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  1. I will take it for your ask. Please send me pm.
  2. Yep, bay temperatures look close.
  3. Admittedly I fished bloods early season most of the time until recent years.
  4. With the new season about to start I thought about the earliest I’ve had bass on plugs. From my logs of 36 years the earliest I’ve had em in Jersey was March 8th 1996 in Barnegat bay on small Redfins. Would love to hear others experiences with early plugging.
  5. Any specs?
  6. Closing this up. Thanks SOL.
  7. It’s yours. Sending pm now.
  8. 5 inches
  9. Great, I don’t have the box. You’re welcome and I will tape the hooks. Sending pm
  10. Can you meet me at $75, I got the shipping. It will go out today.
  11. It’s new never thrown.
  12. Accept, sending pm
  13. Morning, I’m not Bob and I forget the details around the big D special lol I have 2 so I’m selling this one.
  14. Gibbs popper lightly used-parrot $20 mikes popper 3 ounce lightly used no hooks $45 sold Gary 2 pearl swimmer - $80 sold Afterhours blurple 2 ounce swimmer $35 take the lot for $170
  15. Sold. Please close.