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  1. Reed is 100% right! The vortex makes damn crispy wings. Like stated above pat dry season and cook on high indirect heat.
  2. I had that happen a few times.
  3. I'm going on a death march this weekend. I'll be packing light, but my problem will be on how much water to take. Should I chug water before I have to hoof it to minimize the amount of water that I have to carry? Do I take a lot of water and drink it as I go? Do I take a ton of water with me and drop a bottle here and there so I can rehydrate on the way back? I just don't want to have to deal with cramps if I don't drink enough water on my trip. Oh and just so you know getting old sucks.
  4. Plug/Rod builder Billy Delizio from the Connecticut SurfCasters has one and can build to your specifications. Pm me so I can facilitate a meeting
  5. Let me if my buddy has one. I'll get back to you later.
  6. Where are you located?
  7. Live line whole bunker.
  8. I'd add freshly chopped rosemary and lemon zest. With a pat of herb butter while it rests.
  9. I'm off the week of the 4th
  10. We have to meet up one day bud!
  11. I keep going to the same place, and keep catching the same fish.
  12. Awesome thanks bud!
  13. Carey, how would those wheels hold up on a dirt road with intermittent rocks strewn about? I know of a spot that's quite a walk to get to and that cart looks perfect for that trip.
  14. Braise in flavorful liquid, I like crushed red pepper and onions. Then fry off in cast iron pan.
  15. I've watched his videos on his social network accounts and he seems like a good guy.