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  1. I have caught roosters in Mexico. Search SOL as there is a lot of info here.
  2. DZ would prob. say "come down and fish w/me" and offer you a needlefish
  3. Title says it all. Both 50# containers are unopened. I would also do a 50#, 100 yards for 30#, 100 yards. Thanks Paul
  4. I've seen a 52" and a 50" fish caught this year on zinger rubber. I think they are about $8 each??
  5. If you're quite enough you can almost hear the tomatoes splitting w/all this rain.
  6. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    check out other power sources - gas, coal, hydro, etc. It is not much different.
  7. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    That is w/in range of the average windmill. I thought I read the RI ones average about 50%??? I found this online: A modern wind turbine produces electricity 70-85% of the time, but it generates different outputs depending on the wind speed. Over the course of a year, it will typically generate about 24% of the theoretical maximum output (41% offshore). This is known as its capacity factor.
  8. I wonder if you could take the tail off, dry it out and hang it on the side of your shed?
  9. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    Of the approx 90 they examined about 40% had evidence of either ship strike or entanglements. Causes of whale deaths can be determined in only a fraction of cases, partly because of the difficulty of examining a whale that dies in the wild, from their huge size to the various states of decomposition that might have occurred. I see you posted a letter to NOAA - I would assume they have to respond to it at some point and hopefully we can will see that response. Officials from NOAA and other agencies are pushing back on suggestions that wind farms might somehow be contributing to whale deaths. "There are no known connections between any of this offshore wind activity and any whale stranding regardless of species," Benjamin Laws, deputy chief for the permits and conservation division at NOAA Fisheries, said in a briefing call. The kind of equipment being used in the area isn't as problematic as projects such as marine oil and gas exploration, said Erica Staaterman, a bioacoustician at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's Center for Marine Acoustics. "Those in oil and gas are called seismic air guns, and they're specifically designed to penetrate kilometers into the seafloor. So they're very high energy, very loud sources," Staaterman said. In contrast, she added, the tools used to prepare for offshore wind sites are "high resolution geophysical sources, and they're typically smaller in the amount of acoustic energy they put into the water column." "Many of them are used for very short periods of time with a long quiet time in between," Staaterman said, adding that some of the instruments also produce "a very narrow cone of sound," rather than blasting it in all directions. "I just want to be unambiguous," Laws stated, "there is no information that would support any suggestion that any of the equipment that's being used in support of wind development [to perform surveys] could directly lead to the death of a whale."
  10. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    Isn't that what you did on the very first page - from the 2nd post on? You haven't presented any facts - just "feelings" and insults.
  11. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    What I said: I agree, there's a difference between many and all but the necropsies done on all of whales they've been able to look at have have shown that the vast majority are caused by ship strikes. I was using the voice thingy and meant to say: I agree, there's a difference between many and all of the necropsies done on all of whales they've been able to look at have have shown that the vast majority are caused by ship strikes. My fault - sorry. It changed the message.
  12. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    And it is no different than people telling us that the only answer is fossil fuels.
  13. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    Right. And that's why I said it doesn't make sense for everywhere. But wind, solar, other renewable energy sources, along with nuclear can lessen much of our dependence on fossil fuel.
  14. PaulS

    Wind Junk

    In 2022, 62% of Iowa's total electricity net generation came from wind, the largest wind power share of any state. No one is claiming that we are going to power our country just on wind and solar, but in certain circumstances they may make sense.
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