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  1. She sounded like a great women and I know she will be missed greatly by many.
  2. Kevin, I'm sorry to hear that and am praying for the best.
  3. My condolences. I'm sure the memories of the good times you had with her will be of comfort
  4. I didn't read all the responses but you should fish it like you do an unloaded redfin (slow). I think people have gone overboard w/loading their redfins and have killed the action vs the unloaded ones. I like a loaded redfin, but I also fish unloaded ones when I can.
  5. I found a pretty new looking outfit tonight. Approximately Southwest Connecticut. Send me a PM if you lost one. It's yours as long as you tell me the story how you lost it.
  6. Hi, It is quarantined at my office so I doubt I will see it for another month or so. Sorry
  7. I'm gonna use my Century 12" FMJ
  8. a lot of the same plugs you use in Fl. Moving water is best.
  9. Nice thing to do.
  10. I think those would look pretty cool on the side of my shed but I don't want to pay to ship them. Good luck w/the sale. Bump for a cool item.
  11. That is totally wrong. Today's press conference was another hour filled with Trump saying 1 thing and then Fauci directly saying the opposite.
  12. The ban seems to have worked, there was no one on the beach earlier. It wad either the ban or the 40 degree temperature and 20 mile-an-hour wind.
  13. Westport beaches were closed yesterday. When I rode by Penfield I noticed there was a lot of kids on the swings. They were pretty close to each other. I'll probably take a walk down the beach as soon as the news is over in a few minutes.
  14. Chap lipstick
  15. I would think being 10" behind the most recent high tide instead of at the mean high tide would be beneficial to all fisherman.