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  1. I couldn’t tell, they were in a black Chevy or GMC pickup pulling away as I pulled in. John said it’s been a slow year for surf guys coming there
  2. The shoes I made are great for us here with jetty rocks. They sucked for Boulder land in Block island unfortunately. That required a more rigid structure around the foot ….korkers
  3. Good luck and thanks again for the help. I’m going to try for November to return
  4. I saw a group of guys leaving the Dump spot who looked dialed in. But I was shocked to. We didn’t see anyone
  5. One last thing, I brought my Van staals as backups. I fished my Tsunami Saltx reels and they took a beating without a hiccup. They spent a lot of time under water. So far so good.
  6. I’m sure there’s things I’m forgetting but I wanted to make sure I passed this along. Go with at least a buddy. Solo is a no go here unless u obviously know the place well. And I skish still. U couldn’t pay me enough to do that there. The seals are there on every spot I went to yet not overwhelming. There would always be 1 or 2 I would see. I didn’t lose any fish to them but definitely some close calls. Had one blow on my rock when he didn’t get my fish and started climbing on my rock. I bailed and I think he enjoyed watching me tuck tail back to the beach lol
  7. If anyone is ever planning on going plug selection is key. Leave ur 9fters at home, u need the distance and the rougher the better is what ur looking for from spots.
  8. There was no bait visible until our last outing Thursday morning and that was the only skunk of the trip go figure. We didn’t run into another fisherman the entire trip. I spoke with John from Twin Maples on the last day and he said hasn’t been many surf guys out this year . We did 2 trips a day in wetsuits from Sunday thru Thursday. 3 am until 9 in the water and 5pm till 11 all different spots, all sides, and it’s truly a special place for guys like us. It’s worth the effort for guys really into this. If u like to drink and fish forget it lmao
  9. Ankle busters left and right. Most of my outings there was what I refer to as monkey hair in the wash. I threw mostly bigger swimmers , top water, and large Tsunami sand eels. U had to keep plugs moving faster than the norm so u didn’t get hung up but the hits we got were crushing. They were in full commitment when striking the plugs. It was blowing a good clip most trips and u needed the 10 fter and heavy plugs to get the distance. Bucktails yielded small fish so I got away from that . Got some better fish in the 20+ pound class on day 3 and 4. We had no monsters but it was a blast. It was a ton of work but it was like fishing in Jurassic park. My best producer was a Mike’s large darter. Second would be the Tsunami sand eel 8 inch believe it or not. Top water came in last
  10. Well I’m home and feel like 3 guys beat me within an inch of my life lol. Been to many places but never anything like it. Even though Montauk is not far this place has a different landscape and very challenging situations. To be honest I’m surprised I don’t see stories of fishermen die more often there. The current is nasty, rocks are tough to get on with a big swell. Some are a tease being to far offshore to risk it. My truck is too wide for some of the access roads so I would walk into spots from further away. The boulders suck to walk on
  11. Yep we did, I’m traveling but will sit down tonight and give the details
  12. I’m in Block island right now, once I get home I will share the details with ya
  13. We’ve had a slow pick on small fish every day. No visible bait anywhere we’ve been. But we got 2 more days to find bigger ones. Redfins took most of them . Tougher to eel here but I’m learning the place so we will see.
  14. Been here since Sunday afternoon
  15. We leave Thursday at 3