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  1. I will leave you all of my Habs plugs but thats it
  2. who said I'm stuck? I'm where I wanna be for the moment. With variants flying around and someone getting shot or attacked in the city on an hourly basis I'm enjoying my safe haven until further notice - all while the former navy seals I hired protect my employees and assets ... Glad you're enjoying the burgers!
  3. For your own sake trust me that me and Cpams and I are not the same person and I'm sure you could get Tim to verify that. Just because I don't post doesn't mean I don't lurk once in a while
  4. No one is going to burn anything in my yard - let alone do anything unlawful. And don't call me a douche dickhead.
  5. And you know all the rat is good for. If he doesn't know ask sammy.
  6. After me not posting here for a year and a half at least, what caused you to bring me into this dispute?
  7. Best Season in years. Not because there's been more fish which actually has been the case but because I have been at my house for almost 8 months.
  8. Just out of curiosity as I don't know how this works...Do people take more craps during a pandemic? I did not buy one extra roll of toilet paper.
  9. this citiot came out 3/11 with wife and kids and have not biked, been south of the dune nor left my property. however, I heard many cityasses have been wiping out store shelves and packing the public beach like its vacation time. sorry but I saw the stay in place coming and made the decision to stay in place in my house rather than apartment. Don't worry I will not be in any of the stores out here as they are corona petri dishes from all of those that ran out east and didn't quarantine,
  10. Thanks! I really would like it back.
  11. My Kid went out to fish a fluke bite he's been on for weeks. Came back and the lock he uses would not engage as it was corroded having been in the salt air for several summers. Left the yak between the road and the bay and ran to the house to put the his catch on ice, look or another lock and put the pedals inside. Came back out and it was gone. I give him points on thinking to bring the pedals in. Being that this happened last Sunday and I have been working all week - Tomorrow I am off and will purchase him another yak. Most likely another Hobie and we have the pedals which are pricy.
  12. They got the seats but not the paddles. As I mentioned they also did not get the mirage drive pedals. Anyone that knows where I live knows there are only 2 ways out and both under heavy duty surveillance. Hope to have some news soon. I know a lot of fisherman from SOL are on the lookout. Thanks for your help. MY Son also thanks you. He is 10 years old and this is the first time his stuff got clipped.
  13. Pak - Is this the 1st time we are in agreement You know the lay of the land better than me and most others. Help my son find the thief. Spread the word. Its not about $$$ -
  14. He will be caught. These days you cant hide. This was either a kid needing some summer $$ or a dope addict looking to pawn it for a fix. If I were him. I would dump it where I will find it. In the event he is seeing this post. The sooner you dump it, the sooner I will withdraw charges. TBD
  15. The best way to identify it is that they did not get the peddles. The peddles are $700 times 2 each so I doubt a guy that needs to steel is going to buy peddles.