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  1. V8 or I6 ??? What tranny does it have ??? Selec trac II ???
  2. Hard lead doesn't pour as smoothly as pure soft lead. Hard lead leaves "wrinkles" and not a clean finish. With smaller jig heads and lures, the wrinkles can be an issue as it doesn't/might not fill the barb or brass lure eye area. With bigger lures, the wrinkles are not an issue.....its just cosmetic. These lures are made with hard lino-lead. I can't use soft lead as they bend too easily.
  3. Just made a run up to Falmouth Mass for Porgy. A few of my friends want to run up there. How much longer will the Porgy spawn be going on before they leave the area ??? Thanks in advance...
  4. Ok, I've read that you can't use an oven used for food to bake powder coated lead jigs. Why not ??? The lead is coated in powder paint. There is no or a tiny bit of exposed lead. How does baking it in an oven contaminate future food ??? Does the lead volitize and linger in the oven ??? I ask this because they don't make a toaster oven big enough for the size jigs I want to paint. Turning it on its side and I can only bake 2 or 3 at a time. Setting up a dedicated oven for jigs is not something I want to do. What say you wise men of SOL ???
  5. Caught this Blackfish with a broken back. I did not know till I filleted it.
  6. Lionfish toxin is more like an irritant when it gets into a bee sting. Its not lethal if ingested.
  7. Dinner wanted you to take it home.
  8. Ribbet...
  9. Monkfish count ???
  10. Everything should be at a single age.....Right to vote, right to buy and consume alcohol, right to buy tobacco, right to buy and possess arms..... Not too long ago, Leftists were saying the brain isn't fully developed until 25. And now they want to lower voting to 16. Its a scam to manipulate the young.
  11. Nothing fancy or pretty, butt, it werks like a charm. Less than $20 bux in it.
  12. Not really blows away, butt, a damn good cover...