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  1. Yes, first yak. Radar 135.
  2. "western long island" is rather vague. I live in southwestern suffolk and the thought of going to long beach is a turn off. Where on LI do you plan on dropping in? Just bought a new yak, but don't take delivery until the last week of April. Heading to the Florida Keys for some flats fishing first.
  3. Wow, makes me wish I was a member. Was looking at a new Outback & PA12 this past weekend. That 20% off would save quite a bundle.
  4. Too far for me. Free bump, good luck with the sale.
  5. Went to see a used Papaya '18 PA12 on Friday and it was completely faded from the sun. Looked like crap. Went to a shop on Saturday to see a new one, what a difference in color. Then a yellow/green Outback caught my eye and it was like a magnet. WAY more visible. If it were me, I'd go with the yellow/green color.
  6. Location?
  7. Where in NY??
  8. Raymarine Dragonfly Pro5. CHIRP downvision, widescreen. Retail at $350 some places.
  9. If you're looking for a replacement yak, how about the Radar 115 or the 135? I've been eyeballing the 135. Nice raised foredeck with large fore hatch, optional pedal system and recessed transducer mount. $200 more than the Mako, but many more pro's. Drawback is the weight at 30 extra pounds than the Mako (95lbs).
  10. Call it a Derby, and the biggest wins. When will these PETA morons understand that the tastiest food on this planet actually had parents. The food chains ends in the stomach of humans. Every one of them eats hot dogs and hamburgers.
  11. Fished Murrells Inlet a few years ago, and I can say you've got their lingo down pat, lol.
  12. All yak hatches leak. Like you, I've been on the scout for a yak too, and the mako 12 has been on my radar as well. From my understanding on the reviews and watching some vids, it's a wet boat. Cuts through the wakes, waves and surf decently with that heavily up turned bow, but the low gunnels and shallow scuppers make extremely wet. Major pros are the price, price & price. Along with the factory anchor trolley mounted on both sides. If you like a forward tank well, it's great, if you prefer a deck bow with raised hatch, then it's not great. Also does not come with a recessed transducer mount area if you are planning running a fish finder. Other than that, it doesn't look like like a bad choice if your floundering in the bay or marsh creeks. Weight is awesome at 67 pounds, but the lack of transducer recess, low gunnels and fore hatch position, make it less desirable. The other issue is, there are no local vendors on the island. It's either ebay or Amazon.
  13. Where on the Island are you located?
  14. Steve has built other rods with some "strange" fore grips too. Ask him if he still has them them, you'll die laughing.
  15. They have the right of speech & of practicing religion. If they commit a crime, they get read the Miranda rights, and free legal aid. They get the right to a fair trial. No cruel and unusual punishment. Right to a fair and speedy trial. The right of illegal search and seizure. They get the right to plead the 5th during a trial. Six out out of first eight listed in the Bill of Rights, sounds like rights to me. Oh, yeh, forgot the BIG right... If they get hurt or injured while crossing the border and get caught, they get FREE medical attention. Only thing you earned, is the right to pay for it.