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  1. Damn it I forgot all about this thread. Caught a few nice stripes on a black Lordship A-40. Wish I took some pics. I'm gonna keep this thread in mind from now on when I head out.
  2. I can vouch for those water temperatures. I was waist high in that cold bathtub thinking to myself why the **** is this water so damned cold. I only managed one stripe in that cold water last night.
  3. Well it looks like I'm going to try out that dropper loop set up.
  4. You've got nothing to worry about. I'm still on the Weber grates I bought last year.
  5. My fault on not being completely clear. I am talking about the connection on the swivel. The leader is at 180° from the mainline, the teaser is at 90°. How do I keep that knot that leads to the teaser from slipping down the swivel and coming to rest against the leader knot. Is there a way or is this just going to happen over time?
  6. How do you like to attach teasers to a swivel? I've been using a uni-knot on 80# Ande pink mono to attach it at a 90° angle to the swivel, but no matter what after a few casts the knot slides down a sits against the mainline knot. Is there a better knot to use that won't slide down? Am I knot tying the not tight enough? I know a lot of people use the smaller sized quick clips to attach them, and I have also. The problem is I believe it leads to more fouling of the lines. Is this something that is just going to happen no matter what I do?
  7. Was at a beach in eastern CT last night managed a couple of stripes on a black danny. I couldn't believe how fast the temp dropped once the sun went down.
  8. Not the prettiest, but it was pretty damn tasty.
  9. A slab o' spareribs and two cheddah brats.
  10. Colors don't matter till they matter. You are absolutely correct. I've seen this for myself a few times.
  11. I believe it keeps the direct infrared heat of the coals from getting to the meat. Which in turn is a more gentle heat if you can understand what I'm trying to say.
  12. This is how I BBQ on my weber. I line the charcoal grate directly under the food with aluminum foil. Load the charcoal baskets with whatever I'm using for fuel that day, put two fire bricks in front of the baskets. Then light one of the baskets with a starter cube. throw on the grate and put two fire brick directly over the other two. Put a water pan on over the fire, let the temp settle and away we go. A lot cheaper than a slow 'n sear, and just as good.
  13. They're in my backdoor yard. Was watching them stuff black sunflower seeds in their cheeks this morning. The neighborhood fox has been trying to figure out how to get into buddy's chicken coop.
  14. That's why I just drink the beer and roast the bird on the stand.
  15. We are too. My wife loves feeding all of the little critters in our neighborhood. She has 3 ground feeders and 5 bird feeders. We get rabbits, racoons, skunks, chipmunks, possum, fox, and hawks. The rabbits are peeing all over the place and leaving dead spots in the lawn, the squirrels are digging up my lawn burying corn, sunflower seeds, and what have you. My wife feeds them and my neighbor catches them in a have a heart trap and drops them off at a local park.