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  1. The point of the post was not what color the poachers were cause Latinos are "white"!! The point was "no speakie the englase" didnt work to get out of trouble!!
  2. Today at the Chuckway I noticed some Pilgrim fishermen at the end not speaking English. They were engaged in fishing for schoolies at the tip. I was further inland so couldnt see everything they were doing. I did notice they caught 2 stripers but didn't see where they went. Not long after they departed. After a few minutes another fisherman came down the rocks and said the Mexicans had been arrested by the DEM Officer. If l had seen more stripers disapear l would have called. l have the # in my fone but the DEM have been there 2 days in a row so have your license ready!! They had 4 undersized stripers in a 5 gallon white bucket and 2 more in their truck. Should have got pictures to post. They were actually from Ecuador and tried to play the no speakie card. They knew they were in trouble when the officer started speaking Spanish!!
  3. Wait what theres a looney bin inside the looney bin inside the looney bin!!
  4. Having taken an airplane ride in 1975 from westerly with the purpose of scouting possible fishing locations along the beach I haven't been more than knee deep in the water since!! There were huge creatures just beyond where the waves were breaking!! (the movie didn't help either)
  5. Happy New Year Eddie!! Then we should pray for Eddie to find the Yellow Eyed Devils not pray for them so they can still elude the Pimp Master!!
  6. Saw peanuts silversides & mullet on and off all week. The striper bite was on when they were there! Saw a school pf nuts go out a inlet tonight but didn't stay around for the tide to slow down.
  7. Condolences!! Get togethers will never be the same!!
  8. The gun suppliers sell round bullet molds. I have found the .375 and .500 useful and the molds are less than $20.
  9. Just so yous know neither Landwave or I are providing the snow blower this year or ever again!!
  10. My local lumber store (not big box) usta have sugar pine but I haven't looked for it in a long time.
  11. You need a 1" rasp to make a 1" mouth. The are measured by the overall diameter not the radius! So you need at least a 1" ball rasp if not larger depending how big the plug dia is.
  12. The front wire can be made by squeezing the loop for the middle flat so it will slide thru then use a punch to open the loop up after it is in the plug. You need a vice to squish it flat and a punch. You also need a plate with a hole to backup the wire when you punch it open. There was a how-to somewhere in the past with pictures.
  13. This is the stuff I use or you can just use sawdust.