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  1. 1201 is 10' and the 1321's are 11 feet. And not built to a specific reel.
  2. Yup, sending PM
  3. Buddy taking wetsuits and the other Aquaskinz top. Waders still for sale, $100 picked up. Boots, booties & wet socks, $50 picked up.. Will throw the korkers in for free. with either.
  4. Hello, I don't sorry.
  5. Rod was built about 12 yrs ago, but i only used it a hand full of times. Its in great shape.
  6. Going to keep the 8.5'. Both St Croix rods sold, rest still available.
  7. Raptor top no longer for sale, rest still is.
  8. Hi, not sure of you found what you need, but i have the following for sale: Snowbee XS bootfoot Waders, size 12 with Snowbee back support belt $100 picked up, or + shipping
  9. Hey cheech, that works. It's yours.
  10. Last price drop, $650 + shipping.
  11. last price drop, $500 for all remaining rods picked up. (all but the 10' St Croix still available)
  12. Take everything in this thread for $300 picked up? Wetsuits are barely used
  13. ok, no problem
  14. just realized that you want a 50/50 split. this rod is not 50/50. Not sure if thats a deal breaker