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  1. "Fishing Permits: 2019 Fishing/Parking Permits will be honored in 2020 season until further notice. " I guess if you don't have a 2019, you'll have to get a 2020
  2. I've stripped them for fluke bait, but not as good as bluefish. Never had luck livelining, but my dad had a striper grab one that he'd caught.
  3. That's a hickory shad. Nicknamed Jersey tarpon, they're lots of fun when they get around 18".
  4. Gateway website is saying 2019 passes are good for 2020 and they aren't selling new permits for now.
  5. A couple Scabellys floating gliders
  6. Drove through Spring Lake today. Lots of signs everywhere- No Parking on any street in town. Guess that solves that. Sort of.
  7. Scabelly's floating glider swims just under the surface. Probably 6-12" depending on retrieve. Good thing is when the bass want a slow retrieve it's not going to sink.
  8. It works. I just used Loctite pro line marine caulk. Make sure you get the quick cure either brand. Works best on punctures like hooks. Only problem I had, was putting it around the boot-wader seam. It's hard to make it perfectly smooth and can rub if you're walking a lot.
  9. San Diego Jam for me too. Give it a try for your 50#.
  10. You should have waited a week to post shhhh
  11. A barfight closes down the town? Anyone consider closing the bars? Edit- I see they have ordered bars and restaurants closed.
  12. Fixed that for ya
  13. Are you using baitholder hooks? Maybe the barb rubbed the loop somehow or the eye wasn't perfectly smooth.
  14. If you can find them, I've had luck with bonefish eating small castmasters. Not sure of the weight, but less than an inch long.