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  1. Thanks. We had fun with it.
  2. Selling a reel I've had for some time. Probably 2003 or so? It's been carried a lot and has some rash on the top corners but is in 10/10 mechanical condition. I just had it serviced by Jerry Foran last March and haven't fished it since. I'm not certain what the braid on there is. It's got upgraded bearings, the power handle and a ceramic pawl, I believe. Very smooth. The reel was carried a lot but fished little. Occasional mornings at the canal throwing lighter stuff was not really my thing. I almost always fish a 7000 hsn. $135 shipped
  3. Please close thread. Moved Elsewhere
  4. Stradic FJ 5000 with Suffix 832 30 lb braid. This reel has never been surf fished. Mainly I've used it for catching pinfish and grunts for bait in the Keys, maybe once for schoolie bass on the Cape. It's been used for less than 10 hours total. There are no scratches to speak of only very mild rash. The spool lip is amazing clean. Photos should illustrate that. I would rate it 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. $160 shipped via PayPal, $150 shipped via Venmo
  5. Brand new in box Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Stockingfoot Wader in a men's Med Long. I have been using them for 3 years at the canal and they are the best wader I've ever owned, period. Not a leak to speak of from a fin or a rock. I am 5'10 with a 32" inseam and a size 11.5 foot and they fit me perfectly. The regular mediums were a little tight when I knelt down in them. These have tons of features. These are brand new in original box with everything included. Only taken out for the pictures. Please do your research before purchasing. Retail is $425 and they don't go on sale. I'm selling for $350, shipping included. Will ship FedEx within 2 business days. Venmo or another payment where you pay the fees.
  6. Abu 7000 C 50 lb Cortland Spectron since 1998?, Abu 7000 BGCL 50 lb Cortland Masterbraid, Abu 7000 HSN (Taiwan Gold) 50 lb Spectron, Abu 7000 HSN 50 lb Spectron, Abu 7000 iHSN 50 lb Masterbraid. Many Abu 6500 and 7000's over the last 20 years with braid.... it's better.
  7. Pizza Barbone
  8. The Century 1267 is another great option. Faster than the Mojo or Lamis but has serious nuts. I personally like slower rods like Lami or Mojo for eels and plugging and faster for jigging but ymmv.
  9. This thread is humorous in so many ways.
  10. You chose to fish breaking tides, what do you expect? The fun's over. The last enjoyable breaking tide I fished was in 2011, I think? I miss aspects of it but am far more pleased with the number of large fish we've caught at night, when no one else there. It's over. Get over it.
  11. I've searched around on google so much I wonder if it was a dream. Might explain the blurriness I recall.
  12. Up until about 2 years ago you could buy amazing boxes of Cubans for less than $10 a stick, aside from Cohibas, which I have a bunch of through trading, but don't think they are worth the hype or $25+ a stick they fetch now. Partagas 8-9-8, RyJ Churchills and H Upmann Mag 50's being my favorites. A lot of the smaller format coronas from most Cuban brands are less than $130 a box and awesome 45 minute smokes. As far as non-Cuban stuff I've really been enjoying the La Gloria Cubana R5 Maduros lately and think it's up there with "the best" I've ever had. The Fuente Hemmingway Classic, 8-5-8 or Chateau Sun Growns are all awesome as well as the San Cristobal Elegance series. My second tier would include AJ Fernandez Old Worlds, most Oliva's (which can be found for $3-5 a stick) and more. If you google "5 pack fever" you will find a store that sells top sticks in packs of 5 for less than $5 each if you buy a few and can try some different stuff. Feel free to p.m. me if you're looking for advice, I'm familiar with most.