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  1. "I'll slit your throat" as he/she carries a machete, but the victim of the violent threat gets arrested. Time to sell Oregon to Canada. Maybe they can offer some asbestos in return.
  2. Is this a practice you are familiar with??
  3. The only problem with this post, is I could only give ONE thumbs up!!
  4. The horsed toothed jackass gift that keeps on giving.
  5. Another tool quote.
  6. What does vaccinated have to do with work??? Another liberal brainwasher mindset trying to indoctrinate normal lifestyle and people. YOU are the problem with this country.
  7. Appeal Time!

    Who's defending it? The OP posted a story of one of the juror's lying about involvement in something that should be impartial. Why do you change the narrative and point of the story??
  8. What's even stupider is that outdoor venues, capped at 25%, you have to have vax card or neg covid test. but anyone can walk into an indoor restaurant, at 50%, with no test or vax. Covid protocols are all BS.
  9. Her middle name is Eclipse.
  10. Very vague. ID for immigrants and ID for voting?
  11. Typical, deflect and defer. Answer the question: You advocate for Vax documents, but not for immigrants or voting??
  12. Not too sure about that.
  13. So is our Chinese puppet President
  14. Cracked 50 what?? From the people MSNBC polled??
  15. Maybe your vax will not work, and you'll be part of your 40%. Covid has a strange way of affecting people, and not affecting people.