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  1. Was pleasantly surprised by active feeding on a local flat high tide on Sunday mixed fish to 26” I’ll take it and keep at it warm weather this week and bigger tides is promising love the top water action stay at on em people Jim
  2. Better words never spoken about sabikis in kayaks or small boats for that matter. If Macs are the target I just use a smalltorpedo sinker or single hook diamond jig on a slow troll from my zodiac with only 2-3 flies turbulance behind with the sinker has worked really well for me and easy to grab to isolate the string of fish sabikis with a full string of angry Macs with little space and mobility can F you up in a hurry, on any boat if alone Jim
  3. Have been getting them mixed in with Macs the past two weeks aside from the normal far more dangerous sabiki danger with a full tree remember that these have teeth if you get one a little bigger bass love them BTW
  4. Welcome back Crozzbow! Sounds like an amazing trip and so cool to be able to fish with your grandson in unfamiliar territory and hook up. Plenty of fish waiting for you they are on the move big pods here and there was lucky enough to have a blit “interrupt” a non fishing boating outing with the Mrs. lucky for me she gave in Pattern is not usual as far as I’ve seen so far the past week at least in my haunts usual inshore narrow banks and forage are dead? Today anyway I’m sure we will see a successful outing post tomorrow have fun! oh and if you just let the grass go further eventually it will be leaf and snow covered so you can procrastinate on it in the spring! Jim
  5. While sitting with my better half today awaiting the fog to never clear a blitz like I haven’t seen in year erupted 300 yards away white water in the flats as many of these as you could catch for the 15 minutes it was on so good all on light tackle al Gags schoolie popper soooo good! get out there people Jim
  6. Nice work Roccus glad to have you back from Tatankaville fishing is is heating up caught a bunch of 20-28 and this one last night on the drop
  7. Ahhh Puffinus Puffinus ive been seeing this one a lot the past year. Or noticing anyway. This thread made me look it up cool birds my inner ornithologist soul thanks you Jim https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manx_shearwater
  8. Apple scented SP minnow with broad head attachment blurple of coarse, dawn/dusk is best bet
  9. Nice one Toby! Fat healthy fish!
  10. Proud of my “rather tall” 12 yr old girl Maeve today caught this night little fat fish on her own to the boat into the net and hook out (assisted)
  11. I like Ike it!
  12. Very generous as always Toby things should be heating up good in the run by then too. Maybe a Butt early beach run before festivities god willing I’ll be there and bring a mystery raffle item Jim
  13. Caught this beautiful toothy mackerel-Esque fish while fishing for mackerel on a sabiki today it yielded one of my better bass in a while what is it, and where can I find more?
  14. Really I could not believe it and laughed a bunch at my bloody mess of a beach fishing self the precision of the the head shake, just enough leader , rod tip just high enough thwapppp