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  1. I got a big bottle of oil from Lazarus. Helps me fall asleep. I don't smoke weed. CBD helps with anxiety and shuts down the over active mind for me. Been using it for a while now.
  2. One step closer to trading up for a CZ P01 Omega or SIG P938 .
  3. Danner extra wide is not wide enough . Just an FYI. Nice boots but narrow.
  4. I am accurate with it at defensive distance . It is very reliable. I make sure to take it to the range regularly so I am comfortable with it. No matter what trigger I run it pinches my fingertip under the trigger while firing and then it drags the pinched finger forward on the reset. Gives me a blister. No matter how I try to adjust to it. I trust it 100% . I have fat fingers and rather large working hands. If it had a 1911 style trigger like my p238 I would love it.
  5. I have a 3.5 # ghost connector and a cmc in my G43. I hate shooting it. Conceals well and with a couple +2 mags and one in the pipe I don't feel undergunned. The +2 helps with my grip . Big hands small pistol. I've trained with it pretty extensively . Destroys my trigger finger reliably. Still would rather carry and shoot my .380 .
  6. Service Manager at the shop known for not washing his hands in the bathroom cooks on the grill , rolls hotdogs with his fingers while licking his fingers in between each roll.
  7. Seal is complete garbage Ruins the entire website.
  8. If my kid was gay or trans he'd be out on his ass as soon as 18 comes around. My grandfather would roll in his grave if he was alive to see this sheet.
  9. I had a ppq . Traded it after getting the shadow 2 . PPQ trigger is great. I enjoyed shooting it . Was lighter but had more felt recoil than the Shadow. Range days now almost only consist of shadow 2 and S&W Victory 22 for me.
  10. That Shadow 2 makes target shooting a blast. Great pistol. Very reliable. Shoot it and you'll want one.
  11. Been going back and forth on getting a p365. I have a g43 and p238 already. I have some +2 mags and a 9rd for my 43. I don't enjoy shooting it. The trigger bites my finger . Swapped out to a cmc trigger but it still pinches between trigger and guard. I get a blister before I can shoot 100 rounds.
  12. CZ Shadow 2, CZ 97B , Kel Tec RDB
  13. I recently grabbed a 17. The 19 was too small in my hands. The Glocks are nice but the trigger on mine is not the greatest. Not smooth. Rented a Walther PPX at a local range. Instantly fell in love. Regretted renting it . Now my Glock is sitting on the back burner and the Walther PPQ is top dog. I will not be renting anything else for a while. I put the 25 cent trigger job on the glock and put an aftermarket trigger on it and it still doesn't compare. Those Glocks are simple to strip and clean. No malfunctions in it's first thousand rounds.
  14. If I had a dollar for every ounce of vodka I drank.
  15. Same old same old. Working too many hours. You ?