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  1. Thanks and Thanks Tims
  2. Thanks and Thanks TimS
  3. $100 shipped. Venmo check or money order please. Thanks Paul
  4. $50 shipped venmo money order or check please. Can't recall where I got these. Thanks Paul
  5. I think with what I have in it and the shipping cost it might be prohibitive
  6. Salty's needle. $20 shipped check money order or venmo please. Thanks Paul
  7. I offered Chris the same amount you ended up buying that plug for. I'm pissed at him for ignoring my offer
  8. Eelie
  9. Just found this in a pile of BMs. Didn't even know I had it.
  10. Two new BM pencils. $72 shipped check money order or venmo please. Thanks Paul
  11. I did fish in a spot last night where it is impossible to leave w/o walking by a trash can. I picked up the usual ball of braid on the ground and threw it in the trash. I don't think I have ever seen a Hispanic person there. Slobs are not limited to Hispanics, illegals or any other group - unfortunately.
  12. yes, I would do that. Thank you and Thanks to SOL!