold front dammit jim
  12. Great live bait for sure. Especially if you bring them to where they are not naturally. Nice slow dumb bait
  13. They are out there for sure in my area (Yarmouth).
  14. Out for a few night chunk fog juneshite hours tonight 5 fish, although a lot of activity around fish still slamming Brit herring I think way up on the flats we offered fresh frozen macs. Biggest 29. Others 25-27 Ok for the 2 1/2 hours we had. Pucker factor dropping tide instrument only time for this captain, glad I have the gear I have. Several boats doing the zig zag depth finder and slow gps only out of the fog it felt really fishy. Just didn’t have the time I wanted to stick it out that damn work the next day thing….
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