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  1. I've never had faith in the needle fish till a few years ago. Just reel it nice and slow and you'll be surprised at what happens. It gives no feed back so it takes some getting used to. Some lures you can feel wiggling or pulsing at the end of your line not this guy. It makes it uncomfortable for people because they are so used to getting feedback from whatever is on the end of the line. I'd fish it for few minutes and switch it out with something I was more comfortable using. It took fishing with someone who was consistently catching with one while I was getting skunked for me to give it's fair chance and it paid off big time. Now I don't fish without one.
  2. I have, this one epic sea robin blitz back in the early 2000's I went out chunking with 6 bunker, and they cleaned me out in an hour. The last one I caught I chunked up. Caught sea robin after cannibalistic sea robin that day. I kid you not I must have caught 50 - 75 robins that day. Why you say, well just because.
  3. I'm sure they are on a blues diet. If you think about it, it really is the perfect food for a blue. All the meat is in the tail and mid section.
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. That's a pretty ingenious little chimney/camp grill.
  6. Don't forget the capers.
  7. Making it to 2021.
  8. There's no reason to use one of those bright ass white lights on the beach. Ray and I were out east of the CT river and had a beach all to our selves and as we were packing up to leave he turned on his white light. I broke his balls for doing so too. gosh darn light ruined my night vision for a good 10 minutes.
  9. You weren't the other guy on the beach last night, were you?
  10. Yes they do, but the one on this is missing parts.
  11. Lets go sight cast for them on the sandbar again.
  12. Last year I found a Weber Genesis gasser. Looks like the owner didn't want to be bothered to clean it. Cleaned that one out and gave it to step daughter when her and her fiance bought they're house.
  13. Steve I never pass up a Weber grill. I always stop to see if they're worth the effort for me. Now I need to find me one in RED
  14. On my way back from fishing on the Connecticut river, I saw a Weber Performer with the stainless steel table on the curb looking all sad and lonely. I turn around to check it out and the home owner pops out of his garage. He says the previous owner left it with the house and he didn't want it. So I loaded it on the truck strapped her in and brought it to it's new home. It came with a full load of Kingsford briquettes in the hopper and it was nice and dry, score! I run to the local hardware store get some #00 steel wool, a razor scraper, and some simple green. I scrape off all of the built up crud built up on the grill, then spray it down and scrub the hell out of it with steel wool. After a few hours of this and couple of cold ones I ended up with this beautiful green SS Weber Performer. I already have a black one with the plastic side table, but I just couldn't resist.