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  1. If those are the black gloves with either the blue trim or yellow trim around the wrist that is what I use. Once in a while they go on sale for like a buck each.
  2. A divided General Assembly voted Wednesday to approve an arbitrator’s award of pay raises of 5.5 percent in each of the next two fiscal years for two small bargaining units representing assistant attorneys general. The average salary for the attorneys in the group is currently $120,000 per year, and that will increase to an average of $133,000 per year, lawmakers said. Overall, the two-year contract will cost the state an additional $3.3 million starting in the second year. So it was 5.5% for each of the next 2 years. I thought I read they haven't received raises in 5 years. Attorneys making $120K prosecuting murders, going against high priced attorneys for bank fraud, etc.. Doesn't sound to me as egregious as the original post.
  3. I started catching the occasional fish on top water recently. A few larger also in the non holdover spots.
  4. I would take the back treble off. Not sure that is a billyD but you can PM him here. Very nice guy and I know he'll answer all your questions. Good luck.
  5. I'd wish they would pull people over for doing that.
  6. 11% that is huge. How long is their contract for? Is that over the life of the contract or each year? What is their current salary level - any idea?
  7. Is this turning into the political forum?
  8. Nice
  9. Never suggested anything like that. It is just that the land here is much more expensive. The state originally planned to have the exit 18 connector go from 95 to 15 (like the milford connector or RT 7 between 95 and 15). Extending that the few miles would cost billions. Compare that to extending a road in somers 5 miles.
  10. Sure you downplayed electric cars. You said "stop putting words in my mouth" That is outrage. People who hate malloy fail to recognize that the prior admins did nothing to help the situation and by not fully funding the liabilities or by not putting in new lessor pension benefits they made the problem worse.
  11. Every state is different. Wash and Alaska have have low population density and more land but building a highway in Alaska is going to cost more than in Arkansas. You down played electric cars so spare me the fake outrage. Just bc electric cars are currently a small %, doesn't mean it will continue to grow and eventually most if not all cars will be electric. And to ignore that currently drivers w/electric cars aren't paying gas taxes is ignoring reality. We do have some of the worst pension funding in the country and that problem built up over many admins. Malloy tried to start to take care of it by making all the required pension funding which prior admins. did not. He also added 2 - 3 new classes of benefits (pensions) for new hires. That was not done with prior administrations. They do need to get away from pensions and go to 401K like the rest of us get.
  12. Try buying land in lower Fairfield County along the shore where 95 is. Even with eminent domain the costs are much much greater in Connecticut then buying land most of the rest of the country.
  13. No, I don't think I'm factually incorrect. The data shows that the more crowded states have higher costs than the larger states as land is much much more expensive and it is much more expense to build/repair a highway in a state where land goes for $1M an acre like Conn. than in a wide open state like ND. Plus, everything costs more in New England - salaries, materials, etc. If you don't think we'll have more and more electric vehicles you're ignoring reality (why mention AOC??). Cars are becoming more and more fuel efficient so there is less need to fill up. Posting 2 articles about state highway spending that total a relatively small amount of $ in the overall state budget and claiming the state is mismanged means nothing. I know some refusing to pay a $.01 more in tax so there is nothing that anyone can say to convince them.
  14. So explain how I'm part of the rigged system. This should be fun to read.
  15. so I'm confused is it me or is it you who is angry? I don't consider myself naive, stupid or benefiting from the system other than want better roads and realizing the gas tax doesn't make everyone pay equally who's using the highways. I'm just realistic and because of that I realize I have to pay more to use the highways