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  1. Best reason to move the boat.
  2. No Thank you.
  3. $45 Shipped. Check. Mo or Venmo
  4. SB. A marinade delivery system
  5. Don't know how someone lived on the second floor there
  6. I thought it was always 1 story?
  7. Wind and rain at at my house last night made a mess
  8. I think I'm going to plant the broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprout plants I grew from seed and the Onion sets over the next few days. I have 6 of each.
  9. antitrust and unfair competition laws prohibit vertical price-fixing. Meaning a supplier cannot require a resaler of their products to resell at a set price (MSRP). However the manufacturer can decide not to use a distributor who doesn't follow the MSRP which scares most retailers.
  10. prob. a silly question but if I planted lettuce and radish seeds a few weeks ago will they come up when it warms up? A few have started coming out but the vast majority haven't. Thanks
  11. I've never had a Bass hit anything as hard as they would the Magic Swimmer.
  12. Fishing equipment is a different issue that guns
  13. So you think it's because they're " tree huggers" that they would rather sell something that brings it less money for the company?
  14. I just heard some bad news hope it's not true.