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  1. Good morning everyone. I'm taking it one day at a time.
  2. That's an excellent piece of advice. I was at my son-inlaws 32nd birthday party a few weeks ago and had to leave. It was jst too much for me at the time. I'm sure it'll get easier as time goes by, but boy was that rough.
  3. 39 days sober. I've been going to AA for the last 4 weeks for my sanity. The thing is I'm having a hard time buying into exchanging phone #'s and calling people up daily. I don't like talking on the phone in the first place. The only people I converse with on the phone are my daughter and wife, and we mostly text. I also don't understand why they're pushing me to go to multiple meetings a week. I like my Thursday evening meeting and it's enough for me. I'm really trying to buy into the program but I don't think I'm going to be the prototypical member. I will keep attending and keep trying to figure out if this is for me. All I know is life for me is better sans the alcohol. I've come to the terms that I'm an alcoholic and that I can't drink and have a normal life. I don't miss it and I'm quite content as of now. My wife has been very supportive of me and we've been getting along really well as of late. I'm not gonna lie I've had an urge or two, but I just think of how good things are going now. Then I think back on all the bad decisions I've made while under the influence of alcohol and its a no brainer. Stay sober! Like I've said I'm just going to keep going to meetings and keep an open mind. Maybe one day I'll get with the program the way others do or maybe I won't. I just want to stay sober that is my top priority.
  4. If the charter you found was reel cast charters, you'll be casting plugs and using great gear.
  5. Inlets, inlets, inlets! Google maps is your friend.
  6. Here a good starting point the, CT DEEP Shoreline Access website. https://www.depdata.ct.gov/maps/coastalaccess/index.html
  7. The lottery was supposed to fix that, no it was the casinos, or was it the Marijuana sales tax.
  8. ^^This^^. I've decided this is what I'm going to do in the future. I'll put together two conventional rigs for bait fishing. That and get a couple of heavy-duty sand spikes.
  9. So I was out soaking some bunker chunks with my cousin last night. Set up my rigs and I cast out. Just as I put my rod in the sandspike I hear the baitrunner start clicking. A few minutes later I have a chunky angry blue at my feet. Fast forward about an hour and the guy sets two rods up to my right about 30 yards away. Next thing you know the blues cruise through again we all hook up. So while he's busy fighting a fish his other rod gets dragged into the sound. I watched him futily attempt to grab it before it disappeared into the briny abyss, but being middle aged and out of shape did little to help him. So stick to one rod when your chunking. Fish more than one and you might end up like that guy. You
  10. @FlukeOff we're probably talking about the same person. I called Hammonasset talked to a ranger who stated the is no charge "for the time being".
  11. You guys thought I was mad about West Haven? Wtf is going on with this state. These sons of bitches snuck this crap into this year's Angler's Guide without any notification. Something needs to be done about this. We need to call write the state and tell them this cannot fly. This would cost me a small fortune to fish. I am beyond angry right at this moment.
  12. I didn't know he improved the jumping minnow too. Thanks for the heads up Steve. And as for using spooks at night I'm surprised more people don't do it. I've had spectacular nights of fishing doing so.
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