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  1. Beg to differ. Consumer confidence is a measuring stick during a recession. This is about holding the corps responsible for re-starting the the previous booming economy before the 6 week shut down.
  2. Touche, just gave you a thumbs up on the post. Bon Apetit.
  3. I stand by it, Chinese food sucks. Just like Polish & Russian food. I'm half Sicilian, nothing compares to Italian. My wife is part Polish, and she says Italian is the best. My mother in law is full Polish, and had no taste buds until I married her daughter, and now swears Italian is the best. My father who is half Irish, swears Italian is the best. My German neighbors swear Italian is the best. Their is NO comparison to Italian cuisine. Now, if you want to say that Burger King is craving that you like once in blue moon, I can equate that, but Chinese??
  4. Lol, you learn well, Grasshoppah. By the way, grasshoppers are on a Chinese appetizer menu. Eggplant, artichoke hearts, prosciutto, with a fillet of veal scallopini, dressed with a marsala or tomato sauce, topped with mozzeralla cheese under broiler for a minute to char the cheese, and a served with angel hair pasta. Now that's food!! My god, my mouth is watering. Don't know how anyone would want anything other than that.
  5. If one receives greater assistance during layoffs, then the corporations would have to eventually pay more tax to offset the greater payout. It would behoove the cooperation's to get their ass in gear to kick start the economy when this is over.
  6. First; why would anyone want Chinese food, after this "Wuhan" virus thing struck our shores. Second; Chinese food sucks!! Greasy, salt laden, and homogeneous, no matter what you order, it tastes the same. Everyone on this planet knows Italian is best cuisine.
  7. It's amazing how one can train a dog, but millions can't train a human.
  8. While I agree, and admirable, it's an extremely difficult thing to do.
  9. My flag flies every day, but not for anything other than I'm proud to be an American. Ironically, the "Buy American" thing started with unions 40 years ago, yet they forget and endorse moron ****s. As for China, eff them is right, racist or not. They are the biggest exporter of disease and labor stealing cheap crap. The world needs to stand up to China, not just the US.
  10. I'm not not one for comfortably accepting formal accolades, but we do appreciate the "thank yous" very much. Much as you guys did after 9/11.
  11. I'm not a sensationalist by any means, but this is not a traditional flu (I thought that in the beginning, but it's not). Depending on ones exposure and immune system, it's extremely contagious and elder family members and friends could be at risk. I'm only speaking as a worker who has staff that cares for patients and a staff manning the drive through testing centers. All I'm trying to covey is that it shouldn't be down played.
  12. While the watching the Masters is actually nice for some of us, I'm waiting for the clearance to actually get the clearance to play. However, if it may not include the gallery.
  13. As much as I politically agree with most of you, I truly think you don't understand the severity of the illness. I got a call from my number two at work last night. He stated he had two of the three symptoms; fever and dry cough. He stated he's having a hard time with deep breaths and his fever (quelled by Tylenol) is still 101, for 4 days so far. If that's mild, I don't wish it upon anyone.
  14. No, I just wanted everyone to understand. However, I do you give you credit by calling it by it's name, SARS-CoV-2. Not many here seem to grasp it.
  15. There is nothing that is "OK". The fact is, it's not a living thing. It's not a bacteria. It's a molecule, not a living cell. There is a reason there is no cure or vaccine for it.