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  1. The Red Rocket.
  2. So glad to see the Yanks taking care of business this season. Last year the O's cost the Yankees the AL East. Good to see Frasier's bat is warming up. Domingo pitched well enough to win. Would have loved to have seen him blank the Orioles and lower his era, but the bottom line is he got the win. Now onto tomorrows game.
  3. There he goes now hustling down the first base line to avoid the double play. Damn him.
  4. There he goes again swinging for the fences.
  5. Sarcasm does not translate well on the interwebs now does it? Gary is scary!!! The Sanchino!!!
  6. He needs to lay down bunts and concentrate on hitting bloop singles.
  7. All he does is hit homeruns.
  8. Just great I'm gonna be fishing out that way tonight.
  9. I couldn't keep my eyes open and went to bed at 9. It looked like Happ was tossing batting practice for the O's before he was pulled.
  10. I can finally breathe now that the Yanks have blown it open. These tight games while entertaining can be a bit much for my nerves this early in the season. Nice to have a blow out once in a while. Time to relax check the ribs on the smoker and have a nice cool adult beverage.
  11. Might be a short paddle with all of the downed trees on the Quinny. I once saw 5-7 of the largest carp in my life all staged by the Quinnipiac St. bridge in Wallingford.
  12. I love the way Urshella is playing, but lets be real he's a career .230 hitter who is having the season of his life. Once Miggy is over his injury he'll be our every day 3rd baseman once again. That looks to be next year though, so lets hope Gio can keep it up for the rest of the year.
  13. Miggy is done. Back on the IL.
  14. The replacements do it again! Am I bad for hoping Stanton doesn't lace them up for the rest of the 2019?