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  1. That's a classic. I have that saved in my favorites. Bassdozer is a wealth of knowledge.
  2. Here you go.
  3. Good morning everyone.
  4. Good morning everyone.
  5. Good morning everyone.
  6. Good morning everybody.
  7. I'm not a fan of theirs either. That game ended like I thought the LSU Auburn game would. How about Wisconsin and Nebraska getting getting beat BYU and Troy.
  8. Yeah, I'm wondering how Ohio state is gonna win this one? They always seem to squeak out a win in these close games.
  9. Hell of a good game.
  10. Good afternoon everyone.
  11. If the Canes lose they're gonna need to sit Malik Rozier. How the hell can the U not sign a qb? The guy is ranked 165th in accuracy in Div 1. How the hell is he still starting? Are they that devoid of talent at the qb position, that this clown has a starting job?
  12. Good morning all.
  13. Good morning all. Here's to another day.
  14. Good morning all.
  15. Game of the week is going to be LSU @ Auburn. Me thinks Auburn is gonna win big! They're gonna pull away in the second half after Malzahn makes his adjustments.