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  1. Start fishing your go to spots a few weeks before the moon, try to find some patterns that give you different options based on tide or time of day then hope there's not a big storm to screw things up... then hit it hard the week before and after the moon.
  2. I'm sure those whole eels on jig heads would work, but this style is by far the best I've found. I probably have 50 in 3.5 and 4.5 oz and would buy more if I saw them. The tails were kept fairly short too, about 3-4 inches off the back of the hook at most. If you found a school of decent fish sitting far out on a fast and deep ledge, I'm sure you can guess where I'm talking about, your arms would be torched!
  3. Just ask your butcher to slice a bone in shoulder or pork butt. It's definitely a regional thing, mainly St Louis metro. Often times they are labeled as pork steak at the grocery store and its less than $2 lb here.
  4. Pork steaks. Had never heard of them until I moved to St. Louis. Second to well cooked pork ribs, this is now my favorite type of BBQ, and cheap. Couple ways to do them depending if you want a more dry steak like chew or fall of the bone and slather with the reduction sauce (which I prefer). IMO better flavor than pulled pork and most ribs and tougher to screw up, just like when you braise anything, super tender and easy. -Bone in shoulder sliced into 3/4"-1 " "steaks." For whatever reason thicker is not better. -BBQ sauce of your choice -maybe a onion and apple if you have them around. -Smoke with sweet woods for a few hours, really just for some flavor and to pre-cook them a bit. I use the snake method I learned about years ago here on SOL. Temp somewhere in normal pork smoking range, usually 250 for me unless it's balls hot here. - Add BBQ sauce and maybe a chopped onion and apple to a good size dutch oven and set up to braise in oven around 275-315 about a half hour before you take the steaks off the grill. -Add Steaks to dutch oven and top off with a little water to thin it out and get about 1/2 to 3/4 the way up the steaks. I usually "stack them" from one side of the DO to the other, standing up on their sides. -Cook 2-3 hours, give or take. I like the meat to barely be staying attached to the bone when pulling out with tongs. -Remove the steaks, place dutch oven in fridge until fat rises to top, skim fat, reduce sauce and put steaks back in and cover until ready to eat. Obviously better the next day after being reheated in the sauce. *** a lot of places will sauce them and then slap them back on a hot grill to caramelize a bit but I like them more tender and they are barely hanging on the bone so I skip it. Only photo I have is after about an hour of smoke. Here's how one of the better BBQ joints in town does it.
  5. I always had better luck jigging, mostly eel skins, up until the end of June. Then from July- October would switch t eels. Never had very good luck with them until summer feeding patterns set in.
  6. The problem is if you are constantly catching fish big enough to pound the rocks. No matter how quickly you get them on the rocks and try to jump on top of them to keep the noise down the big ones sound like someone throwing boulders...
  7. I hadn't had one until I moved to St Louis in my late 20's- cheap beer back east was always Bud, Bud Light, Natty, etc. I actually think it's the best cheap beer out there. I was home fishing n the fall with my brother a few years back and we went to DJs in Hyannis to watch the Pats game. I tried to order one and the bartender flat our laughed at me at the same time as he was selling THC home brew to someone at the bar. Budweiser is far more expensive here than it is in MA.
  8. Quite possibly the coolest pic I've seen on this site in almost 20 years. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Mako Mike- read about feminized autoflowering seeds. You can easily find them online.
  10. Thanks. We had fun with it.
  11. Selling a reel I've had for some time. Probably 2003 or so? It's been carried a lot and has some rash on the top corners but is in 10/10 mechanical condition. I just had it serviced by Jerry Foran last March and haven't fished it since. I'm not certain what the braid on there is. It's got upgraded bearings, the power handle and a ceramic pawl, I believe. Very smooth. The reel was carried a lot but fished little. Occasional mornings at the canal throwing lighter stuff was not really my thing. I almost always fish a 7000 hsn. $135 shipped
  12. Please close thread. Moved Elsewhere
  13. Stradic FJ 5000 with Suffix 832 30 lb braid. This reel has never been surf fished. Mainly I've used it for catching pinfish and grunts for bait in the Keys, maybe once for schoolie bass on the Cape. It's been used for less than 10 hours total. There are no scratches to speak of only very mild rash. The spool lip is amazing clean. Photos should illustrate that. I would rate it 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. $160 shipped via PayPal, $150 shipped via Venmo