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  1. Watch this . I have no opinion officially. Just information.
  2. Bingo we have a winner. Her scheme is obvious and disgusting.
  3. Bankrupt , corrupt , crooked ass state. Lying about the totals so Gina can ask for federal funds . The place is a dumpster.
  4. Hate all people equal
  5. Yeah that's why . Did you miss your meds today ?
  6. How nice of you Sir Robin hood to want to take from the rich and give the poor. A saint amongst saints. Repartitions to level the field ?
  7. You guys didn't tell me we had an angry lesbian husband in the tavern . Sup Butch.
  8. Hard No for the last few years. Years of forced diversity. Placement of jobs due to color and not qualifications have brought us this mess. The experiment is failing . What is the next plan and who decides ?
  9. Figure out who funds BLM. Where the donations go. Goals of this organization. Then report back.
  10. BLM is the black version of the KKK. Black racist douche bags . KKK is all but dead in America minus a stray idiot here and there while BLM is on every TV channel and media outlet we have. Sad times in America when the desperation of a political party uses this group for an agenda . Again and again. Slavery and white racism is gone. Blacks keep beating the dead horse . Adapt and overcome . Let the past be the past and WORK to build a better future. Better future isn't riots and race wars .
  11. Wasn't me
  12. Difficult but rewarding . Builds and gear play a big role.
  13. If you have a ps4 or pc check out Nioh . May be too difficult for noobs. Souls type samurai game with Japanese lore. Excellent time sink.