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  1. Difficult but rewarding . Builds and gear play a big role.
  2. If you have a ps4 or pc check out Nioh . May be too difficult for noobs. Souls type samurai game with Japanese lore. Excellent time sink.
  3. Criminals don't follow any laws
  4. Virginia is now a clown show. You guys voted that turd in . You reap what you sow .
  5. He does have numbers after his name. You guys have lowered your standards in here.
  6. Did we 100% figure out where this this thing originated and what it came from ? I heard pangolin and/or bat due to Chinese new year wet market . I'd like to know for sure in case I get a hankering for bat or pangolin.
  7. Bla bla bla . You must be a Dem or lib. The one deaf person can use closed captions so the rest of us don't have to endure that dramatic dance you call signing. How would you feel if after every sentence it got repeated in 3 different languages?
  8. I disagree. How do deaf people watch tv ? Closed captions. Why the drama during addresses? Feel good politics.
  9. You gotta know I could care less. The one deaf idiot without captions can understand the drama show. It's like catering to the non English speaking people in our society .
  10. Redneck Man card is revoked. What kind of redneck calls another one over to cut down a tree ? Makes no sense. I could cut that pine down with a swiss army knife in the dark , during a coronavirus outbreak, in the nude while drunk texting and driving.
  11. I'd love to have Gallagher run out and smash the translators over the head with a mallet . Tell me deaf people don't have captions on 24/7 .... They annoy me with the dramatic looks and the way they act. We can't fix deaf by now.......I call bs.
  12. Chivas Regal 12, JW Black, Dickel 12 , Beam black. All winners. I've tried bulliet . Not bad . For the price Chivas 12 to me wins. I've been on a whiskey/scotch/bourbon kick for a while now.
  13. CZ 97 . Just make sure you loctite your LCI screw. After that 100% reliable.
  14. Teachers before being hired must submit all search history data and social media accounts for full review . Full Q and A session on topics that are questionable. Weed out the trash before it can make an impact on the youth of our nation. Time to teach kids about real life struggles and accomplishments. The path we are on at this moment is a dangerous one for us in this country.