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  1. that sucks Rick
  2. isn't Century having one in Long Island on the same day?
  3. Can't read all that but I always thought they were done there. It used to be much better before they dredged.
  4. There are a few spring spots from shore I have been asked to show my license. Happens about every 3 years.
  5. I usually refer to them as baboo.
  6. I had a friend who was with him one day and they drove by a bunch of folks at a park protesting the war. BJ rolls down the window and start screaming at an old lady.
  7. Didn't his daughter have a sleepover one time and for the next week BJ was talking about some of the girls that slept over. I think his daughter was 13 at the time
  8. I think he just made the papers.
  9. I bought 2 -3 of the regular size a few years ago to see if I could catch anything on them but had no luck. I don't think I was really fishing them correctly.
  10. The follow-up article mentioned how she had bunker perfume on.
  11. Tim, my condolences to you and your family.
  12. If they are in the same state, threaten to sue them in small claims court - and then actually do it. You'll win. Add in the time away from work.
  13. Shut your headlight off.
  14. Any going? Not laughing that she died.
  15. That is what it would be for me also. If everything is as you described, you are 100% in the right.