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  1. Seeing these in Maine too. Those little fish swam a long way to attack a popper half their size???? and yes I know someone knows the tree line behind me LOL
  2. Insane I fished from 4-8 this am could not believe the amount of yahoos out by 630 #adifferentcovidfever natives are restless, and renting boats Yay looking forward to 35 degree tomorrow morning, hopefully thinning the newbies
  3. More 20” + fish tonight than rats. Fun Fun Fun all topwater, they loved the pink gags schoolie popper, over the white/brown/Mac (I so wish we could still get any of these, any color). Way outfished other offerings (fin s, shad paddletail, sluggo, Bucktail and small sinking popper) fish were concentrated on gradual mud/sandbanks presumably eating blood/sandworms and whatever small bait is In there. Lots of sight fishing on activity Did not see much in the way of larger herring, just clouds of likely Brits on the sounder casting nearly into the sand/mud and bringing back into 1-2’ of water was the ticket all fish were way shallow last 3rd of the drop tonight Meaty size 13 for reference Good to be back Jim
  4. Great info for sure I’d also add that low tide, especially - drainers is a great time to find structure and pockets you might know are there otherwise. as stated, bigger fish are lazy and love to find a hole to sit in and wait. Sometimes the same structure will hold fish in the Lee on other side of the tide, flipping position as the tidal current swings front and back great write up Jim
  5. BTW plovers are delicious and with them forcing limitations on beach acreage they are affecting proper distancing practice I predict eradication legislation to keep us safe
  6. There are pockets of small fish here and there some Migrating mid 20’s filtering in too. My spidey senses think we are about to bust open with the warmer temps coming it was damn cold tonight fish were still biting Jim
  7. At least the dock ramp wasn’t frosty Reminds me of a similar day a few years back. Low tide and crazy steep ramp to my dock had a light glaze on it Slipped and slid on my ass all the way to the dock loosing my coffee, glasses and some skin off the Old tookus I did though catch a fish that day back up to 80 midweek. And fish are moving in strong j
  8. They talk funny too, and smell of bad cuisine
  9. No eagle dumps that I noticed in my hood but micros have started to filter in along with herring, and pockets of smaller bait another 80+ degree day tomorrow should improve the migration game on people Jim
  10. Put in a solid effort this am as well out of my home port small bait balls of small bait here and there that’s it as far as I could find fished most warmer upper flat areas as well as two rivers small poppers, swim shads, sluggos, buck tails, fin-s, bay minnows, and the the boat sink nada
  11. Good on ya Crozzbow gave a half hearted effort the am with the hour I had and got nada. Spent the day moving dirt, mowing and painting. Yay your success has me more excited about tomorrow! cheers jim
  12. I don’t normally offer analgesic pain and inflammation relief advice but with two major shoulder reconstructive surgeries and other surgical musculature issueS in my life I have to share that i have found the cbd with thc Balm products now available in Maine they absolutely are a game changer work so much better than anything else I have tried. I’ve gotten off Advil as my normal daily wake up and deal medicine which your liver will appreciate Jim
  13. Small marks of herring on the sounder on the shakedown cruise today a few topwater splashes couldn’t find a mark or a willing scout on the warm flat just yet saturday is next offering hoping the deluge tomorrow is lighter than forecasted and that spring hurricane/hybrid nor’easter stays south next week. WTF?
  14. Still blowin and cold today shaking cold hands cleaning bilge and changing zincs, firing up the engine with damn cold hose feed boat in on Thursday will give my first go Thursday night weather pattern looks to shift, polar vortex receding after Friday/Saturday game on it’s good to finally be back...almost Jim