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  1. Everything should be at a single age.....Right to vote, right to buy and consume alcohol, right to buy tobacco, right to buy and possess arms..... Not too long ago, Leftists were saying the brain isn't fully developed until 25. And now they want to lower voting to 16. Its a scam to manipulate the young.
  2. Nothing fancy or pretty, butt, it werks like a charm. Less than $20 bux in it.
  3. Not really blows away, butt, a damn good cover...
  4. I find it too much of a hassle to make the whole ceviche on the boat. I will mix all the fruits and veggies, keep it on ice, and then add the fish after I catch it.
  5. Nice catching !!!
  6. Huuuurl !!!
  7. I suggest a jig head that sits upright at rest. I'd also go with one with a slightly smaller hook. Keep an assortment of sizes from 1-4 oz. Use the lightest one possible to hold bottom as close to vertical as possible. I use 30 lb J-Braid with a 6=8' long section of 40 or 50 lb mono leader.
  8. I fish anywhere from about 6', like at the walls at the mouth of DeBay to 140'+ at some offshore wreck. Weight of jigs depends on current. I have used 1/2 oz at the walls during slack tide to 4 oz at the wrecks in a good current. I try to go as light as possible to keep line near vertical. A good factory rod for Togs would be the Penn Battalion 7' or 8' extra heavy. Fairly light weight and good strong back bone.
  9. I use a 7'6" Black Hole Challenger Bank rod for Toggin. The longer the rod, the more force you have at the hook when setting hook and the farther you can yank it up off structure.
  10. Use this in 4-8 oz depending on current.
  11. Depending on the size jig you are using, snagging the fish anywhere in the head area will be totally normal. Fish normally attack their bait's head. On a jig, the hook is on the back side. So, if the fish grabs the jig towards the front or middle, and you set the hook, that tail hook will snag the head area and not be in the mouth. Bluefish usually attack bait by biting tail. So they will get hook in mouth normally.....butt, not always.
  12. Gulp is like a sponge....its a carrier for the Gulp juice, which is the scent and taste attractant. When fish bite on Gulp, that scent and flavor causes them to think its real food and hang on to that lure longer than if it was scentless and tasteless. Since it comes in a variety of shapes and color, it just might be the best plastic bait out there. However, there are plenty of fish out there that will hit purely by sight and vibrations and not on scent. There are lots more plastic out there that has way better action than Gulp. Its up to the skill of the fisherman to set the hook before the fish spits out that scentless and tasteless piece of plastic. I have found that a Gulp with its twisty tail bitten off paired with an Otter Tail Tiny curly tail is the best......high action AND taste. Win win !!!
  13. Having an upper limit of 32", 36", or 40" will bring up the breeders.
  14. No, I don't believe it for a second. And I find it funny that Porky's came out in 1981......which has a scene where there is a line waiting to get with Cherry Forever.
  15. Don't use SeaBass gear for Grouper...