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  1. I've seen a lot of those lately and snagged one looking for fleas.
  2. Done with Powerpro, too many breakoffs. Suffix 832 30# seemed to have some knot strength issues. I like JBraid 8 30#, 20# is thin and I've made some nice messes of it.
  3. I believe that's an Anglerfish jawbone.
  4. Burying a fish in wet sand is a good way to keep them cool, not to mention pesky gulls picking at your catch.
  5. OMG! No! hope it wasn't too big. Maybe ye saw the guy with sabiki lipping shad...
  6. Good to see the boys hooked up with the blues this morning. Must have been a blast Saturday!
  7. Silver perch and white perch. Here's a striped bass that size from Delaware bay.
  8. I love to blacken them for fish tacos with lime coleslaw and jalapeno mayo and will eat the day they are caught. The rest gets smoked.
  9. I was fishing the tip of an inlet jetty once and hooked up with a fluke. Couple guys I knew were headed out on a boat and one of them hooked the same fish. My jig was in further so I must have got it first, but that was pretty funny.
  10. Last weekend with east wind, so many balloons blowing in off teh water and across the sand. In the dark was kind of freaky.
  11. I'm usually targeting bass so I stick with circles. What I do when I have a fluke holding on is walk into the water away from the fish to try to get a different angle. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...
  12. My experience is that the fluke will grab the fleas and just sit without eating them so it's easy to pull the circle hook. I've spent a couple minutes sometimes slowly reeling in a fluke and it will just come along only to drop the fleas at the lip. Bass are cruising, hunting for fleas so they'll grab and eat them before they get away.
  13. Calicos were munching on my sand fleas yesterday, no starfish....