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    I'm all about Fishing and Riding my streetbike '09 GSXR 1000. It's not a hobby, it's a way of life..
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  1. Ok.... Thnks for getting back to me. Goodluck with your sale. Teddy
  2. What's the payment options....?? Paypal...? Check....?? Money Order....?? Will you go $35.00 Shipped on the top two...?
  3. I'm selling a 11ft Century Stealth ...... I've owned it for about 2 weeks and it doesn't fit my throwing style. I've made about 100 casts on it. Stick looks brand new and not a mark on it. If you're interested, please respond on this thread. If you live in the Toms River / Seaside area and want to throw it, I'll meet up one morning in that area. Price is $300 (paypal or cash) Stick would have to be picked up though. Teddy
  4. I have an 11ft Century Stealth (Factory Built) if your interested.... I came on and was going to start a thread to sell it, but saw your thread. It's 2 weeks old, been fished 3 times for about a total of 100 casts. I'm asking $300 picked up in the Toms River, N.J. area. Where are you located...?? If you have interest and need it shipped, I can work on getting a price on shipping. The stick cost $360+tax new. Hit me up if you have any questions... Teddy
  5. Sounds good..... PM coming with my info. Thanks Teddy
  6. Tell ya' what.... If you can go $115 Paypal, you have a deal and I'll get this out tomorrow. (This top goes for $155-$160 average). Get back to me and let me know. Teddy
  7. Thanks for the interest, but I have a garage full of sticks..... Top is new without tags (I pull the tags off 2 weeks ago and not sure where they got tossed). 3 days after I bought this, I found the matching top to my snowbee jetty suit and bought that one too. My wife wanted to kill me. Thanks for the offer though. Teddy
  8. For sale is this PrecisionPak Pluto Drytop.... The Top is BRAND NEW and NEVER worn (Except to try on). Price is:: $125.00 Shipped Payment Options:: Paypal or Cash (If it's cash, I'll meet in the Toms River/Brick area and you can take $5.00 off for the shipping) If you have any questions, please ask on this thread and not through PM. Thanks TeddyE=4][img=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2342915/width/600/height/400]]
  9. Sounds Good........... PM coming. Thank You Teddy
  10. I'm selling these BRAND NEW automatic tire deflators (5 - 20psi). I already have a set (Which work great by the way) and there is no need for another set (Got them for an anniversary present a few months ago and the wife will be pissed if I return her set). I took them out of the package so there wasn't a glare when taking the picture. Price is: $43.00 Shipped (I know these go for about $60.00 new, I bought the 1st set) Payment Options are: Paypal or Cash (If it's cash, I'll meet in the Toms River area and you can take $3.00 off for shipping) Thank You Teddy URL=http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2213832/width/600/height/400][/url]
  11. I'll Take It..... :-) I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee as my beach whip...!!!
  12. If I wasn't broke.... I would be all over these like white on rice. Oh My Goodness...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I just have to wait a bit and see if Bayviewrr wants them first. He might be at work. If he doesn't want them, I can do the 710's and 704 for $55.00 and $7.95 on the shipping if that's good with you. I can fit them all in 1 box wrapped (If it fits, it ships "USPS" moto) hahaha. Let me know and we'll wait until 6:00 and see if Bayviewrr responds. Thanks Teddy