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  1. I noticed that too, but a leader straightener, combined with the warmer weather, it'll be better. While not "supple straight:, it'll be better.
  2. Other option is Gallo, ugh!!
  3. Lol, at 53, I'm being called a "kiddo". I wish I was a kiddo. Life was so much easier & better. As would my blood pressure, cholesterol, herniated discs, eye sight, hearing, hair loss, memory & energy. I'm sure I'm leaving things out, but as mentioned, memory is an issue, lol.
  4. Larger bluefish as a main course is not the best. Although, slowly cooked on a barbecue or smoked, where the oil dries out, it's pretty good. Smaller blues are tasty as are snappers. If you don't want to slow cook the bigger ones, just make fish cakes out of them. With red & green peppers, shredded potatoes, bread crumbs, old bay, red pepper flakes & and egg as a binder, in a frying pan. Once done with some hot sauce & a beer, they are delicious.
  5. Tailwater Outfitters, on Route 19 in Palm Harbor. Nicest bunch of helpful people. Actually made you feel like a local, and not digging for your stranger/tourist money. Nor look down at you for being a newbie at the fly sport. They tried to sway me toward the more inexpensive leader, but I had my mind set on the SA. What a pleasurable difference from being in NY, lol. Not too mention just having a discussion, without trying to make a sale. Told them my dad lives around the corner, and that I would send him there. Although at 75, all his exercise is mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes and vacuuming the pool. Doesn't get in much fishing or golf anymore I need to get there more often. Two more years until I retire, and I can be there permanently to help.
  6. Double post, stupid computer.
  7. Wow, picked a few spools of the SA Hard mono when I was down in Florida two weeks ago (can't find it locally on Long Island). A shop, literally around the corner from my dad's house, had it in stock. Along with a few other goodies, that wouldn't fit in the suitcase, that they graciously shipped for me, for free!! Got the 60, 50, 40. 30 & 25 for the butt & mid sections for the 8wt & 10wt (still using the Orvis Super Strong for the tippet). What difference in casting & presentation. Even my wife commented to me, while on a few outings down there, that the casts were more "natural" looking. No more collapsing casts or bunched up leader landing at once. Thanks for the input & advice on NOT using the garage full Ande material, I'll keep that for soaking bait & plugging. Only draw back to the SA-AHM is tying knots in the larger diameter 60 (.040) & 50 (.036). This stuff is thick and really stiff, even perfection loops in the 60 was a challenge, let alone a blood knot. Wetting the knot made it more difficult. I decided to rub chapstick on each end before tying, that made a big difference in tying & snugging them down. I also dropped down from a standard 9' leader to a 7' leader, going 4' butt, 2' mid & 1' tippet. While using the SA Sonar line, casting to reds, trout & jacks. Was scoping for snook in the early AM, but no takers from the beach, only from the boat.
  8. Hicks, gotta go.
  9. No need for the smaller hooks. $12 sipped for the larger 3/0 - 7/0 flies?
  10. Hook sizes, please.
  11. Hicks has no options, and Andujar is NOT an outfielder. Andujar is trade bait for a team that needs bench or DH power.
  12. Really? Two catchers hitting sub .200 isn't a problem, with two out fielders hitting .200 combined isn't a problem? Catcher is the easy fix with Contreras. He's hitting .100 above the two catchers currently in use. @RAW gets it.
  13. Gallo & Hicks, follow the thread for crying out loud.
  14. Trade with the Cubs for Wilson Contreras (cathcher) makes up for Hicks & Gallo's lack of bat, and promote an OF'er. Neither one of them should be in the lineup on the same day.
  15. This!!