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  1. So sorry to hear this sad news. RIP.
  2. You really need to check out "Buffy" crab flies from Alan L. in Maine.....They are really great and we use 30" of T-17 to cast them. Alan is a true gentleman! Check out his sole video:
  3. I could not have said this any better and it is what I would have written.
  4. Deleted comment
  5. BFD, Great report as usual! Happy to see you back on the water!
  6. Esa, Take a look at Nextcast "Skagit" lines as they are rear weighted and relatively easy to do single spey with a weighted fly. They also allow for efficient sustained anchor casts. They overhead well too! George
  7. TGShift, What 12'6" 10 weight are you using? Thanks, George
  8. Very nice!
  9. Voice of experience here.
  10. You nailed it Bob.
  11. Chris-great photo of the sea bass.Perfect!
  12. Three months I saw one in the tree behind my house . He was looking over the cranberry bog and then I saw him again walking along the bog. So, I know they are on the Cape.