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  1. Thanks I have done that also - I'm learning:)
  2. Thank you. I did plant some beets.
  3. I just pulled up the last of my lettuce. Does anyone have any recommendations for something to plant now? I also harvested most of my broccoli heads. I did leave the plants there to see if I get a second smaller batch of broccoli. Thanks
  4. $6.99 in Conn.
  5. I have both. If I'm fishing a Sandy Beach I would use the bootfoot because sand will get in the wading boots. Most of my wading boots have spikes because I use them with my wetsuit. The boot foot waders are much easier to put on. I never thought someone was stupid for asking a question that they don't know the answer to.
  6. Just spent about 15 min. picking small yellow worms off my cabbage. The cabbage was just starting to form the smallest of heads.
  7. Very nice offer.
  8. One of my earliest memories from the 70s is my neighbor bringing over a garbage can full of mackerel for my family that he jigged in Long Island Sound. I don't know if the disappearance is because of the warmer water or people taking garbage cans full.
  9. Not when he's acting as a guide service and takes five or six people to spots at the same time where there was no people there before. Very loud, parking where you're not supposed to Etc. Access has gotten restricted and no parking signs have been put up thanks to Bobby J's
  10. 1st editions go for more than reprints. Signed 1st editions go for even more. The signed one I have has a fish stamp. Anyone have a signed 1st edition w/o the stamp?
  11. maybe 5 years ago I saw them giving tickets out to people riding too fast on the service road.
  12. Some of the motors are pretty small and many people might not even realize the bike is motorized. More so with a racing bike than a bike you would see on the service road though.
  13. Maybe I've been lucky but anytime I've been next to an Asian the person has been decent person even if they couldn't speak English. If the canal was C & R it would probably only keep 5% of the people away in my opinion.
  14. it probably has to do with the top speed of the electric bike. I've seen electric bikes on roads that were closed to motorized vehicles.
  15. Black Rock BT is next to Orbit Marine on FFLD ave.
  16. I ended up with four this year.
  17. There's always a few that come in early. Maybe they're chasing squid?
  18. First shop I started going to regularly was Stratford Bait and Tackle when John owen it. If he was still around I probably would spend most of my money there. loved when his wife was there as I enjoy talking to her. I was working in my shed today and moved three decoys that I bought from John when he moved south. Fisherman's Paradise is a pretty good shop. There's a new place in Bridgeport, Black Rock Bait and Tackle that just opened. I haven't been there yet.
  19. put them in a bag and throw in the freezer overnight
  20. I know beets are a cold weather crop but I just pulled up most of the lettuce (or will shortly). Can I plant beets or am I better off leaving the raised bed empty for about 2 months? I have tom., pepper, broccoli, eggplant, onions elsewhere. Thanks
  21. Bobby Js has burned more fishing spots than any other shop that I know of. I refuse to spend $1 in there. Rivers End gets most of my $.
  22. Thanks Send me your addy and I'll have a check sent out. Thanks SOL
  23. If Prican doesn't take it, I will.