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  1. MOCO this morning, various spots 4-noon, caught some of the meteor show but that was it.
  2. Heard the same, 6-8 miles out. I guess if the penalties aren't stiff enough, they're willing to take teh chance, and talk about it.
  3. I've had good luck with a gaff. Surprised a bluefish didn't grab this one.
  4. Yeah, I'm looking at dropping pressure shifting winds tomorrow and thinking it just ain't going to happen, again. Like last time and teh time before that. But hey you never know...
  5. Definitely has the right curve to it. Wonder if it washed up from the deep or a cleaning table?
  6. Yes sir, that little Danny and his new Peanut were great during the little bit of mullet/peanut run that I saw.
  7. I think the proportions of teeth to jaw are a little off and houndfish's jaw looks straighter?
  8. or Transylvanian
  9. Something toothy was lurking in the yoohoo this morning and when I finally got a bit I set the hook a little too hard. Any ideas?
  10. I've found adult ones through December, but they aren't as plentiful and right now, don't have eggs. Haven't fished for blackfish this year yet, but last September they were eating fleas. Got a striper Sunday fishing a flea in teh surf.
  11. Might have been in the same spot as you and saw a sturgeon jump like that around 9? Also saw a big splash Friday, but didn't get a good look at the fish.
  12. I have left traps out overnight and found a very fat and happy eel in it in the morning.
  13. Rusty staples, old news.
  14. They're around all year, but when it's real cold they might move to deeper water. I used them to catch some bass last December.
  15. The bands aren't always clear. Thought this would help but I've seen pics of rudderfish with the eye/mouth position like amberjack.