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  1. Those mini darters were pretty successful up at Northport. IDK about throwing with a fly rod: had quite a bit of lead in them. You would need at least a 10 WT.
  2. I can go $330 and I live/work in Western Suffolk.
  3. Hmmm- Would you take $300 for it?
  4. $165 + shipping and its yours! PM me your info
  5. Price Reduced to $175
  6. Like New, Barely used 8 Tube Hunter Elite Plug bag (plugs included). Will consider a trade for 4 Tube bag of similar quality/condition. Asking $200 + shipping Can meet (LI area)
  7. Huge Bass!
  8. Just got this one last week (my first):
  9. Rod was sold to BrooklynBridger Thread is closed . . .
  10. Mark, Just saw this . . . I am in N. Babylon for the week , but will be back in MTK for the weekend.
  11. Nudda bump
  12. ghost-What redhawk said . . . I am in N. Babylon if you want to stop by and take a look see. I'll PM you my cell# . . .