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  1. I'll take it. Thanks
  2. $18 Shipped. Thanks Paul
  3. Don, you can have them. Thanks
  4. Hi Paul, I'm sorry I misunderstood - didn't read your full response. I really don't want 2. I'll give you $25 to cover the postage on the used one. If not, no big deal as it was my fault. Thanks
  5. Yes, I would do that. Thank you. Send me your address and I'll get you the money tomorrow morning.
  6. I would take the 3rd from the top for $25 if you decide at some point to split them.
  7. I've got an itch to fish. Thanks Kevin
  8. NIP Hellhound 8in, 3 1/2 oz $22 Shipped. Thanks Paul

    1. outfished1957


      mike bodner....1132 solly ave...phila., pa. 19111

  10. Yes I would do that thanks. The only issue is I've left it at my office and will not be there until Monday. P m me your address and Monday I will let you know the tracking number and then I will give you my PayPal address.
  11. Used. Has been sitting around for 20 years. 4 " $20 shipped Thanks Paul
  12. I was disappointed he couldn't make Striper day.
  13. That's fine. Thanks and thanks Sol. PM me your address and hopefully the plugs will go out tomorrow. I'll then send you the confirmation number.
  14. I just measured with a micrometer and they are the new run. Thanks
  15. I got them both in a lot that I bought recently . They are about 4 7/8". I have a spin from about 3 years ago and these 2 are about 1/16" longer than that one. So, bottom line I'm not sure - sorry wish I could give you a better answer. You certainly are welcome to return them if they are not what you want.