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  1. It would not surprise me if the Yankees do nothing to bolster their pitching staff. That is if Severino and Betances are definitly coming back.
  2. I think they are over priced and underwhelming.
  3. I've lost all faith in St.Croix rods.
  4. Get that replaced, sell the replacement, and get a GSB 1201M. I have lost faith in st.croix.
  5. Ask yourself one question. Do you need a sealed reel? If yes you have the following choices, Van Staal, Penn Torques, or Zeebaas.
  6. Buy the way welcome to stripersonline.
  7. I'm gonna be right one of these years.
  8. Like i have been saying for the past 7 years it's over. Get used to losing bitches
  9. I was using bits of sandworm.
  10. Hi/Lo rig with sand worms.
  11. Simms Freestones, neoprene socks, with a pair of gaiters, works for me.
  12. This is for an 8lb picnic shoulder. 7 tsp of kosher salt 4 tsp fresh ground black pepper 1 head of garlic peeled 1 tsp of paprika 2 T of olive oil Place ingredients in a mortar and smash up till you make a smooth paste, or put all the ingredients in a food processor and pule it till it makes a smooth paste. Remove pork from packaging rinse off and place upside down on cutting board. Cut 8-10 2" deep slices in the meat. Flip it over. Now starting on the wide side of the roast start slicing the skin off of the roast. Attention do not remove the skin we're just creating a flap here. keep cutting til you reach the skinny end of the pork roast. Now fold the skin over and cut 8-10 more holes in the meat. Rub pork with paste taking care to push the seasoning into those holes you made. Place meat in a large mixing bowl wrap it up and refrigerate overnight. The next day remove pork from fridge, let rest on counter for at least an hour. Preheat oven to 325* place rack in the middle. Line a half sheet with a few sheets of HD foil, place a cooling rack on the foil. I do this for maximum crisping, but it's personal preference. Place in oven. In 2 hours rotate the half sheet 180*. In another 2 hours rotate meat 180* and take temp. Your looking for 200-205*. Once you reach the desired temp. Pull out the roast and set aside. Heat oven to 450* when the oven hits 450 put the roast back in for 15-20 to get those fantastic cracklings. Remove the skin place on a cutting board and slice them up. Let the roast sit for at least 20 minutes the pull apart and serve and enjoy. 20190704_135242.mp4
  13. Uuuuugggggggly win.
  14. A-Aron at bat!