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  1. ........This just in...... Fisheries management plans are a sh&^*t show....... News at 11 on an interesting note of sustainability, I did meet several Commercial Lobsterman that are now using pork rinds as bait. Lasts longer, easier to store, bait barrels smell like bacon... what could be better.... Jim
  2. A good read if you haven’t done so.
  3. Saw two boats geared up and tuna fishing in shore harpswell today bait was insane herring miraculously appeared pogie palooza too did well top water blitz on Brit herring 0500 livelined and got a few 30+ fish a bit later beautiful morning loons singing, pogies and bass busting, sun shining the way life should be j
  4. The bite was on too a lot of the usual stock but angry fierce feeding caught this gem of a sky heading in
  5. That’s a beaut Toby.... and I hear it swam away strong too! I had a great start as far as numbers go and we (not me) boated some larger fish 30-37” around Father’s Day. But similarly mostly 20-26” fish I’ve been out visiting with family and friends in NY the past two weeks so no fishing. Back now to have at it. I’ll take tough fishing over no fishing any time tight lines Jim
  6. Yeah heading back in that night no other boats around I thought for sure it was my “last” trip solo too
  7. Royal river solar vortex
  8. is That a double up? Or a quadruple up? shape shifting Maine bass #badphotographer
  9. Hey there two colleagues of mine have used Tyler Kelly camps up that way and had great things say about the camps and guide. Google him and you’ll find it ive been in the resident lottery for 16 years now without a hit someday good luck jim
  10. Same up here Lack of bigger bait and abundance of small bait and Brit herring, though the bigger fish that are around will still happily take a Mack. It’s been a very tough yet fun hunt targeting bigger fish the last two weeks our boat took a statistical anomaly big fish this weekend (36” heavy fat fish). With mycobacterium as a bonus Keep at it have fun out there Jim
  11. Last comment from me on this issue don’t keep fish especially big fish big fish lay the most eggs and have best genetics big fish don’t taste nearly as good as small fish management regulations have it backwards better yet keep no fish for a while have fun on the chase people leave some for your kids/grandkids Jim
  12. Man that does look like Mycobacterium on that bass. Not good https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/news/weeklynews/dec09/stripedbass.html
  13. Nice fish! BTW it’s fishing season apologize in advance you will miss occasions to stay on good fish after 20 years or so...you set the bar so low you can surprise them on the slow days by showing up tight lines Jim
  14. There are the ones that got away....and the ones we can’t have... the life of a “fisherman”. Still laughing... tight lines jim