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  1. Kayak is great. Turns out the brunt of the problems lifting onto the rack was technique (from side, back spoiler covered with wifes yoga mat is much easier) and post Pfizer Vac 2 mega fatigue. Kayak cruises at just under 4mph easily, even if into the wind which I was surprised by. Been out for musky 4 times now. Hooked one mid 30" fish the first time and that's it. Apparently the first few weeks after the spawn is tough fishing and we have been having major cold swings but I wasn't expecting it to be this hard. Back at it next weekend.
  2. Almost time for these at the canal... June new moon right around the corner! $40, shipped
  3. I have the Orvis Guide waders as well. Best I have owned..
  4. I have made that many times (never with morels) and am passionate about Italian food/ wine. I have never seen that combo in any Italian restaurant, cookbook, blog... nothing ever. Totally untraditional but think it sounds awesome and am going to try that. Did you see it or have that combo somewhere?
  5. And the above is going to ***continue*** to happen.... alot..... Sad. My FIL died 6 days after he tested positive. The naysayers are either living a pipe dream or just haven't been exposed to the hard truth of the virus. True, many will just get sick. Many have and many more will die. It's selfish and ignorant not to get vaccinated.
  6. St Louis, MO. Won't be on Cape until Aug.
  7. Great. Pm sent.
  8. I've left the house but I'm sure the AS site or Google can answer that easily.
  9. I bought these 5 years ago. May have carried a few times but it looks new (minus the dust from home reno). I used aqua seal on inside of opening flap (to keep hooks from sticking to fabric) and blacked out the AquaSkinz logo with a Sharpie, which has faded somewhat. The strap is from another bag, but included. No wear to mention, other than dust and what's to be expected from carrying a few times, This is the TALL back and the tubes measure 8.25" to top. $65, shipped USPS Priority.
  10. Lot of 8 Black Bucktails. All new but worn/ chipped from being stored. One of the 4 oz SB style jigs looks like it was dropped on pavement and the lips are smashed. (2) 3oz Smilin' Bill Style (2) 4oz Smilin' Bill Style (2) 5oz Smilin' Bill Style (1) 5oz Canal Special Style (1) 6oz Spro Style (custom with strong hooks, bought from a builder here on SOL) All 8 jigs for $45, shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate.
  11. Lot of Canal Style ball jigs with Mustad Stainless HD hooks. These have the forward facing eye which make them swim much better and prevent getting hung up as much. These were originally from NJ Tackle, I believe. Painted in 2003 with Pro Tec Powder paint. I doubt any of these have been fished, just chipped from being stored, etc. (8) 4.5 oz heads (2) 4.5 oz heads with red/back Sluggo (1) 3.5 oz head (4) 3.5 oz heads with red/back Sluggo (4) 2.5 oz heads (5) 1.5 oz heads All 25 heads/ Rigged heads $40. Shipping is USPS Priority Flat rate $8